Sunday 14 January 2018

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Weeks 313 and 314 - Holiday Giveaway results

At last, all the holiday season giveaways are closed and also the draws have been made.

No Guest designer Designer this fortnight, I've just a few names left as 'volunteers' - so if anyone else wants to also join in do please let me know. Otherwise I'll just make a normal snippets card myself on prize draw week when we run out of Guest Designers - with no giveaway attached to it. Or, not bother and just launch into the picks and prize draw result.

I did actually make 20 snippets cards, to include with prizes over the coming weeks but then realised it was 'that little bear holding a huge flower' image of 'Parsnip' yet again and a bit repetitive so I haven't bothered uploading it here. I might be wearing the stamp out in fact as it isn't stamping very clearly - but it was a freebie so possibly over time they deteriorate? (Lucky I did buy a second one as I did wonder at the time - well, OK, I confess I lost the original one and had to buy a second magazine - whereupon the original stamp reappeared of course!). But, I ploughed on with the original stamp and when I used another (branded) stamp for the sentiment it came out really crisp so it isn't  the card or the ink - but at least Parsnip has a fuzzy outline :)

Eraser winners have the delights of Parnsip's rear end to look forward to - I used a PB bear stamp - where the little bear is bent right over trying to do a hand stand :)

So this time around, let's go for the fortnightly picks right away - starting with a Gold Star:
Heather always makes wonderfully clever snippets cards, and this time she's showing a fabulous way to use up snippets of mulberry paper over on her blog HERE. What a lovely design and such pretty colours too. This is my first Gold Star pick of 2018 of course and once you check out this little beauty more closely you'll understand why I'm sure folks! I bet you'll be hunting out that long forgotten mulberry paper! Please feel free to take the Gold Star badge for your blog Heather (see RH sidebar) - no offence taken if you don't though.

Sandy J made this marvellous 'Bridge' card. I recently featured one that Sonia had made and make no apologies for picking another one this time round. LOVE the technique and it's such a clever way to make a card with depth which also folds flat. Such a sweet design, as well as being a 'snippets buster'!

Oh WOW - and White On White it certainly is! I just love this gorgeous card, made by Lynne. It's a mix of all white - vellum, sparkly card and also plain card - so, so pretty. Sigh, what a design and so beautifully made as well.

And how about this for a brilliant idea, from Kath?! So elegant and a great way to use up strips of snippets - I can see a few of you having a go at this card! I can see this card two ways - I know it's an optical illusion but it sometimes looks as if the heart is the very top layer on the card (which it is), and other times it looks as if it's actually a heart shaped aperture backed with those luscious snippets. Perfect for Valentine's Day - which is our next big 'event' isn't it.

In the UK, we only send Valentine's cards to our partners - in general. Or, as teenagers, those we had a super-huge crush on of course!

Over the Holiday Fortnight we had a total of 73 entries and those of you who came to play brought some wonderful makes as usual!

Prize draw time (BIG drum roll) and  I haven't gone through the rigmarole of adding in screen shots of the Random Number Generator results. You have to trust me - all the more when I tell you that not ONE of the prizewinners was just playing for just part of a prize! To be honest, I had visions of total mayhem with prizes being split here, there and everywhere, but I'd allowed folk that option and would have stuck to it.

However, each one of the winners was playing for the lot when it was a bundle on offer. And why not indeed - I did choose everything to work together to make up  a bundle. But, as already said above, I was also willing to split if that's how it worked out. I've been mulling over the 'odds' and am obviously too long away from my working life of probability calculations to get my head fully around why this happened - except that the majority of people had gone for whole bundles where applicable so they outweighed the 'part only' entrants - even though the numbers were drawn totally randomly.

Anyhow - enough wittering - here's the list of lucky winners:

Prize A - Penny Black 'Chill Day' stamp
Lesley G (26)

Prize B -  3 x Inkylicious 'Winter Snow Pines - Large' stamps
Carole D (12)
Maxine (31)
Linby (24)

Prize C - Stampingbella 'Elf with a Reindeer on Top' stamp and Frantic Stampers 'Stitched Fishtail Banners' set of three dies
Liz (53)

Prize D - House Mouse 'Mistletoe Mice' stamp and Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings stamp set
Val (3)

Prize E - Creative Dies 'Wonky Stitches - Nesting Squares' set, Altenew 'Poinsettia Pine' set of stamps and Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings' stamp set
Jane W (22)

