Sunday 28 June 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #381

Oh my goodness, I'm typing this on Friday - almost melting in the heat. Rain is forecast and let's hope it comes soon! It's been way too hot to even think about baking cakes and scones. We've got umpteen fans whirring away day and night, sadly UK houses aren't fitted with air-con as our climate is usually much less extreme. And Dudley has a towel, run under cold water and then wrung out to lie on - which he loves. The tiled floors, usually his place to cool down, all feel warm and even his cool mat isn't coping!

Here's my snippets card for this fortnight:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- a snippet of white card trimmed to 5" x 3.75", onto which I stamped the vase and roses image plus the sentiment using a small Misti and VersaFine Clair 'Nocturne' ink. The vase stamp is Woodware's 'Deco Roses' and the sentiment is from Woodware's 'Deco Sayings' set of sentiment stamps

- then removed the sentiment from the Misti lid and used four different snippets of coloured paper to stamp the vase and roses onto each one

- and this is the point at which I truly thought I had heatstroke and had lost the plot altogether as I then carefully paper pieced over the whole image using fussy cut pieces from the stamped coloured paper

- once that was all done I then used another piece of white card and covered it with double sided medium weight adhesive sheet and carefully covered it with a piece of the deep pink paper so I had some 'body' to play with

- trimmed the deep rose piece to 5.25" x 4" and glued it to the card front before glueing the image panel on top - using Collall glue
Just in case anyone thinks I cheated and just coloured the image - here's some small pieces of the leftover paper:
Despite it being fiddly, and it taking quite a while it was a fun card to make. Always add the glue (using a glue pen) to the main image by the way - the lovely Jules told me that tip many, many moons ago!

Woodware stamps often lend themselves well to paper piecing - although I could have coloured it much faster using Pro markers. So, it's not something I'd do frequently with plain paper when markers would work instead. I just thought that even slightly patterned paper would detract from the simplicity of the Art Deco look and had my heart set on paper piecing.

Len thought I'd coloured it until he felt the image - so that's why I added the little pieces of paper to this post. By then, the leftovers from the fussy cutting were in the recycling bin, which is a shame as they would have been a great illustration of what a numpty I can be in terms of setting the bar high - but I did find a few more snippets to prove the point.

In fact, I did a bit of a boo-boo when adding the blue vase to the image and didn't have a rose stem properly lined up with the line on the vase (OCD again!), so I cut out another leaf to hide it.

And bless Len, he remarked 'it has a sort of Art Deco look to it' when he'd inspected the card ☺

And needless to say, here's the prize for this fortnight:
Bad photo but I only just noticed and don't want to do it over again. It's a 'Deco Roses' image stamp and a set of 'Deco Sentiments' - both by Woodware. Both very recent purchases - I thought it was time for a less 'cute' prize!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 11th July. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

We're so glad that Dudley had his full grooming session before this current heatwave. He still has a full brush and comb each day, even though his coat is shorter - but thankfully not shaven down to the skin. I figure it's important to keep up the regime regardless so that he's used to it. He still ain't too thrilled and seems to know when we're nearing 4pm each afternoon. His balancing on his haunches is totally perfect these days - but then so are my bagpipe tactics!

Speaking of dog's toys - I wrote about Stinky Monkey the other week and how much Dudley loves him. Someone I follow on Instagram has a real dilemma. She lives in Germany and has the sweetest little girl Havanese called Bella - and Bella adores a particular toy made by Beeztees like this:
It's like a flat 'Knuffie' comfort toy with a dog's head, floppy ears and legs. Marion has searched high and low for a replacement - luckily she does have the one above as a spare but, much like 'Stinky Monkey' it will be loved to death before too long. This is a really long shot as a few of us have been searching on line with no luck. We found 5 in Malta but they won't post to Germany, the UK or even Italy. The Netherlands looked like a good lead but that came to nothing - so now I'm appealing to you. Take a look at Bella as a little puppy - she was so much like Dudley in this photo:
As I say - it's such a long shot. I believe some have been located in the USA but the suppliers won't post overseas either. If you manage to find one, or even more than one - can you please let me know. I'll very happily pay the cost of purchase and post and packaging. Bella is such a little darling and so like our Dudley - it would be amazing if we could hit lucky! I suspect it's no longer manufactured but perhaps a shop - on line or even a local store - might have some. It's at least worth a try!

