Wednesday 27 March 2013

WOYWW 199 - warning, long post

After missing WOYWW for a few weeks I reckon I should have a note from my Mum :(

Still plodding on with organising my stamps - am onto the clear ones now and they're gonna take a lot of time I can see, you're likely to be finished way ahead of me Elizabeth!! This is what I was up to yesterday:
There's a reason I took the photo at 10:30 yesterday morning - Len was out and I was about to try something while he wasn't around that could potentially have meant running for the fire extinguisher :)
This was my first attempt at the storage for clear stamps. A piece of white card and the stamps from two different sets stamped before laminating the sheet. In truth, the stamps do all need to be stamped onto index cards as well 'cos, although I'm keeping them in sets within the binders, for example - images such as the bird will  sit better under the category 'birds' in the card index box.

BUT, the white card I'm trying to use up is not especially stamp ink friendly, it's OK. Plus, actually fitting the stamps onto my own stamped images wasn't really a walk in the park - and I thought it looked a bit messy.

And then - I suddenly wondered why on earth I was thinking of disposing of the acetate that comes with most stamp sets with the images already printed on!? Soooooooo, I waited until Len was out and the coast was clear, plugged in the laminator, said a quick prayer to St. Mytrimmer (Patron Saint of crafters) and had another play:
And it worked - so much neater!! No fires either :)) The main thing is to put some card in the laminate 'sandwich' behind the acetate to prevent buckling - and you need the card anyhow for the images behind the stamps to stand out well.
And here's the laminated article, trimmed and corners rounded to reduce finger slicing, with the stamps on and a piece of same sized clear acetate on top so the sandwich slides in and out easily. The stamps tend to adhere to the acetate better than to the shiny laminate anyhow but hey - am I bovvered so long as they don't fall off one side or the other?!
Then, the laminate, stamps and protective clear acetate all slide into a side opening clear file pocket - ready to be stored in lever arch files.

I know that everyone has their own way of storing non-wood mounted stamps, often driven by space, shelving etc. I've seen DVD cases and lots of other ideas - but this seems to be a solution that's gonna work for me. It all hinges on the A6 card file box where I have single stamped images in categories, with details and their location also written on.
In time, all of this shelf is likely to be taken up by files of actual stamps - at the moment I haven't labelled the files but from left to right they are:

- dies, on A4 magnetic sheets in file pockets

- three postcard albums for unmounted rubber stamps

- two lever arch files - ready for the clear stamps

- and the cream file is full of tips and techniques saved from magazines or sent to me by a lot of receipts so I know where I bought certain things from. As I've said previously, I'm dead meat if Len ever takes a look in there and tots up the evidence though :))

Sorry for rabbiting but without making a video (snort!) this is the best way I can explain what's going on right now.

So, do hop over to Julia's to check out what everyone else is up to - and have a lovely WOYWW!



  1. Hah so the idea worked how satisfying is that Di, clever little Vegemite that you are and you did it all without burning the house down and it looks so neat clever you.. mm not sure my storage will be that way still a work in progress, cant rush these things! Happy Sunny WOYWW of 28c, sending it to you from downunder, love Shaz in oz.x (numberless and not published or written, as yet)

  2. There are no right or wrong way of sorting your stamps, Di. I did start with the file system but found it did not work for me. So I went back to boxes. the Clarity stamps were sorted into the small Clarity boxes they come in while the others are in the see through plastic boxes. Each box is numbered and each stamp is listed with the number of the box it is stored in. So far, it has worked well for me. I just grab the catalogue file, look for what I want and it tells me which number box it is in. As long as whatever system you pick works for you, that is all that matters. I did start to list how much each cost, but, like you, I decided not to leave such damning evidence around. It would scare me too. Have a good week. xx Maggie (no number yet)

  3. You are so organized with this...I just love it. Love that you are going first as I had not figured out how to do my acrylic stamps may have solved it for me!

