Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WOYWW - 163

I knew it wouldn't last - some messy pup has been into the craft room and mucked it all up again:
There's still a little bit of space to work but whoever came in to play sure left a heap of stuff pushed to the right to be put away:( Although, they also left a new 12" x 12" DCWV 'Preppy Princess' paper stack - all in luscious pinks and greens, which are on top of the heap for regular stroking:
Unless you wanna risk life and limb flicking through the heap to the right, this is what's currently right in front of me. A fabby ATC and tag from Shoshi, oh my it's beautiful, an Elzybells stamp bought from The Netherlands recently waiting to be inked up, more stamps to the right with the sun (yay!) bouncing off them, a lovely 'dumfed' card from Wipso (Annie), an Ikea tape measure ('specially for Spyder, aka Lyn, as I just know about Ikea trips and the fun to be had there) left there when I'd been crawling round a bedroom measuring for new furniture (grin, not from Ikea - I bottled out), some brilliant Christmas embossing folders from Mary H, a very kind bloggy buddy in the US of A, a bit of plastic coated wire left by IT support when he decided it was time to hook the laptop up to the speakers and 'woofer' in here on Monday whilst I was out (that was a surprise, I almost wet myself when the sound practically knocked me off the chair - the woofer speaker is underneath the desk, you can see it in the top photo, and I thought there was a flipping orchestra hiding under there), a basket full of cards awaiting inserts at the back (hate that job) - and the usual mug of cold coffee, complete with a little dribble of coffee down the front. I guess that means I'm the messy pup - sigh :(

To see much more creative spaces do hop over to Queen Julia's and thence to many a desk, some tidy, some not, all over this little planet of ours!

Have a great WOYWW, and thanks for calling by. Would you like to help yourself to something from the pile on the right while you're here, apart from the 'Preppy Princess' papers? Currently it's the only way it's gonna go down at all!



Anonymous said...

Forget the pile on the right, I'll take those cute stamps, the die and those fantastic embossing folders off your desk for starters! Lovely stuff today, well, apart from the manky coffee mug that is!!! Glad my tea stories made you laugh, I'd quite forgotten about them so I had a giggle while I was typing too!!

Brenda 8

Peggy said...

love the cute stamps and that doesn't look all that bad to me have a great week.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Ah, the truth emerges after all. I was wondering who you could blame the mess, err, push aside, on. Happy WOYWW from #6.

Shoshi said...

Oh poor you, Di, being scared half to death by the volume from your new woofer lol lol! You've got some nice stuff on your lovely curvy desk this week, and how nice to see my ATC there! I'm so glad you like it. Yours arrived safely, as you know, and it's really pretty - my hubby liked it too! I'll be blogging about all the lovely ATCs I've received in due course when they are all in.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Judys Fabrications said...

Love your flash desk.Love thiose stamps too. I have so many piles like that, I just have to ingore them for now.When I am next in a tidy-up mood it will be great to find a home for it all.It's always a balancing act- tidy or messy and creative! I know which wins at my house!!
Judy #27

EELS said...

Those cute penguin stamps are gorgeous Di and your desk looks super busy thanks for sharing your pics.
Cheers, Elaine #23

Redanne said...

So glad that someone else piles things high like I do! Love those stamps and all the goodies you have received - very nice. Anne x #9

Spyder said...

I pile high too...push back...knock on the floor, shove in a big box!!!Fab crafty space!! Thank you for my snoop!! Have a great week! HaPpY WoyWw!!!

((Lyn)) # 28

sandysewin said...

Pushing the stuff to one side is definitely a favorite technique, eh? Your desk really doesn't look THAT bad, lol. and I love that poppy card, so pretty.

Happy woyww,

Sandy #37

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Di,

I really missed everyone last week. Your desk looks quite organized and I hope whoever visited (your desk) had a nice time. Mine is the typical mess - oh well. That's just me...... although I'd hate my friends to come over and see the table looking this way! haaa

Kay #36

sandee said...

Too funny about hubby hooking up the woofer unbekownst to you, huh? lol And if someone would leave me a pad of papers everytime they visited my desk, then they could make a mess! lol waving hi from hills of North Carolina :) ( not yet numbered )

Sunshine Girl said...