I haven't posted off the 'shammy' prizes as yet - to be honest it's been way too hot to venture out in the car, so far, this week. I'll pop a quick post on here when they've been safely posted.

And, as I used new stamps for the very first time, it means I can join in with Darnell's NBUS #15 challenge HERE - once again!

Really sorry that my commenting has been very slow in the Playground - huge apologies. Blame the heat! x

One final thing, am wondering if anyone has tried an 'Ink on 3 - Fadeout ink pad' yet? It's supposed to be a marvellous innovation for 'no line colouring'. I wasted used an afternoon playing with a newly delivered Fadeout pad and various stamps, with the correct sort of card, to make my Rudolph Days card. Perhaps the images were too intricate as I chose a set of SU little Christmas mouse stamps with really fine detail but so far the jury is most definitely out. And ruminating! The best results were from using Zig pens, followed by Pro markers, Distress Inks were not good and am ready to throw my DI markers out to be honest as they never were much good and the ends have frayed, come on Tim, you can do better than that - and so far my Polychromos pencils are a waste of time. Perhaps they need to be water colour pencils. My efforts are too embarrassing to show, let alone use for cards - but I suspect that well watered down Zigs or good old watercolour palettes - and floral images could work well. Even though they say Copics etc. will work well. So it was a lesson at least. Some images really DO need the outline definition as well - regardless.

If anyone really is interested, I will, rather reluctantly but it may help, do a post showing my results - at least with undiluted Zigs and Pro markers so you can see the outcome. And be warned before you jump in.

So now, on Sunday, thanks to wasting time on that flipping ink pad, I'll be in a panic....... making my entry for June's Rudolph Days Challenge over at ScrappyMo's! Quick, come and play!

Stay safe my lovely friends.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. I LOVE your card Di, a real labour of love paper piecing all those little pieces. The image is fabulous, I haven't seen this stamp before. I have quite a few Rennie Mackintosh stamps, mainly wood mounted, which are quite a few years old. I don't think I'll ever part with them. I'd love to win this one to add to my collection, so I'll be a Yes Please for the draw.

    I've heard of the Fadeout ink pads, but haven't used one. They sound like they may only work with watercolours. Hope someone manages to locate some replacement toys for Bella. xx

  2. I love the Art Deco look of these roses and vase and Woodware Stamps are always easy to spot before even reading the words. I love the coordinating mats and your wonderful paper piecing in those soft and pretty colours Di. I am definitely a 'yes please' if I get my entry in this time. Sorry I didn't manage an entry for the last challenge but I will try to do better. With regard to the fade out pad I think it is probably better for flowers but you do have to shade whatever you colour so that when the lines disappear you have shading to indicate where one petal ends and another begins otherwise it would tend to look like one big blob of colour. It sounds like I know what I'm doing but I haven't used the pad myself and I think that it is probably not that easy to get the look right having to take into account that all the lines which give shape and form to the image are going to disappear, so don't give up . Hope this helps Di. x

  3. I love love love your card! Flowers make me smile! Your colors are so soft and lovely - and I could almost smell the blooms right through the computer! Mum used to grow tulips outside of our home in High Wycombe and we kids would laugh and laugh when it was cow manure day - oh the smell, LOL! But the tulips were GORGEOUS!! Oh what a memory.
    Yes, it is way too hot - we are melting here! Little Bella looks so sweet snuggled up in the dolly - our Buddy has a doll that came with him as a puppy (it's a stuffed puppy) that was supposed to be his surrogate mama until he got used to us. He spent the first night in my bed!

  4. Di, I LOVE your paper pieced Art Deco card! And I'll check to see if I can find a Beeztees here in the USA. That little pup needs her security fluffy!
    Oh... and I'm for sure playing along for the prize. Love both sets!

  5. Love Art Deco and this stamp is fabulous. Well done for paper piecing in the extreme heat - you deserve a medal I'd say. So pleased it is a little cooler again thank goodness. Good tips along the way about the paper piecing and I'd not heard of this new ink pad - something I might well have rushed into ordering but will be wary now having read about your experiences with it. I sometimes stamp outlines with a very pale colour, similar to the colouring in shades (if available).

