Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW 162 - and to chop up or not?

Firstly, my desk is still remarkably tidy (but of course I could just have dumped all the piles of stuff onto our bed):
I took this photo yesterday, if only to prove there was a bit of sunshine streaming in the window.

So, what's to see -  the makings of a card right at the back, a new stamp from my little trip for 'one item only' to Hobbycraft yesterday (how come I staggered home with a bag full of goodies?), a little RU box full of tiny shells plus 'flip flops' buttons and some other buttons from 'the haul', three 'Nesties' waiting to be put away - the fourth one is missing in action at the moment, and finally a book.

The book - 'Wild Flowers by Anne Pratt':
Found in a big box of books in the loft here - I bought it over 20 years ago at a jumble sale when I lived 'oop North'. It was in a dire state as you can see and already suffering from the effects of old age and damp but I just couldn't walk away and leave it:
The inscription says 'Percy L Armstrong from C.Armstrong April 12 1886' - the book was already quite old by then as it was published in 1857. Way back then I think it was common practice to hand on much loved books to others so the inscription probably indicates that it was being passed down the family.

And this is one of the plates with the plant description to the right.

My question is - what should I do with the book? It's obviously been very well loved/thumbed over the years, a lot of pages are loose and but some of the plates are are really pretty like the one above. So it's not worth more than between £5 and £10 in monetary terms - thank you Google for at least reassuring me on that point. It was interesting to read about the author - she was self-taught and lived mostly in Kent.

Do I bite the bullet and demolish the book to use in a mix of cards and possibly a project or two? I have a few very old family photos from Len's side of the family which I'd love to scrap book for him. The illustrations are certainly already looking very distressed! Or do I keep it as it is, not looked at much and really quite neglected and sad.

Sigh, I really don't know what to do :(

Would it be criminal? Or would it inject more love into it?

While I sit and ponder, why not hop over to the lovely Julia's, our WOYWW hostess - from there you can leap onto loads of other desks to see what everyone else is up to today.

Happy WOYWW :)



Anonymous said...

Morning Di

A lovely clean and tidy desk this morning. Well done with only one bag full of goodies :)

Personally, l would have the book rebound. It's such a beautiful piece of history, it would be a shame to take it apart but that's only my opinion.

Have a lovely day, take care xx

PS. Curd tart is my fav from Yorks!

Amanda said...

That certainly is one tidy desk Di, love the little buttons. Hope your nestie turns up soon, I hate it when they run away too lol. Not sure what I would do with the book though as it is so pretty as it is, but as you say it would get more love if it was broken up. Not an easy decision. Hugs, Amanda x

Caz said...

Fabulously clean and tidy desk Di, I'm very impressed. You could always alter the book itself adding photos and whatnot.
Caz x

CraftygasheadZo said...

How about using the book as an album for those photos but leaving some pages original? So any that need TLC glue back in, cover, and use to for photos but then the nice illustrations keep as are. Just an idea. That way you are keeping some of its original form but adding love to it too! Take care, enjoy desk hopping! Zo xx 62

lisa said...

Now you're showing off with that sunshine, Di. It's been in very short supply "oop North" this week. Even the Great Yorkshire Show has been cancelled after all the cars got stuck in the mud yesterday!! At least we are not suffering the awful floods of some.
What a beautiful book. It's always such a dilemma what to do with them. Personally I feel it would be such a shame for it to spend it's life back in the loft even if it was restored. Why not use it for something beautiful that can then be passed on through your family even if you record the history of the book somewhere in your album.
Happy WOYWW.
Hugs Lisax #84

Samantha Elliott said...

Have you tidied up just to compete with me then? Haa Haa!
As for the book issue, I would be very much in the same boat as you. However, if you bought it then there is no sentimentality to not use it, what I mean is it is not a family treasure. You have a purpose for it so it is not wasting it. So go for it! Take out some of the pages though (maybe some of the flowers) so you thin it before you put the photos in and you have some pages for other projects. More use than sitting on a shelf or in the loft for another 20 years!

Victoria said...

Ooo a dilemma indeed! It is a rather beautiful book but then it isn't a family heirloom or anything, so I agree with Sam... I think that you'd get more love out of it if you tore it up a bit! The first page will be the hardest!
Victoria #85

Trish Latimer said...