Prize F - Spellbinders Borderabilities 'A2 Curved Borders' die set, Echo Park 'Snowman #2' set of dies, Sweet Dixie '4 Layering Snowflakes' set of dies and Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings' stamp set
Janis in ID (57)

Prize G - Sugar Pea Designs 'Tinsel in a Tangle' stamp set and a Creative dies 'Wonky Stitches - Nesting Rectangles' set of dies
ionabunny (37)

Prize H - Inkylicious 'Xmas Tree Swirl Small', Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings' set of stamps and Bo Bunny 'Father Christmas' set of stamps
Alison C (11)

I hope there are a few Happy Dances going on right now. I seem to recall for example that Jane W was really keen to win the Inkylicious sentiments - you sure did that Jane, with a good few extras as well :)

And I do know that just a few of you did recently win a sand eraser - which is already on the way to you. The eraser draw was totally separate to this one and absolutely no way should you feel that perhaps your name coming out again isn't right. I would be quite upset if any of you reacted like that - you played along in both giveaways and won fair and square!

Of course, I have the addresses for those of you who won erasers already dropped into a file for printing here. But, I do need addresses for the rest of you (with your full name as well please) so I can do some quick copy/pasting. Just add the subject 'Giveaway' in an email and send it to my addy which is on the right hand sidebar. The sooner the better please as I discovered on Friday that it is so not a good day at our little Post Office. I had to go back in and holler for the person who'd blocked my car in so tightly that there was no way I could get in without scrambling over the passenger side. I was polite but for goodness sakes, some people really would be dangerous if they had two brain cells rather than just the one!  Plus the Post Office is having an IT upgrade on Wednesday - and it's almost bound to be a disaster for the rest of the week.

Keep those snippets entries coming folks, you still have a week left to play HERE for weeks 315/316 remember! The prize is a Lawn Fawn 'Stamp Cleaning Shammy' - and there are two of these on offer so double the chances of winning.

Love from the little white peril Parsnip - and of course me,


  1. Oh my goodness. Yes, happy dancing. So happy to be one of your lucky winners and congrats to all the other lucky ladies. Thank you so much. HUgz

  2. BIG congrats to all the lucky winners! :) Enjoy!

  3. Doing a Happy Dance here! Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway again. Congratulations to the other winners.

    Fabulous picks, I missed a couple when they were posted, so I'll be off to visit their blogs.

    Add me to your list of GD volunteers if ever you're short, Di. Always happy to make a snippets card. xx

  4. Great picks again this time and a worthy gold star winner in Heather and congratulations to the winners of all those great prizes and hope the PO isn't in too muuch of a pickle when you fetch up there Di. x

  5. What wonderful cards featured and a great big congrats to all the winners!

  6. So excited to see my name as one of the lucky winners....and for a prize pkg I esp loved!!! Yay!! Congratulations to the other winners, too! Hooray!!

    Super selections for the Picks this go-around. I sure don't envy your position of having to choose....there are so many beautifully talented people here in the Playground!!

    These Picks have really done the Playground proud....and it's no wonder because I see them staying inside during recess working on their projects while I am outside petting (yes...and feeding!... but please don't say a word...) the stray cats that loiter around the fence. You wondered how come there were so many more of them lately, didn't you?! Ha.

    Thank you again, Di, for this fabulous and generous prize!!! Take care!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. Congrats to the winners and especially to my
    crafty friend, Janis!! Yippee!!! :-)

  8. Congratulations, winners. A happy dance regardless of whether you're a winner or not. A fun time and lovely generosity from the hostess and Parsnip of course. Wonderful top picks as they are lovely. [Bunny]

  9. Great picks up Di! Congrats to all Lucky girls!

  10. Congratulations to all the lucky class mates who won a prize, some very pretty cards included as pick of the fortnight too... have a wonderful week... Megan

  11. What great picks, all so different yet all stunning! And thank you so much for picking me as one of the winners, your giveaway is so generous. Well done to all the other winners too.

  12. Thank you for having my card as one of your picks this week Di, so pleased and congrats to all the lucky winners of the draw too x

  13. Congrats to all lucky winners of the prizes. I won an eraser: so I am a lucky one too. Thank you so much for everything!!
    Lia xx
    I am entering today with a new card.

  14. Me again: I forgot I already entered with a card, so no new one from me today.
    And the cards you are showing are so nice!
    Lia xx

  15. Indeed doing a quiet little Happy Dance so as not to wake anyone up. Though it's time now, right? Thank you, I don't have a good tree stamp so this is perfect and welcome. Sorry to hear about your trials at the post office, I hope there is not too much drama this week. Don't they realise that you single-handedly keep them open. You should have your own window and parking space.
    Congratulations to all the winners and these great picks from the playground. I hope to get round and visit later.

