Sunday, 7 August 2011

A new member of the household

Marvin arrived here on Friday. Here's the little fellow:

Relaxing in the garden after his journey.

Having a little liquid refreshment.

Emailing Monkey and Darrell to report his safe arrival!

He arrived with his own toys, sweeties (which I suspect he'd opened, had a few and then resealed en route - he smelt so sweet. How do I know, well I had to hug him 'hello' didn't I), adoption certificate, list of likes and dislikes and of course his very own holey stone hanging round his neck. Also beautifully dressed complete with the cutest pair of little shoes.

For anyone who thinks I've totally lost me marbles - hop over to Monkey and Darrell's brilliant blog. It's my first hop of the day and is sooooo funny, you might be hooked! Marvin will be looking in, but no way do I intend to post much here about Marvin - no-one can emulate (my big word for today) Monkey and Darrell's blog - but I had to at least introduce Marvin. If you don't already look into their Mum's blog 'It's All Fiddle Fart' - I do recommend it - Helen has so many bright ideas I often wonder what she'll come up with next!

I popped into our local charity shop yesterday for a mooch around and asked a friend who works there where the baby sized clothes were. When she asked why and I replied 'For clothes, for a monkey' she just gazed at me, shook her head sadly and said 'Whatever Di. Over on the left, towards the back of the shop'.  And success, I found a teeny little denim baseball cap from NEXT for Marvin :) 'Would you like to come round for coffee and some crafting next week?' she said as I triumphantly paid for the cap. 'Great' said I, to which she added 'I think you need to get out a bit more'!!!

Happy Sunday!



Annie said...

A big welcome to Marvin. Really hope he is settling in well and is happy in his new home.
A x
ps think during my fall I may have bumped my head hehehe :-)

Peggy said...

Lucky Marvin. He will surely be well looked after in his new home(still laughing!!!)Hugs Dee xx

Anj said...

Oh Di - you've had me chuckling so much, I can't do without my daily visits to you, Helen and the Monkeys x x

Gill x said...

WE all have to be abit Mad sometimes, and Marvin like Dafydd have both been adopted by great Mums. Very lucky Monkeys. Would love to have been behind you in the Charity shop!!!! But he needs a cap musn't get to sunburnt!!!

Bernie said...

Oh Di you gave me such a giggle Jim asked what's going on. What fun! Marvin is a lucky monkey. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall while you were shopping for him. Tee hee.

Simply Shaz said...

Haha! Your posts do make me giggle :) Welcome Marvin :)
Shaz xx

Mrs A. said...

Hi Di,
I think we may have the beginings of a monkey networking going on here. Norm says Hi to Marvin and was glad to hear that Dafydd arrived on his bus okay too. Hugs Mrs A. & Norm.

Kathleen said...

How lovely to read a blog that really brings a smile to the face.

Kath x

Sandra H said...

Well he's come to a brilliant home going to get spoilt rotten love the photos:) Sandra H

okienurse said...

Awesome pictures. Love the friend who thinks you need time out! got my nibs yesterday. Thank you again! Sorry I am so late getting around but once again life has interfered with what I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Sarn said...

OOOH! A new addition to the family! Bless!

Snuggly hugs from his Auntie Sarn.


moira said...

Di I have known you a very long time whats that saying about marbles!

Spyder said...

I'm a Monkey fan so I will be watching Marvin's adventures!

(bet he's a better speller that me!)