Thursday, 4 June 2020

UK Snippets Playground prizes

Today I took  little drive out to where I know of a large and secluded Post Box. So all UK prizes to date are on their way to winners. That's Kathy K, April, Chris Smith and Jackie T. Posted First Class so they should be with you soon - many thanks to Sainsbury's, who will deliver stamps along with your groceries!

Still mulling over what to do about the Overseas prizes - there is a way of using Royal Mail on line to do the postage but my initial play wasn't too reassuring. It seems to be a very tedious process, so for now, my plan is to wait a while longer.


Jackie T said...

Thank you Di that is so kind of you. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Kath said...

I use the Royal Mail Click and Drop for all my postage and found it easy once I got used to it! I've just printed postage for a package to go to France and posted it on my walk this evening - I only go to the Post Office now if I need a receipt for anything of value.
Kath x

Craftychris said...

Ooh thank you so much! You are soooooo kind. Hugs xxxxxxx

TK said...

Congrats to winners, and now the excitement of anticipation :o)