  16. Well done to all the lucky winners

    If you are short of GDTM volunteers then I would be happy to ... if you would like - let me know


  17. With so many post offices closing the ones left seem to be busier these days and of course they have had to take on more banking duties as well with banks closing - sigh. I see I've been lucky again so thanks very much, I sent my address recently (double lucky, how good is that) so won't send it again. Congratulations to the other lucky people.

  18. Wonderful pick. Congrats to all of the lucky winners and a huge thank you for your generosity, Di!
    Marianne x

  19. Fabulous picks Di, congrats to the winners, Cathy x

  20. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners & fabulous picks from the last challenge!
    I'm happy to volunteer to be a guest designer if you need one...despite my best efforts I'm still drowning in snippets!
    Helen x

  21. Thank you for choosing my card as one of your picks this week and congratulations to the winners too.
    Kath x

  22. Congrats to all of the lucky winners, and a special thanks to you Di for your generosity in giving us the playground to showcase how we use our snippets! You are the best!

  23. Absolutely awesome gold star and picks! So many wonderful snippets ideas! Congratulations to all the winners too! Thank you Di for all the Snippets fun and chances to win too! You are such a star my friend! Hugs xxxxx

  24. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. It was great fun and very generous of you both in prizes and time to keep us involved over the holiday period Di. The picks as always are a great selection. Off to visit Heather. I know I have mulberry paper lurking in the depths! Kath,s pretty heart would work either way as you point out. I love the white on white and have yet to make a bridge card myself. All round great fun. Thanks Di and Parsnip. Barbxx

  25. Fabulous picks and Congrats to all the lucky winners. Maybe you should suggest to the Post Office that they a have a 'frequent poster' fast desk for those special customers who keep them in business! xx

  26. Congratulations to all the lucky winners of Di's super giveaway. Xxx

  27. woohoo I'm a lucky winner - thanks so much Di x Love all the picks too as usual.

  28. Well Done Di... You've completed your marathon :-) Congrats to the lucky winners, we have a saying here (don't know if it's just Aussie) "Winners are Grinners"... there must be half a planet of Cheshire Cats right now, lol. I'll be pluggin' along in the Snippets challenges so I'll see you then; if you want a GD just let me know, Donna xx

  29. Congrats to all the winners.
    Thanks for including me among the picks -- that bridge card style is a great way to use snippets. Love Heather's card, and I'm always happy to see mulberry paper used because it adds such a lovely soft touch. Now if I could just remember to use it myself.
    I'd be happy to do a DT card if you need.

  30. Am soooooooo doing a happy dance! Thank you so much Di for not only the fab prize, but the fabbiest blog ever that I really enjoy, and hope to visit much more this year. Well done everyone on the picks and prizes xxx

  31. so very nice cards!
    congrats to all!

  32. Thanks for all your hard work & all the inspiring cards, Di! You're amazing! Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  33. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parsnip.
    Congrats to every winner, and also the top picks.
    I just popped over to Heather to say congrats on that super card.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  34. Thanks so much, Di, for picking my card for the gold star award! This is definitely one of my favorite challenges as using things up is one of my favorite things to do (along with making lists)! I am determined to get that bits and pieces stash much smaller this year and this challenge will definitely help.

  35. Great top pics Di and many congrats to all the lucky winners. Happy dancing indeed..there will be a roar out there.Thanks so much for your generosity as always. Have a fab week ahead, hugs xxx

  36. Hello Di, my head is now full of images of all those lucky winners dancing a celebratory dance! And I'm so impressed with the cards you've chosen for this week's showcase ... that all-white one from Lynne is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring too. I've just read the comment you left for me and am chuckling at your suggestion that I saved my most ingenious ones - hah! me ingenious- very funny - but I will save what I consider my best efforts at using snippets for your fortnightly show and tell. And I may put more than one in the post too. I'd volunteer as a guest designer but I'm not sure my cards merit that accolade. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  37. Gorgeous cards, Di, and congrats to the winners. If you'd like me to be a guest designer again, I'd be honored, but please give me a little more prep time than last xoxo

  38. Congratulations to the other winners, and a big thank you to Di and Glennis for contacting me and letting me know I was a winner!! So thankful :-)
    Hugs and blessings


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