    It will take me forever to get "He who is retired" out on his own to try mine. teehee

    I am leaving my acylics till last and have been shoveling out other areas instead!

  4. Amazing-your work is impress for me-you have all in such order. Everything is with mark and storage on place, so you can now where is what. You must to have a lot of space-I love your craft space have a nice sunny day
    Hugs Tamara

  5. Perfect storage solution Di, and my you are brave using the laminator, me and mine have a love hate relationship lol. I currently have 2 storage methods in operation but the binder option seems to be working for me so a trip to staples is in order, only problem now is where can I store 100 binders lol. Hugs,Amanda x

  6. Your "project" seems to be having a life of it's own, but you will be thankful once it's done.... have a great week. Helen, 12

  7. Well done on the organisation Di. This is pretty much what I do (see my WOYWW post last week)but I now stamp the images on a separate sheet of paper and pop it in the plastic pocket with the laminate, so I can add an extra little stamp or two that goes with the theme. Be aware though, I buy two makes of stamps where the image on the acetate is not quite the same size as the actual stamp, and this can be a problem if you are trying to find something that fits on a die cut etc. I have about sixteen files now so you have a way to go yet!
    I didn't make it to the Wednesday party this week and I have to go out now. Have a lovely day. Kate x

  8. Brilliant storage idea Di, thanks for sharing and sooo pleased to hear you didn't start any fires either.
    Caz x

  9. What a great idea for storage, I'm very impressed with your dedication too, I'm much to impatient : ) Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz @ 69

  10. I'm having a whiz around a few desks while my twinnies have their morning nap :-)It may depend how long they go down for as to how many I get to see this morning. :-)
    Might employ you for sorting the storage out when we eventually move :-)
    Annie x #44

  11. I love laminating!! I am the Laminating Queen of Burbage Primary :) so well done for completing your task without the need for fire extinguishing equipment of any kind!! They look very neat and you'll be able to find any stamp you want without hassle...yay!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xxxx

  12. Nice bit of organising, I really do need to follow your example - I have started with my dies. I don't have many clear stamps as I don't like the feel of them, so I miss out on some gorgeous images and the ease of seeing through the stamp. I did start laminating some of my cling ones but have reverted back to boxes. xx Flora

  13. Glad you didn't need the extinguisher lol!
    It's a chore cataloguing the stamps, I have finished all the clear ones (10 ringbinders of!) and haven't had the gumption to start unmounting the wooden ones yet! But so much easier to find them once catalogued.
    Happy woyww
    Debs x

  14. I love that you waited till hubby was out to risk life and limb!! I really admire those of you who are re-organising your stamp collections but I need mine to dfevelop organnically. Thing s, I can just about remember the current idiosyncratic logic as to where everything is - if I changed tack now my poor brain would become very befuddled (it's the age). So good lukc, I salute you!! Happy Easter Cindy #91

  15. Do you want me to ask MY 'mum' for a note for you - she's very very obliging you know......LOL
    My clear stamps are all in A5 size storage binders - (she says smugly) - well, not all as some are still rolling about in drawers, cupboards, arch files etc etc ... not any room on the shelf for any more binders...... lol

  16. So glad you didn’t need to call out the fire brigade Di! Although five hunky firemen…hum, say no more Lol.
    Your organisation looks very time consuming but it’s going to be well worth all the time and effort it’s taking. It would be such a joy to be able to go straight to what I’m looking for instead of going through every draw containing stamps as I do at the moment.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 101

  17. All tickety boo and VERY organised . .. my inner neat freak is VERY happy . . . 10 of 10.

    Sarn xxx

  18. Ha ha go Di! I do the same, laminate sheet but I pop the acetate with the images on inside the wallet and laminate it all together, no fire hazard not that I even thought about it I just did it! But I'm not as organised as you when it comes to indexing, nope I just file stamps into folder based on brand. So Tim Holtz in one folder, Sheena Douglas in another, you get the idea.... Am sure you'll get there eventually and as long you're happy and know where everything is then that's find and dandy! Just don't go burning anything! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 117

  19. you have been working so hard on your organising of crafting stash and it looks like all that hard work has paid off, it's looking good.
    You made me laugh that you tried the laminating while your OH was out in case it caught fire.
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and a great day today

  20. It's not a good idea to tell us of things that you do whilst Len's out...I may use them as ammunition if I need to! You have to be one of the most organised and patient women I've ever met. Come do my clear stamps..I don't need the index, just the arranging......really, how much work could that be?!!!!

