Sunday 5 October 2014

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Week 145

Well, this is a change for me - no snippets card this week! But, I did find time to quickly do a Sunday Snippets post with three 'picks', last week's prize winner, what's on offer this coming week and a new Mr Linky - yay!

We moved into a guest bedroom on Friday, temporarily, with a standard sized double bed instead of the larger size we usually sleep in. It still feels a bit like this - crowded:

On Saturday morning, I woke early and needed to nip to the loo. Still half asleep, swung my legs over the edge of the bed - forgetting it was higher and that I was closer to the edge then usual - and promptly fell out of bed just like in the nursery rhyme. What a way to wake up! No damage done thankfully :) and a source of much amusement to someone else here needless to say.

Weekly 'picks' first - but just three, and the fact that your work might not be included in no way reflects on what you've been creating. As I've been explaining recently, this is really to give myself more breathing space:

This card is just so clever, made by Rebecca. See those candles - all 30 of them? Each one was fashioned from a snippet of paper, cut to size and then carefully shaped by being rolled round a BBQ skewer - how cool is that for an idea!

I picked this card because the sentiment made me giggle, it's a beautifully designed card - and, squeal, because of the background that Mary Anne created behind the image panel. How ingenious to use up patterned snippets and Stampin' Up's 'Word Window' punch to create (what to me looks like) a brick wall effect. If you don't have that punch I reckon you could just cut strips and round the ends with a circle punch perhaps?

And my third pick is because I just adore the look on this doggie's face - made by Carol L. I also loved the use of snippets, including that amazing 'typewriter' paper.

We have one new playmate this week:
Laurie came to play for the first time, bringing this great Christmas card. Please come back soon :) 

And the winner of the MFT 'Sequins' die is:
Val (Aquarius)

Congratulations Val, I'm 99%  sure this is your very first Playground win (according to my little notebook) - and you've been playing with us for a while now. If you send me an email with your address (, the die will be posted to you ASAP.

I hope you all remembered that in order to be successful in the draw you must say 'Yes please' or something similar so that I know you're not playing just for fun. This week we had over 60 entries (brilliant!) but only 13 folk positively said they would like to win. That might well be the case but this is just to remind you that I now do look for a positive comment to be in the draw - I keep a note of those and when I do the draw using the full number of entries (so, while I allow up to three entries - for now, it still gives you a better chance of winning) I just check to see if the number picked randomly corresponds to someone who has said yes please. I had to introduce this change as peeps were forgetting to say no thanks and doing a redraw is a 'reet pain in the rear end'.

And here's this coming week's prize - which is a chance to win two sets of Joanna Sheen unmounted House Mouse stamps ('Balloon' and 'Special Day'), kindly donated by Ann:

The Snippets Challenge will still run for one week and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 11th October and will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

Maximum of three entries and please say 'Yes please' (or similar) in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Feel free to say 'No thanks' if you want to :)

Mr Linky is below - please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone :)

Have a great week! It promises to be interesting to say the least here.
Di (and the usual happy wave from Parsnip of course - the little perisher was sitting on a bedroom unit just beside where  I did the Fosbury Flop out of bed yesterday morning. I swear he chuckled!)


  1. I loved those 3 cards when I commented on them. All great cards. Dats der size of our bed normally cos we only have a small floor print as the rooms are all in the roof space so no square walls neithers! Lots of head banging when I forget and try walking into a corner. Ouch!!.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Fabulous top picks Di and i hope you get sorted out soon!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  3. Great picks Miss.
    I am now no good sleeping in 'little' double beds... at least with a big bed when the OH is squirming, tossing and turning it doesn't wake you up!
    Downside is my arms aren't that long enough to give him a good old nudge in the ribs when he starts snoring... (I have a stick kept solely for the purpose.....)x

  4. Glad you were ok Di! I've done that before when we were travelling and in a hotel bed. You simply forget that you are in a different bed. Off to check these cards out. They are brilliant!

