Thursday 21 March 2013

A lorra flowers

As soon as this pre-loved stamp arrived from my pal Sarn, it was kept within eyeshot on my desk as there was a little inkling of some papers that would go with it:
I used:

- 5" x 7" white card stock

- Hero Arts 'Posy Sketch' stamp, coloured with Pro Markers to pick out the colours in the background papers I used, then die cut with a Sizzix die. Love the way the leaves are shaped like hearts :)

- SU 'Wisteria Wonder' card for all backings, including the image which was done by drawing round the outside of the die and cutting by hand

- papers are by Pink Petticoat from the 'Wild Blossoms' collection

- lemon satin ribbon with a lemon organza bow tied around 'cos satin looked too heavy

- sentiment is by Elzybells, stamped in Brilliance 'Pearlescent Orchid'

- a couple of teeny butterflies, die cut with SU's 'Beautiful Wings' embosslits

- little pearlescent gems on the flower centres, butterflies and either end of the sentiment

It was a tussle making this card yesterday due to (what now seems like) fun and games with my car (aka Babe). Thanks to a pothole (grrrrr) I had a flat tyre and called out our car recovery company. So far so good - I already had two new front tyres all organised at a local centre, just needed the wheel changing so I could drive there.

Snort, man from recovery/assistance arrives, we open car boot and lift the flap which covers where the spare wheel fits. It must have been like a Laurel and Hardy sketch - he looked at me and I looked at him - then we both gazed again at the spare wheel void which only contained a polystyrene moulded insert and a cylinder of aerosol 'stuff' to put into a flat tyre. Then you could drive about 5 miles on the tyre! WHAT?! I bought the car new and have been driving round for years without a spare?! Apparently that's the way of things these days and you should always check if the car comes with a spare or is it an optional extra. Well, forgive me but with all the extra bells and whistles I truly would have expected a spare tyre suggested by the salesman - and was never even asked if I wanted one!!

The poor recovery guy was stumped, and waving the aerosol of weird stuff around, until I suggested that I phone the tyre place and tell them we'd both be along soon with my little 'Babe' on the back of the trailer. Then I could wait while the work was done and drive home afterwards - he hadn't thought of that one.

What a scramble to get up into the cab - I'm not tall or terribly agile due to a Metal Mickey hip and it was like a monkey scrabbling up a greasy pole to be honest. But, we got there and my car now has new shiny shoes on the front :) And my bank account is a lot lighter needless to say :(

Anyone want to buy a silver 1.8 sporty Vauxhall Tigra convertible with electronic hard top, tons of extras, only 12,000 miles on the clock in just under the five years that it's been owned from new by one lady owner? :)) Oh, but it doesn't have a spare wheel of course! Sigh :(



  1. What a day Di, poor you :(. My car doesn't have a spare either but as I only know where to put fuel and dip the oil, I don't worry about things like tyres etc lol.

    You are very frugal with your miles, what's the mileage on your Metal Mickey hip??? (tut tut, may get into trouble with Miss for that tease)

    Nearly forgot to say, love the card btw, the flowers are very sweet and match perfectly with the back papers.

    TRY and have a more restful day please :)

    Big hugs xxx

  2. Oh what a beautiful card Di.

  3. Love, love, love this pretty card. X

  4. Love the way the stamp matches the flowers on your papers. So pretty!
    Kath x

  5. not many cars come with spares for the last 10 years...... stupid I know, obviously thought up by a male.!!!!
    Love your new stamp and the papers you found to go with it

  6. Good grief . . . I'd better check to see if I have a spare tyre or not now! My car is ancient so it might be ok!

    LOVE the card you've made with the pretty vase of flowers - perfectly co-ordinated background paper too!

    Sarn xxx

  7. There is something to be said for having an old car it seems....I don't like these tiny emergency wheels they put for some cars but having none at all just goes a step too far!!
    A x

  8. Oh dear, you've just described my worst nightmare! Goodness though, weren't you so lucky to be driving for almost 5 years without the need to find the spare wheel? Shame about the lighter bank account - that will be all your crafty pocket money for the month spent up then :))

    By the way, gorgeous card - like how you've found just the right paper for the stamp - pre-loved but still loved, methinks :)

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  9. What a delightful, Springy card, Di! Car trouble is no fun! I love how you make it sound like an adventure!