Morning! if the book has no sentimental value to you, then I would go right ahead and make something beautiful with the pictures and pages. That way you've created something with love that CAN have sentimental value to you and your family! Trish #68

Karen said...

I would keep the book as it is and not just put it away, get it out and enjoy it. It's a real piece of history and lots of people have loved it many times over. I always think its a crime to cut books up or rip pages out, my opinion of course.

Annie said...

I'd say give the book a new life and do something wonderful with it's contents :-)
I'm doing a quick blog hop while the twins nap :-)
A x #58

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Er, if it's a mouldy old book with no sentimental value . . . I'd THROW IT OUT! LOL!

No backlash please!!!!!

LOVELY tidy desk . . . I am in my element this week!

Sarn xxx

Craftilicious said...

I know what you mean about the book dilemma - it's hard to cut one up. I've seen that book in sooooo many jumble sales though so rest assured it's not a rare treasure. I would definately go down the repurpose and relove route. You can even turn the cover into a handbag (google book bags - they're easy to make)

Twiglet said...

I think that book could be the source of so much crafty fun - go for it!! x Jo

Astrid Maclean said...

The book looks yummy, so why not go ahead and use it to your hearts content, so many lovely projects and possibilities. before you do though, I would scan some of the images, they look so amazing and that way you could use them again and again....
Happy WOYWW #42

Mrs A. said...

Ok frogs are back in the pond, money spent you naughty girl for enticing me with all those goodies. Now would you like to explain to Wimpy why he is gonna be on porridge for the next month!!
Don't suppose you saw that Michael Powell stamp in Hobbycraft did you and was it Basingstoke?
On the subject of your book I did a post on the very same thing and got a mixed response. Still got it untouched.It is a dilemma.

Mary said...

Di, Your desk is very tidy.... your book dilemma is one I've suffered myself. What I did was scan the prints and used them in a scrapbook I made for a friend. I still have the book, it's still tattered and worn, and I still can look at the book, and I have it digitally preserved. I'm sure any copywrite wouldn't be badly abused if you're using it for yourself. I guess I'm just sentimental, when I hold an old book I think of all the hands that have held it, and how that book took the readers to places that were physically unreachable, and brought beauty to the lives of all that touched it. Or, I'd make it an altered book... darn, no I wouldn't....see what you've done! Now I'm worrying about the book! Well off to write the adventures at the Twine Ball, chat later! See you in the playground!

Redanne said...

Greetings from oop North - lol. Your desk looks lovely and tidy. the book issue (?) I cannot really help you with, you need to make your own choice or you might regret it - I speak from experience. It is a lovely book though.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x #54

Mrs A. said...

Yep. It's the Shore Thing. Just checked his site and its still out of stock. Hugs Mrs A.

SueH said...

I can understand your dilemma with regard to the book, it’s a difficult one but I’m of the opinion that if the book wasn’t personal to you, i.e. brought especially for you or belonged originally to someone close, then it’s ok to use it. It would be such a shame to just put it away again and let it deteriorate even further if you keep it and at least by using it others will have the pleasure of seeing the plates.

Hobbycraft has the same effect on me too Di, so don’t feel bad about it. I’m only grateful that I have to travel some distance to get to either of the two branches that are in my neck of the woods and I don’t venture there too often.

As for the new stash….well you needed it, that’s all there is to say about it.
Happy Crafting!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blimey, that's one tidy desk, thought I'd come to the wrong place there!! :D Glad to hear it's not just me who's been naughty this week...I am having fun though!
I would have no qualms about reusing the book - it's not a family thing so what is the alternative to 'back in the loft'?? Use the text for backgrounds in your art and use the flowers as embellishments. I think the original artist would rather her work be used and enjoyed all over again than the alternative :)
HUgs, LLJ #57 xx

Sandra H said...

Nice to see your desk is still tidy Di, oh the book l think it looks to be still worth keeping even if you had it rebounded and put in the loft again but cover really well to prevent it getting any more wear on it, it's of a great age too let us know what your final outcome will be l'm really interested......have a great day:)x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh, I would be torn over this myself. I was taught to respect books so the altered book craze took lots of deep breaths and therapy before I could jump in. I like the idea of repurposing the book and giving it new life by chopping it up for projects though. I understand how hard it is to actually do that though.

