Saturday 12 January 2013

A Saturday Story

I related this one to Len yesterday, and he sort of looked at me whilst shaking his head and obviously thinking 'You know, she really IS so totally stoooopid',.

In a previous part of my life, I was lucky enough to have two adorable little Bichon Frise dogs. We only had one at first but quickly got him a companion from the same parents next litter - this is the two of them:
During the one Summer when we only had little Benjie, we brought the touring caravan down from Northumberland to Hampshire for a holiday in the New Forest.

After almost losing him in a dense part of the forest, I got it into my head that we needed to  get a dog licence (they were 'on the way out at that point' and weren't compulsory, but I was adamant).

So, I'm pretty sure it was in Brockenhurst, I hopped into the local village store cum Post Office and went to the counter. One elderly post master was on duty and he had to rummage round to find the little A6 sized form. With pen poised he said 'Name'?

And I replied brightly, and even helpfully 'Well, his full Kennel Club name is Benjamin Silverelves Gypsy - but we call him Benjie or even Widdle for short (he's proving difficult to fully house train) if that's easier to fit on the form'.

With a stern stare over his glasses, said Post Master then almost barked 'Your name, madam'.

Tell you what, I paid my thirty seven and a half pence (or something similar) and was out of there as fast as my feet would carry me!



  1. Ha ha. That's set me up for the day . I even feel I can face Muver now!! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Morning Di, Oh your so great story l'd be following you too enjoy your weekend x

  3. Great story.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Tamara

  4. So funny, know wondering if you gave him your blogger name lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  5. Well the postmaster should have been more specific shouldn't he!!! LOL! xxx

  6. That really did make me LOL.... Hugs May x x x

  7. Hello Di

    Thak you for the little giggle - I can just imagine.

  8. he he - such a funny story!! Hugs Juls x

  9. Easy mistake to make l think lol!

    Big hugs xx

  10. Try again, wouldn't publish my previous comment and it was nothing bad or anything.

    I said, so you were a Madam, way back then eh?
    Lovely dogs, but that is how I like them, in photo's.

    Love your tales, no matter what day it is.

    Kath x

  11. Haa Haa Widdle! Love the photo! Have you scrapbooked it?
    Not sure I could rename your chook "Widdle"!!

  12. Aw, this is so cute. I can understand exactly the situation. Would have done the same I expect. Not stoopid atall....made perfect sense to me. Cute doggies and very nice picture. TFS


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