  21. I hope you were stood there with a fire extinguisher in hand, Di. Health and Saftey you know. Well done for waiting for Len to be out though, you know what men are like for giving their advice about such things.
    Your organising looks beautiful. The designs on the files are gorgeous.
    Happy WOYWW and Happy Easter too.
    Hugs Lisax #60

  22. I love how you underlined that you KNOW everyone has their own way ... so true, but by the very nature of WOYWW, we do all love to see how others do their storage.

    I think you were brave (risktaker) and brilliant with the laminate and I'm so delighted it works for you, Di! That's they key: whatever works for a person ~ something, anything, is better than a jumbled mess. Oops, was that out loud?

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Big hugs to both you and Len! xxoo Darnell

  23. Hello Di, I'm not sure that I will finish the organising of stamps before you after all - it stalled for a time when I ran out of the record cards for the index box - but I have a new supply (200) so I'm back on track again. Glad the laminator did the job and you didn't burn the house down in the process :) I haven't got one so no worries there - otherwise my system is much like yours. Will we know what to do with all our free time once this job is done :)) Happy WOYWW, hugs, Elizabeth x #45

  24. Hello there Di, I am still sorting through alll of my stash in my craftroom now so I understand that these things take a while!!! lol. It really will be worth it when you have finished it.

    I love your micro beading - they look great, do you remember where you bought them from 'cos they look bigger than the ones I have and I like them soooooo much.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  25. For a minute there I thought you were laminating your stamps!! No wonder you might need the fire extinguisher, lol! I think you must have way too much time on your hands there Di, really!! But I suppose we have to keep you out of mischief, snort!!


  26. Hee hee made me chuckle - waiting for DH to be out. I do that as well. :-) Also just signed a lady up to SU and she said 'I hope DH is out when my order comes' - well he was but shock horror it didn't all arrive in one parcel and she was waiting on tenterhooks for next parcel to arrive this morning while he was out. I still have to organise my stamps - proving harder than I thought to decide on a system. Your ideas are brill. Anne x #84

  27. :)
    St Mytrimmer... I had to read it twice
    Happy Wednesday

  28. I just chuck mine in a draw and that works for me.

    Till I want to find onelol.

    Kath x

  29. So when are you coming over the bridge Miss? I have a laminator too so no need to bring yours!
    Well done for sorting your stamps out. Maybe when I retire I will do mine, but with things the way they are going, that will be a long time away!

  30. Sorry to be so late posting. How smart of you to organize your stamps! I don't even want to think about that! Way too much work involved for me these days! Good luck in finishing!
    Glenda #66

  31. Hi, just stopping by after reading your comment on 505whimsygirls blog, about your dear Blackbird, loved it, and of course to peek at your desk lol.Great job with your stamp organising I am in the process of sorting my rubber stamp sheets. Something similar to the Chocolate Baroque method.
    Happy Art Making
    Hugs Lottie #93

  32. Hello Di,
    Oh, you wise girl! I was picturing you laminating the stamps in the sleeves and was wondering how in the world THAT would work. Yep, blond to the core!

    Not participating this week but thought I'd pop in to see what you've been up to.

    I bow to you, the organization queen!


  33. Oh Di - I wish I was as tidy and organised as you! I do flick my duster round now and again though!! Bit late visiting this week - Just wanted to say..Happy Easter! x Jo


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