  6. Love your Art Deco card Di! Have you tried Ebay for the toy? I’ve used the fade out ink for a penny black poppy stamp and it worked well with traditional watercolours. Haven’t tried it with anything else yet though. The poppy card will appear on my blog soon!

  7. Hello Di... I love art deco and your card is so very pretty and well worth all the time taken to complete. Now I've used Fade Out ink for ages and all of my no line colouring has been done with it. I use my Prisma pencils, I use it for all sorts of images. I've included a link to one of my cards done with Fade Out, there are many more on my blog... it is tricky at first to work out all the shading, I normally stamp one on copier paper first as a practice. I also stick that practice image and a list of colours in a note book as a reference. I hope I've helped and I'm only an email away if you have any questions :)

  8. WOW Di . . . that card is AWESOME. I love the Art Deco look and this card is a marvellous example of it. Your patience is never-ending to paper piece the image. Great result.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. So lovely Di and creative is your card so adorable is the floral image and that you paper pieced it l just love that no signs of a boo boo Di and it can be time consuming well done for all your effect truly is lovely - how adorable is Dudley he's just so adorable and looks so content in the picture hope your able to get another stinky monkey as you call it l will certainly look out for one and the new ink pad l haven't heard of but would love to hear and see more enjoy your day - not a sunny one rather windy today and wet but still not cold xx

  10. Oh goodness me, this challenge's first entry! scary I must be keen.

    Love your card and all the intricate fussy cutting, sticking and glueing. Very impressed and absolutely adore the finished result. So hope your call out for replicas of the much loved toy proves fruitful, it seems there are some out there just getting them to an adorable dog is the problem. As all our international tariffs vary and different political views effect trade it is a problem that is not going to go away, sadly.

    As for this fortnights prize I'd love to be in the draw to win those fabulous stamps. Thank you hun stay safe, keep well, don't melt & HAVE FUN x

  11. What a stunning card, and some really painstaking paper piecing. I must confess I'd have coloured the image if ir was me, but it's just the kind of image I love to colour and of course then it wouldn't have been a snippets card. I love all things Mackintosh style do I'm definitely playing to win this time.
    I've not tried a Fade Out pad. I did have a go at no-line colouring following instructions that used a Memento Desert Sand pad which is almost invisible when it's coloured, but my one attempt was such a dismal failure that the pad is just gathering dust.

  12. What a fabulous paper-pieced vase with flowers, Di - spotted it at NBUS and had to pop over for a closer look. I bet it was almost relaxing placing all those little bits into their slots! Darling doggie photos too - good luck with your toy search!

  13. Hot Hot Hot. We've had a heat index of 103. It's terrible. I can't believe y'all don't have a/c. Oh my goodness. I'd be on the floor with a cold towel like Dudley, too. I remember as a kid no one back then had a/c. Occasionally I would go sleep on the bathroom floor because it was tiled. Kids do the darndest things to stay cool. I can remember how miserable it was when all the family would get together and they would throw 5 of us cousins in one bed. It was so hot and all we had was an oscillating fan. They left the windows open but that didn't help.

    I hope your friend can find someone to ship the dog its favorite toy. Maybe the manufacturer would ship it. [Bunny]

  14. Oh, Di, that art deco card is marvelous! So glad you opted for solid paper as opposed to dp. My card this week is all scrap bits but most of the scraps are paint chips (samples of paint colors from the paint store, cut apart into the sizes I wanted.) I hope that still counts. Again, I'm playing along for fun and not for the prize so I suppose it doesn't really matter either way. :-D

  15. Beautiful card... I am playing for these lovely goodies...

  16. Wow--one of my favorite cards, Di! Yes, please--put my name in the drawing! Just wish we could find a toy Fritz likes & doesn't destroy in 5 minutes! Hoping the toy is found for Bella. You guys do have the cutest puppydogs! To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the no-line watercoloring, but I know it's very popular. Hope your heatwave ends soon!