Looks a rather tidy desk to me! lol about the new speaker system - my children sometimes leave the telly set to loud and it does make you jump doesnt it! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 58

inkypinkycraft said...

everyone has piles..mine are usually on the floor next to my desk..and have been known to turn into a kind of landslide! happy crafting, have fun with the lovely new stamp, trace x 56

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Any donated beads would be gratefully received, Di! As long as you don't mind the proceeds going towards band funds!!
I bet the new improved PC sound system gave you a shock! Must be an improvement though. D'you know, it's really is such a big part of my life but I rarely have it on in the house these days, I prefer peace. In the car is a different matter though, lots of music very loud as I career around the lanes of Wiltshire..LOL!!!!
Hugs, LLJ #70 xxx

okienurse said...

love the stamps and the dumfed piece! I love searching through piles of stuff and my desk usually has its fair share of stacks of goodies. Wish someone would through stacks of paper pads on my stacks! Vickie #67

Helen said...

Gorgeous atc and love the things on your desk - good job that messy pup got in!! Happy WOYWW, Helen 22

Helen said...

I create piles when I do not want to spend time tidying and want to craft! Unfortunately eventually there is no room for piles and the tidying has to come first - though I have to say you still look like you have room to pile a bit more!! Have fun with your stash. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 18

Amanda said...

Well compared to my craftroom this is so tidy lol. Ok fess up what is the name of the shop that sells elzybells....I so wish I had gotten the fairy stuck on the tree stamp. Love all the new stuff, wish there were more pictures to drool over. Hugs, Amanda x

Annie said...

A woofer under your desk? Mind it doesn't bite!
A x #76

Angela said...

Call this messy! At least you can still see the wood of the desk underneath it all.
Hi Di, just popping by to check out your fab creations. I'm just getting into ATCs and this one on your desk looks lush. I'm also setting up a refuge for unwanted paper stacks. Small or large, these poor unfortunate things are welcome here to a grateful and caring home.
Dumfed ? that's a new one for me.
Have a fab WOYWW.

Ann B said...

Just spent 10 minutes trying to find the mess but failed. Have you cleared it up since posting? Funny how different people see messiness as on a sliding scale your desk merits a 2 whereas mine......

Ann B

Trish Latimer said...

Thats is NOT a mess!!!!!!!!!! you can see some desk, so it can't be!! he he he Trish #78

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Hah! I know just what you mean about the sound system . . . we have a woofer under the desk too! Can't live without out . . . the sounds are too tinny from the pooter otherwise!

I don't think your desk looks that untidy Di!

Happy WOYWW.
Sarn xxx

Victoria said...

Now I've scared Socks...
There is so much loveliness on your desk that I don't know where to begin... the embossing folders look great, that gorgeous ATC, the papers, the......
That stamp has just gone on my wish list by the way!

lisa said...

I always know you'll give me a laugh, Di. I have this vision of you innocently turning on your 'puter and this huge sound ringing out. These men of ours try don't they!!!!!
What a lot of lovely goodies you've got there this week. Have fun playing with it all.
Oh.. and don't crow about the sunshine, it's just not fair. We have windy wild and wet weather again this morning. I'm keeping everything and I mean everything..I'm desperate now....crossed for that promised weekend sunshine.
Hugs Lisax #97

Twiglet said...

Well if you think that's messy you need to pop your nose inside my room today! (Confession - pics on my blog were taken on Annie's table!) Sh! don't tell anyone. x Jo

SueH said...

Lol, to the orchestra hiding out under your desk, shame it wasn’t Il Divo!

It’s nice to see you with a messy desk for once but you do actually have a little bit of space to work in. Bet you can’t
wait to play with those new papers, they sound really scrummy.

Happy Crafting!

Laura said...

I'll trade you my pile of stuff for your pile of stuff?! :)
Thanks for sharing,

Gillian said...

