Tuesday 9 August 2011

Some of us are bristling with indignation - big time!

Me first - having spent ALL yesterday afternoon checking out our combined house and travel insurance policy out and doing comparisons with other providers, we're leaking money here! Our insurers are about to have a severe talking to today (once I put my big girl's pants on) and we'll be taking our business elsewhere. We seem to be paying enough to cover the gold bullion in Fort Knox and white water rafting holidays at the very least! Humpfffff, not funny - especially as I had no time at all to work on a get well card I'm making......to be honest that irks me more than the ridiculous insurance rip-off!!

But worse than that, on Sunday evening we forgot to take off the upturned pot that we cover Spike's dinner with in the daytime . Well, I remembered it at about 11pm and the cameras showed him pacing round it, also truly bristling with indignation at 10pm - it's a shame the images are a bit grainy else I could show you! If only he'd come in on stilts at 'burglar's face level' than we'd get some really good 'mug shots' for your entertainment. Thankfully he realised that 'you just can't get the staff' and returned along with a pal later on, so we're forgiven.

Why do we cover his dinner pot during the day? Well, the food is dry food and one Walter Pigeon (a semi-tame wood pigeon) has discovered it as a great source of sustenance (today's big word). My first job of the day is to nip out as early as possible once it's daylight to cover the pot otherwise he's like a pig in a trough gobbling it down like a bird possessed. Even when I cover the wretched bowl he then sits and sulks on a nearby roof!

But, things aren't all bad, today I'm ordering this stamp from Quixotic Paperie - as a follow on from yesterday's post about Misty the Curious Cat and our fence:

 The lovely Bernie sent me a link yesterday morning and I've tracked the stamp down on this side of the pond. So cute, thanks Bernie for the laugh!!!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - I appreciate them very much! With luck I should have a card of my own to post on here shortly :)



  1. Go get 'em Di!!! These insurers know we don't dare be without coverage these days but they forget we aren't idiots. Glad you found out now rather then later.

    I'm sure Spike was happy to have his dinner even if it was a bit late. Bet the little guy loves Ya.

    Now if only there was a tiny cat to be seen thru the crack of that fence that stamp would be absolutely perfect.

  2. We have just done the same with insurers. We are now paying much less for a much better cover. :-)
    Love the card Di...anyone would have thought you'd actually posed for it :-)
    A x

  3. Di, your posts do make me smile in a morning.
    OMG this stamp is lush, where have you found her from
    Have a great day xx

  4. What a great stamp Bernie found you after yesterday's post! Tee hee!

    Bloody insurers. We shop around EVERY year and always get a cheaper deal . . .but do you know what? One year, having found something CONSIDERABLY cheaper I rang my existing insurer, and AMAZINGLY without even having to check higher up . . . the girl I was speaking to IMMEDIATELY matched it!

    Also, this year I decided to cancel my RAC cover as it had DOUBLED in price, despite me not having to call them out. Lo and behold, they immediately dropped it to £1.40 more than I was paying instead of the extra £30 they orig wanted. Grrrrr!

    Phew, thanks for letting me get THAT off my chest!!! LOL.

    Hugs, Sarn x

  5. Di, you're right, so right!!! I did the same with ours, and got it to half the price previously! Going to do the same with other utilities now too. Sarn - try Green Flag, I went to them after the RAC prices went astronomical and got brilliant service and less cost. Well worth doing! Dafydd says hi!

  6. Loved your post Di, and I hope you wear your big girl pants well! Remember, keep the emotion out of it....bahahaha! Would have loved to have seen those pictures though, too funny! What a stunning card. I hope to one day be able to colour like that...awesome! Can't wait to see your card with your soon to be new stamp.

  7. Hi Di, hope you managed to sort out your insurance they can be very annoying and think they are getting you the best deal possible but we know better.........lol anyway love your card its stunning and the colouring is remarkable, don't forget to cover that dish tonight!!:) Sandra H

  8. Hi Di, Thank you ever so much for your lovely comments you place on my blog and your right she will be a hand full once she is walking properly that is when the fun really starts but also very rewarding she is a treasure!! Sandra H

  9. Love the colouring on this card, it's really gorgeous!!


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