  17. Such a wonderful card, Di, with lots of work! The colours are beautiful, too.
    I've made a wedding card. Friends of ours are going to marry next month.
    This time I only want to play.
    Take care!
    Hugs, Liv

  18. Beautiful result from your very patient paper piecing, it's such a pretty floral. The increased heat has definitely been noticeable in many areas. I hope someone is able to help with your search for the plush toy, perhaps you can contact the Amazon seller where it shows unavailable to find out when it will be restocked. I haven't tried the fade out ink but glad to hear the results of your experiments.

  19. Great use of the stamp and lovely choice of colours.

    Kath x

  20. I love your card, isn’t paper piecing the best?! I love the look! I would love to enter for the prize this time. Hope you have a great week!

  21. Fabulous card Di - you did an awesome job with the paper piecing!
    I've got a 'no line colouring' ink pad by Ink on 3 (is that the same as the fadeout pad??!?!!), and although I've not played with it much, found it fairly easy to get a good result, although it was still visible with lighter colours (I use watercolour pencils)'s a link to one of my efforts.
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw

  22. I LOVE all things CRM so I already have this stamp and sentiment set, but the vase hasn't seen ink yet! Love how you paper pieced it looks amazing.

  23. Thanks for the visit to my blog, Di! Would love to play with snippets and I checked the time frame - should be able to make it work. Thanks for the invite!!

  24. That is the cutest dog toy. I am not a dog owner so I am sorry but of no use to you! I would love to be included in the running for this challenges prize. Thank you!

  25. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love that stamp so it is a YES PLEASE from me for the prize. You are such a kind person. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  26. Your card is beautiful, Di, and like last time, it's a yes please from me before I enter later this week xoxo

  27. A lovely card and beautiful stamp sets. I do love Woodware stamps and used to buy loads from my local craft shop before they closed down. I've done several workshops with Francoise Read and love her style of stamps so would like a chance to win the prize please.

    Hope someone can help you find a Stinky Monkey!

    Kath x

  28. Holy cow, Di, making this card most certainly took your mind off the world for a fair bit! But, wow, do I ever love it! It was worth all that effort creating this fabulous art deco work of art! I hope you do find the stuffy that Bella loves; such awesome photos! I just love their little "arms" and the way they bend them, even cross them when laying on their sides. So precious! As far as the ink, I think Loll has tried it, but I'm not sure if it's that brand. She did a post on it and, if I remember right, had good results with whatever brand she got. Keep taking care of yourself and your little family and thank you for sharing at NBUS again! Love and hugs, Darnell

  29. Wow, Di, that's some awesome paper piecing! I love this romantic card. That's a pretty stamp set and I'd sure love to play for it. And yes, it is so very wonderful to be able to link all by myself. hehe But I will be forever grateful to your for your help. hugs, Becca xoxo

  30. Beautiful card Di, yes please to be in your draw.
    Awww Bella is a real cutie, hope someone manages to find more Knuffies!
    Can't help with the ink pad ... I tried the no line colouring and came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me!

  31. Hi Di, I'm finally back in blogland.
    Love so much your paper-pieced art deco card, such a patient lady you are!! I'm glad that Dudley have a short hair with the hot weather!
    Bella was a so cute puppy!! Such a shame that she isn't near you, I'm sure that Dudley would be in love with her :D

  32. What a beautiful flower! I won't be playing for the prize this week but I will search for the BEEZTEES here in the US... I'll see what I can find!

  33. Hi Di, a cute card, the flowers are very pretty. We bought my cousins dog toys many years ago and one was very attached to his, we had to try to find the same so that his Mum could wash one in secret. As for the hot weather, we don't have air-con either, we live in the cooler mountain area around Sydney which does not get so very hot often, I resort to freezing my hot water bottle when it is too hot to sleep! Have a wonderful week.. Megan

  34. Hi, Di.....Your card is so soft and gorgeous! What a lot of work piecing all of that design, but it turned out just beautiful. Love it in the solid pastels. And how astute of Len to identify it as Art Deco. You have quite a catch there! The image and the sentiment sets are lovely. Yes, please, to putting my name in the hat this time around!

    Hope things have cooled down a little for you. We are chilly and rainy again and I might have to build a fire in the woodstov