Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Shoes, hot pink and shopping

I love the current trend for hot pink with black, and a quick rootle through the boxes here turned up the makings of this:
I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- hot pink card from my goodies, edged using Martha Stewart's 'Half Daisy' punch

- topper from my Kanban goodies, had it almost forever

- a single, big, black gem on the bow of the shoe

- a couple of black feathers (Hobbycraft)

- organza roses from Mei Flower

Quick and very easy :)

Just as well something worked OK yesterday, yet another trip to the hairdresser ended in trauma - which part of 'Not too much off please' didn't she understand?! The thing is, after the first huge 'snip' resulting in 2" of hair in her hand, I couldn't very well ask for it to be stuck back on :( I considered making a bolt for it but wasn't sure that would help either. Sigh, next time I'm gonna take one of you with me as a 'carer'!

To be honest, it feels much cooler right now - and perhaps it'll grow back by Winter time :)



Princess Judy Palmer said...

You can't put a new card up already. I'm not ready for that.

Di said...

Sorry, it's midnight here Judy - and now I've got to go to bed stifling the giggles, you total nut case! Di xx

Amanda said...

Oh Di sorry to hear about the hair trauma, I would suggest taking a photo when it is the length you want it and giving them that as a guide. Lovely card too, love shoes and pink together. Hugs, Amanda x

Annie said...

And I suggest you take a pic and post it so we can be the judge of the hair. :-)
A x

Victoria said...

Oh, naughty hairdresser! They stress me out so much when they don't listen. When I was 16, a hairdresser obviously couldn't understand "2 inches" and cut off all my lovely long hair (which was down to my bottom) up to just below my shoulders. I cried!
Oh yes, card.... well, stylish and sophisticated, dahhhling!

mamapez5 said...

I can imagine your hairdresser trauma. I go to a little Spanish girl in the village, (my choice rather than one of the ex-pat stylist around here), and she is adamant that she can't speak English, so she just doesn't try to understand my stumbling Spaniah. I just shrug and say 'todo corto' (all short) and hope for the best. I've only been really scalped once!
Stylish card. I like the pink and black too. Kate x

Caz said...

Fabulous card Di, love black and pink together too. Sorry to hear about your hair trauma, we all have one of those stories. But don't worry, it will grow back.
Caz x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

OOOH! That's a sassy card you have there Di! Love it.

I feel for you mate. I ABSOLUTELY HATE my fringe being too short and obviously JUST CUT! Grrrr. Last time I asked me hairdresser to cut just a titchy bit off my fringe and she asked if she had cut too much off last time . . . and I said YES! (Brave wasn't I?)

Sending you a nice wig . . . . xxxx

Karen said...

Gorgeous colouring - I love pink and black - it can look really dramatic. The hair will grow back soon, at least it's cooler in the hot weather!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, thats not good bout your hair Di. Also had those experiences, standing in front of a mirror trying to brush my hair longer with tears in my eyes!

Lovely sophisticated card with lovely colours.

No tale today :( ?


Sandra H said...

Beautiful card Di and really trendy too! love black & pink colours so go together and your layout is lovely, Shame about the hair dresser l had a similar experience having asked for a trim but my trim turned out to be at least 6" they'd only cut to a bop style and my hair must of been halfway down my back l came out of there crying and had been going for over 2yrs to get my hair in good condition l had to start all over again wasn't best pleased and if l had an axe well who know......?!!:)x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

What a pretty card. I read the rhubarb story and just laughed. I HATE going to the grocery so sometimes all I have in my refrigerator are condiments! I love rhubarb/strawberry pie.

Oh, poor you, with the hair cut. I wear mine pretty short but have been trying to let it grow a bit. I called my hairdresser to set up an appointment this week and she asked me if I had left the country.