Danielle said...

Your desk is very tidy today. I would cut up that book in a heartbeat and make some very lovely cards with it. Dani 31

kay said...

that clean desk is just waiting for action :)
i would re use the book on your projects and maybe frame some of the prints to display so others can admire
have a fabby crafty week
kay #52

Hazel said...

It's a difficult decision about the book, but I think it is crying out to be used so that others can benefit from its charms. What a clean, tidy workspace (I wonder if there really is any clutter on the bed? lol!). Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

May said...

Lovely tidy desk Di... If you are not going to read or keep the book.. then I would recycle it into beautiful projects...Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#8

M said...

It would inject more love - nothing sadder than a neglected, unloved item!! M x

Kathleen said...

Lovely tidy desk, I am now embarresed about mine.

If you really feel that you want to do something with it, I would do it.
Look at it this way, the way I am looking at some of my things these days.
When you have popped your clogs, the family will come along and chuck it, too old for them, not modern, unless of course there is someone who is very keen on gardening and loves reading about flowers.

For example, when engage my Mum and Dad bought us a full blown China dinner and tea set all matching 12 of everything, plus tea pot, coffee pot, gravey jug, the works. Can't remember the make without going to look but the design was quite modern for the time.
It comes out every Christmas and certain dinner parties and that or maybe the odd party. I said to the girls not long ago will either of you want this when I go. They both said oh no. So I have started using it for Sunday lunch and the boys use the tea plates for thier meals. It cost a fortune at the time. 43 years I have had it and I bet I have only used it 60 times, as the last 3 years we have been to Lynda's for Christmas Dinner.
What is the point anymore of keeping things for best.

Kath x

trisha too said...

I just don't know what to tell you, Pixie, that's a tough one--it looks a charming book as it is, and I'm a terrible coward when it comes to ripping up such treasures!

The good news is--either way, you win!

:)trisha, #36 this week (link)

Anne said...

Such a tidy desk you have there!! I've also been buying this week and last weekend - I must stop I have more stuff to use than years left to use it all in. Sorry not going to be much help re the book - find it hard to 'hurt' books but can also see the argument for using it as it's not personal to you and family and would probably get thrown away anyway in the future. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I suggest you look in the front of the book to see if it is a first edition. If so, it is valuable. If not, it is not. The drawing you showed is beautiful. There are several web sites that you can go to to learn more, but they are not handy since I'm at a neighbor's righ now. Happy WOYWW from # 1.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di - lovely tidy desk, as usual. That book is interesting and the plate is pretty. You've had loads of suggestions as to what to do with it so I hesitate to add anymore but I'd be really tempted to find out more about the Armstrongs ... so intriguing - did the family die out, I wonder. I have a book with beautiful illustrations, bought with the intention of using them in craftwork, and I still haven't had the heart to remove them :) It will be interesting to hear what you do eventually decide to do with the book. Hope you had a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #23

Mrs A. said...

oooo er misses. Me mind is boggling now at the thought. Of you go and have a nice night now!!!! hugs Mrs A.
I think I will stay up and do a bit of fishing.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm just sure you wouldn't engage in deception by dumping your crap, er, craft doings on the bed ...

I vote for repurposing the well-loved and beautiful book. It's just going to continue to disintegrate. I think the author would highly approve of her work, in any form, being respectfully reused and shown the light of day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely tidy desk Di, hope that sunshine stuck around, although I can see that your new stamp is of a duck in the rain!! Hard decision about the book, but if it's going to stay unloved in the loft and deteriorate further then what's the point of that? I like the idea of scanning some of the flower plates so you can use when you want too. Has to be your decision in the end though!

Brenda 3

Sandy said...

I like the idea of scanning pages to use them for other projects and altering the book, by using it to add photos into it and adding to its use. In the end it is no use to anyone if it gets stuck in the attic for another 20 years and then dumped by the next generation. Get some use out of it that they might just keep the memories. Sandy :)

Shoshi said...

Very tidy desk, and what a beautiful old book.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #4