Thursday 10 May 2012

Pixie's Snippets Challenge - announcement

Hi playmates - just a quick blog post to say that, as the next few days will be super busy, I'm keeping the playground gates open for two weeks this time. I'll still be hopping in and commenting meanwhile, but life sometimes gets in the way :(
A full roll call of all entries over two full weeks will be done on Sunday 20th May so don't let that you put you off from joining in more than once. It takes me almost half a day to do the roll call and I'll have lots more time in the run up to a week on Sunday than I have right now.......I could even be screaming to do the roll call if it rains more :) Nothing to worry about, purely common sense kicking in...........for a change : )

Love you and please keep posting your lovely entries!



  1. Oooh goody, more time to get this weeks cards made and more time on the swings.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post today. I didn`t mean to upset you...honest.
    Lynne xxx

  2. I'll try to come play but I have so many yummy new NEW things that I'm afeared the snippets may be ignore. Maybe I can sneak some in. :-)

  3. You obviously need the time this week, Di - it bothers me how much time you must spend doing the roll call - not that I'm complaining because you do a fantastic job - just thinking of you and your welfare. As for the playground this week I've been in and out a lot and those swings are wet most of the time! Wish the sun would out and make it more pleasant. x

  4. Aw poor fing you. You do a cracking job on the roll call so I fink we can forgive you just this once!! Coff coff!

  5. Really great news, as I have only just started my entry tonight and been broken off by phone calls and could see myself trying to enter the playground last minute.

    Kath x

  6. Extended playtime is always a hit in my book! Hope you get done everything you need to and get some you time as well. Have some cough candy. It sounds like you could use the sugar boost xxx

  7. Sadly, I may be missing this time round. We are off on holiday very soon, and the rush is on to get the caravan sorted out. We have usually been away before this time, but the weather at Easter put us off, so we are a bit late checking everything over. I will bring some pebble back from the beach for Show and Tell when we get back. xx Maggie

  8. This may even mean I mke it oo. Hope all is ok. Hugs, Amanda x

  9. Hi Di

    Even more time to play .. .. can't be bad.

    Hope all is good with you and we aren't wearing you out with all our antics!! LOL!!!

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Yay . . . I made it into the playground today . . .

    Woot woot . . . cor blimey, it's anarchy around here without you to keep us under control . . . Mrs A . . . GET OUT of the duck pond . . . Sam . . . STOP trying to mow playmates down in your F1 Go Kart . . . .

    Come back soon . . . we're missing you already! xxxx

  11. Quite understand Di, life can just get in the way and I really don't know where you find the time to write up the reports the way you do ... but it is all good fun. And talking of fun, have you seen what's going on above, they're not playing nicely at all :) Elizabeth x

  12. Ok. Will do. Sorry I have been a bit lax this week with keeping the swings dry. Been a bit of high and lows. Hugs Mrs A.


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