Wednesday, 9 January 2013


SIGH, just a mess I'm afraid - nothing new there then :(
This was the light at mid-afternoon yesterday - not lot of it sadly, so depressing.

Same old, same old - making a stepper card, cuppa cold coffee to the left and a basket of cards needing inserts, envelopes and cello bags to the back.

The blur of red and white strips is me being a squirrel as always - snipped off rather lovely unreusable Costco Christmas gift bags (ie handles) for re-use.

Told yer - same old, same old.........but to see much more exhilarating (big word) sights - just hop over to Julia's pad here. Bound to be much more fun there.

Happy WOYWW!



scrappymo! said...

I think it looks pretty darned good. Love that you snipped the handles off the gifts bags...why not! Stash is stash!
Haven't quite got Xmas put away...thinking of just posting a picture of my dining room table which has the last of the Xmas stuff piled up on it!!! Hangs head in shame that I am not finished yet.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Another one to make me giggle with your squireling away, I think we all do that, snip off bits of trim/paper/card that we like for re-use which in my case I probably don't and end up giving it to my nieces to use! Ah well gets them crafting! Take care Zo xx 43

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It looks lovely and busy to me!! And I'm a girl after your own heart, am forever snipping off this and that to reuse :)
What a shame that you're booked up for the crop date :( that is Sod's law, isn't it? Unfortunately no hope of changing as the hall is pretty much booked up.......
Hugs, LLJ 38 xxx

Annie said...

From one squirrel to another ....go for it girl. I'm sure that little bit of cord or ribbon will come in handy soon. :-)
A x #41
ps don't forget to check out the bargains in the Jan sale over in our blog shop...

Debbie Rock said...

Hello Di ... don't fall off your chair in shock but it's me! WOYWW'ing for the first time in FAR too long and how I have missed you!
Your desk looks just perfect to me ... not same old, same old, at all! I just added a long length of beautiful cream coloured leather "string" to my bits'n'bobs box so us fellow squirrels have to stick together!
Happy crafting and happy WOYWW'ing! D x (Sorry ... no idea what my number is at Julia's -I forgot to look!)

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Your desk looks so fine, little brain storming and time to your self then creation will come out.
Have a nice day

Helen said...

Yes, squirrel away!! Hope you have a good week and get crafty time to use it! Helen 7

lisa said...

I think we are all squirrels, Di. Your desk looks really lovely to me. I like the look of that card underway.
Get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and see what today brings, I have heard there might be sunshine, although that could just be a rumour!!
Hugs Lisax #59

mamapez5 said...

I don't know about a squirrel; you are a busy bee this year Di. I believe how many cards you have made already. I hope you get some sunshine soon. A bit of sunshine and a fresh cup of coffee (except it's tea for me) will do you a power of good. Kate x #57

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with the desk at all.
I think all us crafters love to snip things to keep 'just in case' and why not I say, bound to come in handy for something at some point.
Elaine #48

Redanne said...

It looks lovely to me, organised mess is always the best. Love how your squirrel away bits and pieces, I think we all do that, but do you ever use them, that is the question - in my case it is a big no! You have certainly made lots of cards though. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #47

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely colours in use there Di..very cheery given the gloom over us at the starting to hate damp clouds! Am off to refresh my cold coffee - yuk. You are probably the only person I know who snips the handles...I wonder what your limit is....!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's a new year but the same you, we love you just the way you are! Should we start calling you Squirrel Nutkins now lol?

Really interested in the card your making, adore the pastel colours, can't wait to see it completed.

Happy WOYWW xxx

House of Bears said...

We're loving the colours on your card. We have squirrel tendencies too.

The bears @#83 this week.

shazsilverwolf said...

Yep, as well as the WOYWW club, we are all members of the Squirrel club. Beloved Hubby says I was probably a squirrel in a former life!The stuff I have found over the last couple of weeks moving my stuff to the new room is scary.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #73 xx

Cardarian said...

Oh well I think your desk is fun and always lots to see! I haven't been around last week so I wish you a Happy 2013!
Lots of hugs,

MiniOwner said...

Your desk looks good to me - busy and interesting. I spent time cutting the inside printed greetings out of cards last week - I wonder if I will use them? We just can't help ourselves can we? LOL Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@53)

Tertia said...

Your desk looks way too tidy. I am trying to make some sense of my stamps, but I am afraid, its not working very well, I keep finding really cute stamps, and then.... well I am sure you know what happens then. LOL
Tertia #17

Anonymous said...

