Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WOYWW - 152

Short and sweet WOYWW from me this week. Mid-desk-blitz I decided to tackle the huge pile of cards waiting for inserts:
Just as they were left yesterday afternoon, inserts cut and folded then tucked inside waiting to be stuck with a tape runner, next it'll be envelopes and cello bags before packing them away for now.

Am I the only person who seems to build up a huge pile of cards and then has a big blitz on inserts? Unless it's a special one needing to be fully finished quickly of course.

The grey basket at the back has the beginnings of a card in - paper, lace, ribbon and topper so far :) And yes, that was sunshine streaming in the window yesterday afternoon.

To see what everyone else is up to today, hop over to Julia's here. Loads of hints and tips to be found, work in progress - and generally some much messier desks than mine. Snigger, good job you can't see the 'swift shove to the right' pile :)

Happy WOYWW!

Di (#49)



  1. Fab selection of cards on your desk Di! Yes I too let my cards build up before I do a mass on the inserts, unless its needed urgently or for someone special! We too had glorious sunshine yesterday, two days on the trot, although looking out of the window I do not think we will get three!!

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx

  2. You were a lucky girl yesterday Di, we had the most horrendous rain in the afternoon. Driving was not good!

    I usually do my insert at the time I make the card but don't always put one in.

    Lovely tidy desk again but would of liked to see the 'shove to the right pile' ;)

    Have a good day xxx

  3. Awww Di ... .. I want to see the "shove to the right" pile.

    That will make me feel so much better LOL!!!

    I too collect cards to put inserts into .. .. but try to do weekly stints.

    No sunshine for us yesterday and it doesn't look like is chance of much today either.

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  4. I have inserts to put in today too....mine are the order of service cards!....Wedding stationery nearly finished now :-)
    A x #60

  5. Your description of your desk sounds so much like mine. I have a shove to the right...and left and behind too lol.
    And yes, I do have piles of cards waiting for inserts, I dont know why I do it.
    Lynne xxx

  6. Yep, I have a habit of making cards and then not doing the inserts or cello bags, so that I'm then having to do them in piles to catch up! Fab desk! Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW offerings! Zo xx 68

  7. Yep, I do that too, insert the other bits later. Makes me feel good when the pile goes away. Thanks for sharing your desk.

    Eliza #19

  8. I do try and put the inserts in as I make the card, but sometimes on DT cards with a digi I don't really like (stuck on with blu-tac shhh!) I don't bother at all! Later I change the image on the front and revamp the card and THEN do the inside. Very sunny here!left the rain at home! In the middle of a field, on the dongle, so not much Internet time, whizzing round as fast as I can!
    Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) #47

  9. ...busy as ever Di, don't know how you manage it all, thats a huge pile of cards you've got there...have a fab week...Mel :)

  10. I thought it was just me that nearly spat coffee at the screen over Spyder's comment...I wonder if she even realises!!
    I've stopped doing inserts...because I kinda never got around to them! Now they get on if I have time to stamp a bit of the pattern or colour on it to continue the theme. Rare. YOur desk seems incredibly under control to me.

  11. I used to do them in batches but now try and do them as I go along. I hate piles of the same job to do, I have a low boredom threashold I think.
    You certainly look very industrious this week, Di.
    Hope you treat yourself and do something nice today, you deserve it.
    A choccy is coming in your direction!!!
    Take care and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #79

  12. Makes sense to make a pile of inserts in one go not that I really bother that much - depends upon my mood as to whether they get one or not! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 29

  13. Hi Di. I'm another who normally does them as she goes, but at the moment have a huge pile ready to add inserts for the Animal Charity and their Summer Fayre. Have fun! Karen 101 x

  14. I never do inserts either, I suppose I might if I sold any of my cards.. but I am sure I would leave them all to pile up!!!
    Helen 7

  15. Its looking busy on your desk Di Hugs Elaine

  16. I don't think anyone likes making the inserts Di, it's a bit like tackling the washing up after you've just enjoyed a fabulous meal, sorta takes the gloss off what you've just done! I leave all mine til the last possible moment!

    Brenda 114

  17. Err . . . I've got the solution to EVERYONE'S insert problems . . . don't include them! LOL!

    I rarely put inserts inside my cards!

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  18. I don't do that many cards anymore, got hooked on tags so no inserts had sun, lucky you..although it is trying today! Hugs trace x 40

  19. I try to do inserts as I go too. I just want to browse through the pile on your desk!

  20. Creative desk;-)
    Love the cards!
    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #25

  21. I'm afraid that I do not always do inserts but if I do, it is at the time. Love that tree with the bird in it (partridge maybe) and that cute pink flower card. Anne x #44

  22. Hello Di! Thanks for letting me know what a dongle is! hee hee

    I'll look forward to hearing from you (email). I am really hoping that I get to meet you when you and your hubby come to NM. I hope you don't think I'm anything like a stalker.... it's just that you are a rock star in my blogging world!


  23. I guess the fun is in the card making - the insert are probably a bit boring. Good idea to do them in batches. I bet there are some fab cards in that pile!!! x Jo

  24. I try to do the inserts as I make them otherwise I tend to be too lazy to do it later and send a lot of blank cards. Although these days I can't even send the suckers! They just pile up. What is wrong with me? I mean besides the usual psychiatric stuff? Your cards are looking great!

  25. WOW!! Di A fabulous bunch of lovely cards... I am so lazy I dont make inserts ( naughty crafter) Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#32

  26. Would like a look through that pile of cards Di. I don't put inserts in every card I make- it depends on who they are for. Have to say that I do prefer them with them or some decoration inside. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  27. Not a WOYWW visit from me this week but had to drop in and say 'HI'. Nice to see that ray of sun hitting your desk. I don't pile up cards waiting for inserts, because as you probably know, I decorate most of the insides as I go along, but that's not to say I don't think that's yours is a bad idea ... especially if you are printing them out, a bunch of inserts could be done all at the same time. Elizabeth x

  28. I tend to do the inserts when I know who I am giving the card too - unless its a large batch then I work like a production line so do all the printing, trimming the sticking - seems like I make cards in an OCD way as well lol - Lovely to see your desk

  29. Err! What is an insert? I only use an when I have got a rogue mark which shouldn't be there on the back! Oops! My secret is out!! Hee Hee!

  30. One of my crafting resolutions this year was to make sure inserts, bagging etc were done once a week ... mmmm ... I'm not too far behind, but the cards are piling up a bit again - must make a big effort because I hate it when too many pile up - well done, Di, on tackling the job x

  31. thanks for the crafty snoop at your busy desk...I always promise I will do the inserts as I go along...doesn't take long for that to fall by the wayside...happy WOYWW...hugs kath 59 xxx

  32. Great to see your desk, inserts isnt my fab job so tend to do them as soon as I finish a card otherwise they would never get them lol. Thank you for letting me know the video wasn't working it is all fixed now. Hugs, Amanda x

  33. My you're looking busy there Di.
    That's quite a pile of cards...they all look amazing from what I can see.
    Lucky you seeing the sun yesterday. We haven't seen it for two days here, so there was nothing for it other than to bake and create! :D
    Have fun and enjoy WOYWW! Neesie #22

  34. Hello Di. Thanks for coming by. Please get off the desk now, you have me worried up there and I can't imagine how you can type at the same time ;-)
    The inserts interest me, and you're doing a lot of course. I don't use inserts but clearly lots of people do. What weight of paper do you use? And do you trim to fit a few mm inside the edges of the card? I used vellum once or twice. Mmmmm. Thanks for sharing.
    Ros #178


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