  10. Oh Di l do feel for you these potholes are a nightmare and cause such a lot of damage there seems to be lots around at the moment!! great card though and l just love that backing paper from Pink Petticoat makes a lovely spring card your image is beautiful too! x

  11. Love all your flowers and the sentiment. My car doesn't have a spare or room for a spare and the recovery chap said the aerosol thing was as """", I don't like travelling without either. xx Flora

  12. I actually thought it was a legal requirement to carry a spare???? Maybe not then!
    Was the breakdown man a "Very nice man"? LOL"
    Lovely card and please, sit down and take a nap!! You shouldn't be waring yourself out, we have alot of chinwagging and shopping to do next month!!

  13. Look at the time, had to stay up so late just to comment on your post, as blogger was playing up. But as it made me giggle, I just had to.
    I will also be sending my Hubby out in the morning to check to see if I have a spare wheel in the car. I know for definite that I have a spare tire
    but it wouldn't be any good on the car.
    Back to the card, Hero Arts, great colouring and choice of papers, I have this image, plus 2 others in a set and I bought them - pre-coloured from 2 Peas in a Bucket for 1 dollar.

    Kath x

  14. Oops forgot to say ...........

    Who in their right mind would buy a car that had been owned by you...Hey only kidding Miss,

    Kath xxx

  15. Oh, poor you, Di! But you do write a fabulous and humorous recap! That's the best way, isn't it? We simply MUST keep our senses of humor (and swear a bit at the way of things in this flippin' modern world!), something you manage that very well!

  16. Oh Di! I forgot to say YES! I'd love to take your sporty little number off your hands . . . do you accept buttons (the shirt or the chocolate type?) I can give you both??? LOL! xxxx

  17. Great card, cute little heart leaves. Sorry about the missing tyre - climbing up into the cab sounds like something I would like to have seen lol!!!

    Debs x

  18. Pretty card but the spare tire story takes the show today.

    I did know about that much the same way as you...except we were on BC's "Highway to Hell". Seriously there is a weekly TV program about it called that. it is the road we have to take to get to my Mums and to the RV in the summer. It is fine for the late Spring, summer and fall and very scary in the winter!!! Very scary indeed!

    On one of those trips we got a flat tire,,,it is 110 kilometers per hour there, and about 1 1/2 hours till the next town...just trees and bears in bewteen! We rode on the little donut tire, limping into nowheresville to buy a new real tire..

    Who thinks up these cars are bloody expensive...ho would think of making a spare tire an optional item! My word!

  19. What a nifty stamp to get from Miss Sarn. And you did a lovely, lovely with it too. Perfect with those papers. Had to smile at your spare tire story...lots of the US cars come with what is called a 'donut spare'. You put it on long enough to get to where you can 'buy a new tire'. That's a question we've learned to ask when we buy new cars. Hubby is very strong on that one, because of what new cars cost. Outrageous!!! Glad you got all fixed up. Hugs

  20. I'm sure I had a comment on here after Fluff's but it's gorn missing again. Don't you just hate technollogy!!1 Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. like the card and I think i have some of the paper.

  21. No spare wheel?! I didn't know they could sell you a car without one! I know I've got one - only because I had to get the AA man to come out when I had a flat tyre. Took him ages to find it though as he had to take sll the junk out of the boot first (oh, the shame - I won't tell you what fell out of an old handbag!)

    Love your card Di, so pretty! I had that stamp and sold it on Ebay, then instantly regretted it!

  22. Hi there dear Di your blog is a "chuckling-pick-me-up"!
    love the flowers and card match so well clever you and kind Sarn.. and well the new away of cars ?? I too would never have thought no spare well know mine is there but who would have thought? and love the cat sauna down below too, :D Shaz in oz.x


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