That's a very pretty card Di, love the colours on it. A quick 5 minute clear up and that desk will be looking ticketty boo! Your light is crap too!! A bit dull here today but they're promising sun tomorrow, makes such a difference in the Winter doesn't it?

Brenda 94

Unknown said...

It's a very pretty mess and the stepper card is looking great.

Twiglet said...

Yes I saved a few pretty bits from Christmas too - waste not want not!! x Jo

Juls said...

lovely to see your crafty space!! Hugs Juls

Sarn said...

Interesting desk and I love the look of your stepper card Di.

Happy WOYWW.

Grey and gloomy here today too! Might as well be at my desk! I think I'll be dipping into the Milk Tray box again tonight!

Sarn xxx

MrsC.x said...

light at the moment is awful isnt it?! so gloomy we had fog roll in on monday and it hasnt lifted yet so i'll have to tidy instead of craft!

Happy woyww TFS Mrs.C.xx #28

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Di,

Oh, I love the colors of that card! And aren't you thrifty, cutting the straps off bags that will no longer be used!

I'm itching to go to Hobby Lobby because all my crafting stuff is all over the place..... rather than dig perhaps I should just buy something.


Lori said...

LOL. I have a basket on my shelf for "pretties I want to use someday". It is where I stick all little things like your bag handles. Any time I am working on a project that needs "something" - I grab that basket and look at my treasures. My daughter calls it junk. UGH!!

Hi!! I am new to WYOWW and friends with Sandee. I hope you have a chance to check out my blog and desk.
Lori #81

Neet said...

I always blame the Girl Guides for getting me through my Thrift badge for my squirrelling.
Nothing wrong with what you are doing, think of it as protecting the environment with reusing things.
Take care
Hugs, Neet xx 11

Karen McAlpine said...

I like to recycle those bags too. I usually use them until they fall apart! LOL Or, the plain ones are great to cover with pretty paper and add some stamps and ribbon. Lots of fun. Great work space and very pretty card!

Glenda said...

Your desk looks pretty good to me. Lots of gloomy weather here in the Southern States. I always say...Mud and Brown!
Glenda #78

SandeeNC said...

We need to have a squirely WOYWW posting one week...showing all the bits and bobs that we have kept for that rainy day..I mean, I KNOW I'll use it ONE day! lol

ria gall said...

This is my first time so not same old same old for me. you have a lovely blog

JoZart Designs said...

Hey! Di, you sound really fed up and yet your desk is tidy and you've made some lovely crafting. Cheer up hun and smile.!! It will soon be Spring. Happy crafty 2013!
Love and happy hugs
Jo x

Debs Willis said...

I thought squirrels buried their stash???? Need to figure out what animal leaves it all on display lol!!

Sorry not been by for ages, finally made it back to WOYWW land this week, and my desk is waaaaaaaaaaaaay messier than yours :-)

happy woyww
Debs #132

MagsB said...

I usually have a cuppa cold coffee on my desk, too! I'm dead impressed by your re-usable bag handles - looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

love Mags B x

Anne said...

I do that- the bag handles - keep everything/anything - you just never know what you might need. Your desk looks good to me and compared with mine. Anne x #135

Kathleen said...

Been dark and dismal here too, but stayed lighter that bit longer, do you follow that, good as it sounds like I'm talking gobble-de-gook.
The card in front looks very interesting looking forward to seeing that one finished.
Parcel posted today but by hubby so no idea what he sent it by probably second class, as he threw me by taking it to the PO so I couldn't give him instructions. Just telling you incase it never arrives.

Kath x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Di
it doesn't look messy to me ... it's productive and vey pretty papers too
thanks for sharing
janet #23

Apryl said...

Love the idea of reusing the gift bag handles! Happy WOYWW!

Apryl H #9

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your card looks very pretty!! And my room is worse, lol!!

Jeannie #60

Hettie said...

Gosh your room looks a little dark there Miss. Shall we get some hamsters in the Treehouse to tread the wheels and get some light in there for you?
Looking forward to seeing your bushy tail when we next meet up. Can't say I noticed it when we were at the Crop!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Di, I would think that squirreling is mandatory for a crafter - you just never know when something could come in useful :) Your desk looks a busy one this week - despite the appalling light we've been suffering (it's a bit brighter here today but the lights are still on. I hope you have a good weekend. Elizabeth x #69

Darnell said...

What you talkin' bout, Wilson? There is lots to see with all your ingredients for your beautiful stepper card!!

Hope the sun comes out tomorrow!

Tamika said...

That's a beautiful card coming along! I like the colors and one of my favorite dies are the circles too!