Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A little bit of a smile

This has been going on for ages - and the photo isn't really clear 'cos cats don't pose:
BUT, this is our neighbours' cat, Misty..........having a sauna!! I finally nipped out and snapped her in the act the other morning when Len was in the shower and the heating/hot water was going full belt.

No kidding. you might see the wisps of steam coming from the condenser boiler steam outlet/exhaust thingy at the side of our house. That daft (or very wise) cat hops onto the six foot high fence whenever one of us has a shower and basks in the warm, moist air from the outlet ........ until her fur is damp and sticks up in spikes :) I'm gonna buy a cat sized towel and hang it on a nail out there, just so she can have a brisk rub down after her sauna session :)

One for Annie's Friday Smile I think! Sigh, we sure do live in a very strange place!



lisa said...

This is hilarious, Di. I bet she's been doing this for years without you seeing her. She must like the warm air but usually they hate getting wet fur don't they. Cats are strange creatures!!
thanks for making me smile.
Hugs Lisax

Sarn said...

Funny little thing! x

Annie said...

Oh Di this is brilliant. Certainly caused a few chuckles here. Thanks for joining in the fun.
A x

Kathleen said...

Well it is certainly better than whatever creature has decided that a certain place in out front garden is it own personal toilet, If I catch it
using it as a toilet I certainly won't take a photo of it.

Kath x

Mrs A. said...

They certainly have their favourite spots and catch on pretty fast to a good thing. Hugs Mrs A.
p.s. Just had a thought. She is living up to her name Misty!!!!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Ha ha! Love it.
Caroline xxx

Anne said...

So funny - idea of a towel and puss having a rub down made me laugh. Anne x

Sandra H said...

Awww Di how cute!! do you supply a towel too! xx

Bonnie said...

It would be very nice of you to hang a towel for her. Isn't she something!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

She is clever cat,
great catch
Hugs Tamara

ike said...

Oh, what a crazy little cat !!!!! What a strange thing to do .... you'd think she'd get very cold afterwards... in the winter weather there !!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a funny cat - I've never seen any of our local feline population try this out, and because of Bonnie quite a few visit the garden, and we do have the requisites - a 6' fence and a steamy outlet in just the right place. No, this cat is eccentric! Like Ike says, he/she must feel the cold afterwards. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Caro said...

That is so fantastic! I have never heard of a sauna cat before. Thanks for sharing. Caro xxx

Debs Willis said...

That's so funny! Cats are so smart when it comes to keeping warm.

Debs x

Anonymous said...

Lol! Love this story!