Love that cute stamp on your desk. Can't wait to see what you create with it

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, enjoyed snooping through you little piles today ... love the bits and pieces you've received from Shoshi, Wipso and Mary H - and that little stamp looks fab too. I'd better leave you to your paper stroking now:)) Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #75

Glenda said...

Let's trade piles for a week or so! Your's doesn't bother me nearly as much as mine!
Glenda 98

TeddyBobCrafts said...

Happy WOYWW. I love looking at your desk each week - so much going on. I can see why you are stroking that new pad of paper. I have stopped buying papers (except for plain colours and Core-dinations), as I ended up with loads that was 'too good' to use! I print off CD-Roms now (if I cannot find what I need in my drawers). Ali x #113

Anonymous said...

I think that looks quite a tidy desk Di, you can see wood and that's all that counts :)!

Happy WOYWW xx

Bernice said...

I don't think your desk looks too bad - much tidier than mine anyhow! My daughter would be very jealous if she saw your piglet mug! I see what you mean about scissors - think I can see about a dozen pairs there!!
Bernice #25

Princess Judy Palmer said...

New paper pack by DCWV!?!?!!!!!!

mamapez5 said...

That doesn't look like a messy space to me. there are a lot of us paper strokers out there. I need to get over it and actually use some of it|! I had a dumfed ATC from Annie, and it was beautiful too. Lucky bunnies aren't we? Kate #131

Princess Judy Palmer said...

New paper pack by DCWV????????!!!!!! in pinks in greens?!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Holy cow, why am I missing out on A NEW PAPER PACK BY DCWV!

Oh, because I have enough paper to start my own store?

Well, that's just silly.

There are ninjas who break into your house in the middle of the night when you are sleeping and kick you in the back. There are also ninjas who break into your house at night and mess up your desk. Do you think they are the same ninjas?!?!?!!!!!

Damn you, ninjas!

hee hee ho ho ha ha an orchestra under your desk! That sure would have given me a start too.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Loving the push pile! I'd do anything for a messy desk right now cos that would mean I've done something but my body is doing its not working thing at mo so crafting has stalled for now. I'm trying to desperately encourage to legs/arms to work so that I can do some colouring cos I'm getting withdraw symptoms! Lol Take care, am not doing WOYWW this week, not been too good so there isn't anything on my desk to see! Zo xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Now, Di, you know you're not going to be able to stand that messy pile on the right and you'll put it away proper. Don't make me come in there!

Lovely snoop and read! LOL about the speakers! If my Mister did that, I'd be suspicious he was trying to do away with me,'cause I would not only wet myself, I'd get electrocuted in the wee-wee when my defib fired off!

Happy WOYWWING! Darnell #142

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, I'd be seeking them out fancy leaving your room in that Thats a great stamp l have that and it stamps up brilliantly! have a great day:)x

Kathleen said...

Bet the messy pup was Mr Nobody, he pays regular visits to my craft room and hides things.

Kath x

scrappyjen said...

love the little penguin pyramid i can see jenx 149

Jeremy and Samantha said...

your desk looks great and lts got just enough space


RosC said...

I Know who that messy pup is. It's that cocktail drinkin' gal with the flower in her hair. Two shocks in one week - the secret messer and loud music! Way to go.
Love the poppy card you have there and Elsy penguins are cute.
Ros. #80

Joynana said...

Love the embossing folders, embossing is one of my favorite tools. #30

Neesie said...

It's funny but I don't see a messy desk at all...just a great space where lots of creativity happens ;D
I had to laugh at the woofer speaker incident and it reminded me of when my son was a wee toot. My BiL had a record that had the sound of a dog barking as part of the lyrics (sorry I can't remember what the record was which is probably a good thing) anyway when my son heard it coming from the speaker, he started thinking there was a real dog in the box...from that day on the speakers were always called 'a dog in a box'!
I'm going to head back to check out that pile now...thanks for sharing ;D
Neesie #13

Emma Lee said...

If that's messy, I dread to think what you would call mine even when I've just tidied it.

# 109

peggy aplSEEDS said...

if i lived anywhere near you i would be delighted to help myself to something in the pile. i am sure there are bits and pieces that are lovely to me!
happy WOYWW! thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS