Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 97

OK ladies - prepare yourselves for a shock - this is my desk right now:

I've uploaded the above photo just before posting this and escaping to the hairdresser on Wednesday morning. So what's on my desk this week? Not a lot, I hear you say....too right!!

Reason - the window in my little craft room is kaput, jammed, closed, locked, not able to be opened...... oh for the days of good old fashioned straightforward hinges :( The guys are coming to fix it today and as my desk is under the window I had to clear it (onto our bed needless to say) so they can clamber about. It's the clearest it'll be ever seen on WOYWW I promise :)

Apart from that, this is my latest production, more Easter cards - I made a couple of each one, bit like a production line really, so that's four more and I think the panic is over - yay!!

The stamp is a Penny Johnson design from Stampavie - soooo cute. Coloured using Aqua Markers and Whispers, then layered onto white cards, papers from my stash, Half The Edge strips, Nesties scalloped squares and finished off with ribbon.
My tip for this week was published here ages ago, before I had more than just a couple of followers, and before I joined in the fun of WOYWW. I struggle with ink pad storage and can't have them all beautifully lined up or on display...not enough room :( They're in Really Useful Boxes stored neatly away but I hate rootling round looking for the right colour to use for stamping a sentiment and this is how I handle that:

A 'simples' idea which I came across ages ago on someone's blog - and once done it saves time wasted on scrabbling/testing for ink pad colours. It's self-explanatory really - just cut squares of white card about 1.5" - 2.0" square, punch holes in one corner, dab some of each ink pad on the front of each square and write (I printed labels, OCD as ever!) onto the back - name of brand/colour of inkpad. Then use a round ring of any sort but it should unclip so you can add future colours - I bought my slightly oval ones in Hobbycraft. So now you have an ink pad swatch. Easy and it does save precious moments, which all add up!

I haven't yet done it with my Tim Holtz pads as they can be varied so much, depending on how you use them. I'm happy to play around with those as it's half the point anyhow isn't it?

So, that's me for now - am off to have my hair chopped, look like the Dulux dog right now and can't see through my fringe. But, if you don't do so already, be sure to join the fun of WOYWW at Julias! Thanks for calling by and for all the lovely and supportive comments you leave on WOYWW and during the week - I'll be doing the rounds........ once I can see where I'm going again!



  1. Good luck with the window today and hope you can soon get back to creative crafting in your space :-)
    A x

  2. wow how did you do that, nothing on yr desk! That reminds me that i have to clean my desk. My desk is about 1.60 m x .90 and my working place is only about .50 m x .45 i think... I guess i start cleaning tommorrow *lol*

  3. ha ha! great clear space, hope the window gets sorted soon so you can get all your stuff back onto your desk ;-)
    Hugs xx

  4. You win the cleanest desk prize for 2011!! Hope they fix your window quickly.

  5. WOW. I can't remember the last time I saw a clear surface.

  6. i thought maybe you had been robbed

  7. LOL! (Moira's comment!)

    I have managed to update my blog at last! -Computer problems. Of the very scary kind! ANyway THANKS SO MUCH for the haul of goodies!!! I have finally posted about it all!!!

  8. I hope they get your window fixed today Di so you can get back into your crafting. The desk looks strange being so empty! Lovely Easter cards, they are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely Wednesday,
    Karen #102

  9. Help !!! What's wrong with your desk. This looks not very healthy. LOL.
    Hope your window is made easily. (Do I say it right?)
    Great Easter cards and a fab 'colour' idea.

  10. Hello Di, yep, you take the prize for the cleanest desk in craftdom :) Sincerely hope your window has been repaired by now or you may be sleeping on the sofa tonight! The hatching chick is adorable and love the different colourways. Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #66

  11. Here's Hoping your Window gets Fixed and then you can take a Photo of your Desk then with all your crafty bits back where they belong.
    I bet that was hard to move your stuff, I am an Army wife and move every 2 years, I hate packing all my Crafty Bits away.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  12. Wow, I thought you'd moved out when I saw your desk. I was all ready to rent your space LOL!!! Hope all is fixed now and everything back in it's place.

  13. OMG! Was worried you had been broken into by a crafty criminal and we needed to call the cops! Glad to hear you are getting your window fixed. Time for windows to be opened. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  14. Hi! Sorry I haven't been arounf much lately. Busy days ...
    Would you believe my desk is completely empty too? But not to worry, it won't be like this long. lol I'm just changing my desk, that's the reason. ;)
    I think your cards are adorable. I completely agree with you - that image really is SO cute! Love it!!

  15. Hope the window fixers did a good job so that you can get back to your crafty activities!! How's the fringe?! lol

  16. Hey Twiglet - it's a whole new world....I can see properly again :)) Di x

  17. When I saw your desk I was wondering if you were moving or something. Not even a speck of dust there. What's that about? Glad to hear you had a great excuse to have such a neat area! Now...when the windows fixed, go mess it all up again, please! LOL

  18. again! So worked up about that clean desk that I forgot to mention the lovely cards you made. They are adorable!

  19. Lovely cards there, Di. Sadly, I could not see your desk so I missed the full reveal. My desk had to be swiftly tidied today to accommodate working with the wedding invitations again. Hopefully, they are all out of my way now, and on to someone else to finish off, before they are sent out. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my offerings.

  20. Hope they have fixed your window now - cause even by my standards that was one too tidy desk - love your easter cards x


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