  5. Keep smiling :) I'm glad you like my card. I'm going to try to play again this week :) *hugs* xx

  6. Good morning Di,
    I hope that you have recovered from your tumble!!
    Wow! this weeks top picks are amazing - well done you for show casing them.

    I've had an idea:
    would it be easier if there were two linky thingies - one for playmates who want to enter for the prize and the other for playmates playing for fun? I don't know how those linky things work so if it is more hassle than it's worth....just a thought!
    After all that (and I hope that you were sat comfortably!!) I hope that I'm not breaking any rules but I would like to enter my card that I posted yesterday.

    Also 'YES PLEASE' to the lovely prize this week - no house mice in my house!!!

    Hope you have a stress free week and back to normal soon. xx

  7. Great picks this week and I'm sure having just three is fine with everyone, especially if it cuts down your workload. Looking forward to receiving my lucky win this week - thanks in advance. I feel bad about saying yes please again this week but considering the odds against winning again I hope that's OK - just love House Mouse!!

  8. Hi Di, glad your tumble didn't cause you too much pain! I sometimes wish my automatic pilot would switch off as he gets me into quite a bit of bother LOL!

    Gorgeous showcase again, I'll say yes please to the prize as I have nothing at all like this in my collection. Have a great week, Cathy x

  9. Ha ha.. lol @ you falling out of bed :-)
    Great snippets cards. I made a 'candle' one this week, but with only 5 candles. 30 candles must have taken ages - Rebecca's card is brilliant.
    Caroline xxx

  10. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parsnip.

    YES please to the prize.

    My I did giggle at those ten monkeys.
    Not so funny your accident though, so glad you didn't do any damage to your back.
    My would Parsnip snigger?
    Fab collection of faves, and congrats to those chosen, and the winner of the challenge too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Well what can I say but bum! I was so chuffed that I had actually made a little card using some scraps (not done this for a long time) - then I posted it YESTERDAY 'cos I have a DT card on my blog today! At least you know I'm consistent - at being a divvy!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  12. Well I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself! I love the 3 cards you picked! All those candles - wow! I love the knitting sentiment - too funny! Carol's dog card is precious! And the new player's card is awesome too! I hope you have some more breathing space - blogging should be fun! I'll be back to play along - I don't like to miss it!

  13. Hi Di! (waving) Thanks so much for choosing my card. I had fun with that background. Congrats to everyone, and welcome to the new playmate. Hope to have a new post soon, and yes please if I happen to win.

  14. The photo is just hilarious in light of your experience! Falling out of bed - now that's something to chuckle about (since we know you haven't injured yourself!)
    Thanks for spotlighting my card this week, along with the other wonderful featured creations! Congrats to Val on her win - woot!
    I'm playing just for fun this week because I already have a gazillion HM stamps I don't use nearly enough. so I'll say....NO THANKS :)

  15. Morning Miss Di - Sorry to hear about the upheaval, hope the workmen do a good job, are in and out quick and don't leave a mess! Lovely picks today and House Mouse? Oh yeah baby!! (That means yes please, lol!!).

    Brenda B

  16. Tee hee! I only laugh coz I know you weren't hurt! Will be along later once I have played washer woman and rearranged my Room. It will be a yes please from me as I have do love HM stamps.
    Great picks Miss.

  17. Hi there Di,

    Oh, I love the cards you've spotlighted this week. I can imagine you know which is my favorite?

    I had a nice lunch at Rancho de Chimayo. I thought of you and Len while enjoying my meal. You are right about your birthday -- it was at Gabriel's where you wore the sombrero!


  18. Nice and snug in your temporary bed then, Di! So many super snippet makes in the playground this week, but think that Rebecca's candles are top of the bill - what a wonderful idea and so painstakingly done - I don't think I could get anywhere near that uniformity. xx

  19. Thank you thank you thank you - oh Di the Wonderful and your supreme sidekick Parsnip! I have entered yon Playground with speed and a grin on me chops!

