Friday 1 March 2013

Triple layer - but no stamping

I really love triple layer stamping, having only recently tried it out for the first time and on Wednesday (thanks to Shaz in Oz) I spotted a shortcut over on a new WOYWWer's blog called Ink~a~Doodle~Do. The blogger is called Anne and her idea of using papers rather than stamping got me thinking.

Out came the paper pads, card and trimmer and this was the (eventual) result:
Basically I just cut three layers of patterned paper exactly the same size with exactly the same patter alignment. I kept the bottom layer as it was and then trimmed an inch off the size of the middle piece, and two inches off the size of the top sheet.

Now, here is a health warning - I wasn't really thinking it through properly and my first attempt failed because I trimmed an inch off one side and an inch off the top. This does not work!!!! Ha, some more snippets were created :(

The right way to achieve the smaller size is to trim half an inch off each side all the way round the second layer, then one inch off all round the top layer so that you get pattern matching. The plain card mats are just quarter of an inch larger, ie. an eighth of an inch on each side.

For example:

I cut three identically patterned pieces of paper measuring 6" x 4" first of all and then did the trimming of the middle and top layers, remember - a bit off each side. The middle layer measured 5" x 3" and the top layer measured 4" x 2". The plain purple card measured 6.25" x  4.25", the next layer measured 5.25" x 3.25" and the final plain purple layer measured 4.25" x 2.25".

The white card I then popped all the layers onto measured 6.25" x 4.25" when folded.

It's a really easy way to use up those multiple 6" x 6" sheets of well patterned paper that I bet you all have, and 12" square paper would work too, so long as the pattern repetition matches. It's also fun if you just fancy playing round trimming paper :) Cutting and trimming paper is one of my favourite occupations - I moved on from 'fringe chopping' many years ago!

So, I used:

- 6.25" x 4.25" white card stock - and it just fitted into an A6 envelope

- plain purple card

- brightly patterned papers from Kate Knight's 'Totally Tropical' pad - free with a magazine

- a pre-loved SU sentiment stamp, stamped using Adirondack's 'Purple Twilight' ink and punched out using SU's 'Decorative Label' punch

- a purple flower which was already patterned with script

- Josy Rose pink heart shaped nail head

I made this card for our friend Kim (Abi's Mum) who is taking a real leap of faith in her career. I'm sure she'll be a great success - and that she really is 100% right to follow her heart. Good luck Kim!

And Happy St. David's Day to all my Welsh friends - you know who you are :))



  1. Such a fab idea and really pleased you explained how to achieve it too. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. That's a brilliant idea - I will have another look at some of my papers

  3. Great way of using stash with such a super result. I wonder if you could do the same wit frames so you were going into the centre, if you know what I mean. xx Flora

  4. Beautiful card! I've tried using patterned paper before but I made the mistake of not trimming around all that I've read your explanation, I can see why my way didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I think I will give it a try once again, this time using your measurements!

  5. I saw this on another bloggers post...She linked back to Anne I believe...
    I love this technique and will try it soon.
    I am not the greatest stamper so to stamp 3 images perfectly, all with the same depth of pressure so the ink looks the same etc, would be like waiting to for lightning to strike!!!

    This looks so much tidier, so much faster and requires the least amount of senior stamping skills! teehee

    Love the colours you chose and thought the sentiment was perfect till I enlarged your card and saw the heart in the center of the flower....The I KNEW it was right...Well done Di!

  6. That's so pretty really do have lots of patience.
    A x

  7. a beautiful card with those papers, must try this method, thanks for telling us the way to go lol

  8. Great card and a great idea too, Di. Love the flower embellishment. You're absolutely right about those multiple sheets of paper - I have tons in my stash so must give this technique a try. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  9. this is really clever!! good use of DP!! hugs Juls

  10. FAB CARD DI . . . and I have a gazillion paper pads that I could use this technique with. Thanks for the TOP TIPS on achieving the look correctly. I really LOVE it.

    Sarn xxx

  11. Wow Absolutely fabulous Di and great papers too! xx

  12. what a brilliant idea! Your card looks lovely x

  13. Hi Di, thank you for the comment you left on my blog, hope I'm a veggie sausage, I don't touch meat lol!
    Your card looks brilliant, The layering perfect!, want to know a super cheat though ;) I use a fiskars trimmer for cutting frames and often get lots of layers from just the one piece of paper and some thrifty use of the trimmer, ie, if you had a piece of paper 13cm square, you then place the paper 2cm over the trimming line, place the blade 2cm down from the top and cut as far as 11cm, do this on all 4 edges and you're left with a 9cm square of paper and a perfect frame, all that's left to do then is cut a 9.5cm square of card to matt the paper on. This can be done to make as many layers as you fancy. Sounds tricky but with a sliding blade trimmer it's easy as pie ;) I had to do this for a card a while back simply because I ony had one piece of paper in the right shade.Hope this makes sense, have a great weekend, Julie.x

  14. Last but not least once again.
    Well when I first saw this I thought what a great idea, it must be a lot easier than stamping but after reading the rest of the post I am not too sure, but this is brilliant Di and looks fabulous and is enough with the sentiment and the lovely flower.

    Kath x

  15. So pretty! I still haven't tried this triple layer technique yet, and here's one more to try. I like this with just using the papers. Doesn't Anne have a lovely blog???
    Thanks for your directions. I'll be back to print this out. I've got the S/B A & B mat diecuts, and I"m told these will work perfectly on this technique. Gotta try it! TFS

  16. Iv'e even got the same paper pad too but do have to say I likes the wonky one you sent me the bestest. Just done a good luck card (with Sweet Peas on) for my Art teacher who starts a new job on Monday (so no more art classes for me .I'm all on me ownsome to finnish off a Swan piccie) only I was in such a hurry to get it posted I never took a photo of it so the only way I can show it is to do another one. Der.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  17. Fabulous job of alignment and love the flower!

  18. Great idea! Love this paper - the colours are gorgeous.

  19. Gorgeous card and I LOVE the sentiment
    Hugs Tamara

  20. Wow, Di, great showcase of this technique using patterned paper! It is both George S. and Jean Yes!! I'm off to see what papers I have for it . . .

  21. Okay... I think I got it. The tip to cut from each side makes total sense but I wouldn't have figured that out on my own. I'll have to try this out at some point. It looks like fun.


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