Wednesday 1 October 2014

Just a quick post to say

...............I'm still here, trying to comment on the Playground in between shunting stuff around the house ready for next week's onslaught. I wonder if it's only me who feels the need to clear absolutely everything out of the way for workmen? I'm afraid that emails have even been neglected for the moment.


But, thank you so much for all the input about the Playground's future - I'm still mulling over the options and, for as long as possible, will keep it going (even if there are some changes). It seems that the Playground Picks are really popular - that tickled me 'cos it's the part I have the most angst over as everyone makes such beautiful snippets makes!

Back to the grindstone here :(



  1. Di, you don't need to comment on everyone's posts! My goodness, there aren't that many hours in a day to be able to accomplish that! Once every week or two is more than enough for me, so please don't knock yourself out trying to visit me and leave a comment! We're all entitled to enjoy life without restrictions! I think most of us will understand completely if you make some changes!! Now go tend to that leaky pipe before you have a flood :)

  2. Good luck with your workmen! Like Carol said, no worries about comments!

  3. Sweets, I wish you ALL the best for a smooth and successful reno!! I hope you will consider taking a break during this stressful time. I know of which I speak~it's all-consuming!!

    I've left a few other thoughts on your Pixie post since I'm just coming up for air over here and had a minute to stop in. xxoo Hugs, Darnell

  4. Miz Pixie. Don't fret yourself over visiting, commenting, emails, etc. You have a home task to undertake and life to live! It's called priorities, and all of us Snippeteers understand that. So relax and know that everyone feels pretty much the same (I expect) as those of us who have left comments so far. Hugs & good luck.

  5. Good luck with work at home,
    comments-don't worry
    life is first
    hugs Tamara

  6. Morning Di

    Just don't clear the kettle away!! .. .. you will need to keep them happy in their work LOL!!

    Best of luck with it all - hope all is back to normal for you nice and quickly.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Just whizzed down to look at all the stunning cards over the last few weeks. Good luck with the workmen! x Jo

  8. Good luck with the home improvements Di.

    Perhaps it would be a good time to take a Snippets Playground break while you have so much going on? You could call it TEACHER TRAINING or HALF TERM or INSET MONTH or something!???

    Dun you worry 'bout nuffin Miss . . . we all care about you and understand that if you're not around, there's a good reason for it.

    Hugs xxx

  9. Good Luck with the workmen!

    Like everyone else has said, don't worry about the comments. We're all just pleased that we're able to still play in the Playground. xx

  10. Don't worry it's not just you! There have been workmen at our house since April (though luckily they don't come in the house too often as building extension mostly outside), our guest room belongings are currently residing alongside our dining room belongings in the dining room and have been for about 4 1/2 months now! Good luck with the work men and don't wear yourself out :) xx

  11. Oooh l've been there Di good luck and hopefully there won't be too much distruction xx

  12. Hope all goes swimmingly ... maybe that's not quite the right word to use but anyway hope all goes well with the refurbishment. And please do not think you have to comment - I'm sure we all understand :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  13. Hi Di. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier. trust me there has been no bumping up of my blog for me today as our eldest daughter Shell has had surgery today and I've been looking after the twins. It's been a very long anxious day for me and I'm just having a quick catch up while tea is cooking and then we are off into hospital to check up on her. :-(
    Annie x

  14. Oh Di I do feel for you, I remember when we had our kitchen done - washing dishes in the bath is not fun!!

    Don't worry about commenting - we know where you are!!

    Hope it all goes well.

  15. Well Di, after all your hard work moving everything I really hope that they turn up! I also hope that in all the Mrs Shifter work you haven't done anything to your back.
    Now we have some flags that need moving, how are you fixed?!

    Kath x

  16. Good luck with the workmen. I just wanted to say that you will need to amend the challenge rules as to the "yes please" - when you have a spare (LOL!) five mins!
    Linby x

  17. Good luck with the workmen!
    I don't think you can clear TOO much away from them.
    Loving that cute image too.
    Hugs Sarah xx

  18. Hello Di,
    I'm afraid I'm one of those peeps guilty of not commenting too often - hangs head in shame :-)
    I do visit though, and love your picks. I realise it must take a lot of work, but you always choose such a great variety of cards and I often get a spark of inspiration from them.
    Perhaps you could limit your commenting to free up some time. Maybe do odd numbers one week, and even the next!!
    I'm sure you'll work it out. But don't stress about it, hun. You've built up such a warm, friendly community here.
    Caroline xxx


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