Sunday 7 June 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #378 - results

Another fun filled week has flown past. A lot of it has been taken up with changing over our big upright freezer for a new one. Just about the worst possible timing when it began to show signs of becoming unreliable. Len nursed it like a baby, using temperature monitors and an alarm/ receiver which was kept within our earshot. It was limping alright but still just within safety margins so long as it had a daily boost from the fast freeze setting. Thankfully - after a lot of searching - we found a compatible replacement which arrived, along with social distancing, on Tuesday. Needless to say, some suppliers are out of freezers right now - apparently some people even rushed out and bought two at a time when the pandemic was looming! After swapping stuff from the old to the new freezer - I'd also been lucky enough to find a different company who will happily collect and dispose of appliances even if you haven't bought from them. That made the swap over much less stressful - and cost us no more than if we'd asked the new supplier to take away the old freezer when they delivered the new one. If that makes sense - what a mouthful! So that was done on Friday and a huge sigh of relief was breathed here I can tell you!

Of course, the weather has now changed and it's noticeably cooler - with patchy rain, which we desperately need. But much of the freezer hassle took place when temperatures were soaring - it's known as 'Murphy's Law' - to be polite!

Let's move straight into this fortnight's picks - with two *Gold Star* picks first of all:
I love this card - made by Karthikha. It really makes me smile and how clever to make a 'honeycomb cell' into a shaker element! Absolutely everything about it is perfect from the hexagons echoing honeycomb cells and the lovely colours - not to mention the adorable little bee! 

This card, made by Karen L, stopped me in my tracks as well. It's so perfectly designed and made (cleverly using a coffee cup sleeve) that it's a sure fire 'Gold Star' winner. I just love how beautifully everything goes together in what seems such an effortless way - yet it will certainly have taken a lot of thought and care. Love it!

Very well done Karthikha and Karen - please feel free to take the *Gold Star* badge from my right hand side bar and add it to your own blogs.

Val brought this card along to share with us - I picked it because it's so striking, a great example of 'Less is More' and just shows what can be done with one black snippet for that eye catching roofline.