    Hugs to you and Parsnip from me 'n' Fenton. xxxx

  20. Sorry for laughing Di but I've done this myself before LOL great picks this week and so glad I can join in the fun this week! Love house mouse lots of huggles Sue xxx

  21. Fabulous cards, what great work, love them all.
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  22. OMG - you had me raising my hand to my mouth in horror at you falling out of bed at first . . . I immediately thought your back would be in trouble. Then I saw you were OK, so THEN I had a chuckle!

    Great picks this week. Just nipped over to make friends with the newbie.

    Hope your week goes well Di.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  23. Loved your bed cute. Glad you didn't do any damage with the fall out. Some really cute highlights...will get back to enjoy more slowly a bit later. Congrats to Val for her lovely win. I think all the Snippeteers understand the time you just look after what is priority. And we'll enjoy what you have time to showcase and then zip off to see the thumbnails closer. Hugs & TFS. Happy Sunday

  24. Hello Di, I think you are marvellous for getting this post done considering the circumstances ... I hope you realise just how much you are appreciated by the Snippeteers. I, for one, would have quite understood if you had extended the playground opening by another week. Love the bed cartoon and so glad you didn't do any lasting harm with your fall. I didn't laugh, honest :) The showcase is, as ever, well chosen. Take care and love to Parsnip. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  25. Great picks this week and a lovely card from the newbie too! I had a chuckle about you falling out of bed - glad you weren't hurt. xx

  26. Oh heck, I forgot to say congratulations to Val and 'no thanks' for me again this week. xx

  27. Well, we have single beds now as my Chris has a habit of flinging his arms all over the place and I got fed up of getting black eye's, not to mention him thinking the duvet was just for his own personal use and his snoring was getting on my nerves too, some maybe personal information you may not have been interested in but started it

    Great picks and some fabulous entries,

    Kath x

  28. You made me laugh, Di! So glad no injury!

  29. Great picks again Di. Had to chuckle about the bed - I know just what you mean about feeling squashed! Playing just for fun again.

  30. Me again... now that i've linked... yes please - love them meeces to peeces. x

  31. Ooch. Falling out of bed sure would wake me up. Luckily you didn't seriously hurt yourself *U* Very nice snippets showcased this week.

  32. Hey Miss...I'm baaaack! Did you miss me?

  33. No thanky you to the meeces as I just wun and I got nuff problems with the ratties out in the garden. hugs mrs a.

  34. Glad you weren't hurt! Great card choices. Yes, please include me in the draw. Love those little mousies.

  35. Morning Di . . . just linked up my Snippets Card.

    Love House Mouse stamps . . . but will say no thank you to them as I'm just playing for fun.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  36. Ouch!! Middle of the night back trauma so not good! Glad you're ok. Bet you said rude words like 'bum!' And 'oh bother, that hurts a little bit' :-)
    Lively picks this week and YES PLEASE cos I love house mouse, even used some bits in today's post
    Debs xx

  37. Great pics for the week = and so glad you didn't do any damage taking your fall!

  38. New girl here - thanks to Mrs A for telling me about the challenge. And..... yes please!

  39. LOVE your penguins, so adorable. I hope the builders don't drive you mad!
    Rosey x

  40. Just added another little make, Di. Hope the work is progressing well. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  41. Lovely selection of card Di....hope you've recovered from your fall


  42. With all the craziness this week I almost forgot to bring this card over. I have to dash though and will try to come back for a good play later.

  43. I love your 'ten in a bed', and the accompanying story! We also sleep in a very wide bed. It is much cooler here, and we always find it a bit difficult when we go away and have a smaller one.
    We are also up to our eyes in paint but ours is outside. It is a one-man band and he is doing bits on all sides of the house at once so it is impossible to shut the dogs out of the way - you can imagine I'm sure!
    I'm only playing this week Di. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us playing. Kate x

  44. Your ten in bed made me chuckle! Have a great weekend!

    Yes please for me!

  45. As always fabulous Picks Miss! Big apologies for not being around at the moment but my DH has grounded me due to my room being in mess, my health and other stuff!
    Will get a note from him so you know I ain't skipping off school.
    Hope to be around more soon, love your card!
    No thank you for the stamps Karen x


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