Saturday 23 November 2013

When the boat comes in

One of my favourite little songs as a child is from my beloved Northumberland:

Dance ti' thy daddy, sing ti' thy mammy,
Dance ti' thy daddy, ti' thy mammy sing;
Thou shall hev a fishy on a little dishy,
Thou shall hev a fishy when the boat comes in.


This leads nicely into a little incident which happened yesterday morning. I'm still not driving while this back keeps seizing up - I dread to think what would happen if I was tootling along the road and it happened, screeeeeeech, crunch - but we need to eat of course. So, off trotted Len with a list of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and fish to the supermarket - covering things which I don't trust unless I (or Len in this case) get to choose them myself. And I sat here doing an online order for the rest to be delivered today.

When Len came home he was still red-faced. He'd gone to the fish counter as I wanted 300 grammes or so of smoked haddock to add to other white fish and prawns we already have here in the freezer for our favourite fish pie.  The fact I'm thinking about proper cooking is a step forward - yay!

Only, he asked for 300 kilo grammes!! Without even cracking a slight smile the fishmonger said 'Are you sure Sir?'. Quick as a flash Len said 'Ooops, wrong amount, should be 300 grammes - I don't really need a boat load'. And you know what, still not the whisper of a smile from the guy behind the counter as he solemnly weighed out the correct quantity! But it gave us both a good laugh anyhow :)

Never send a man to do a woman's work eh?

Annie might like this tale for her Friday Smiles.

Snippets write-up day today as well as the launch of our 100th Week celebrations tomorrow :) See you then!



  1. lol I've done the same thing myself just not with fish lol! xx

  2. That is hilarious! But the best part is the guy not cracking a smile!

    I have been to your beloved Northumberland. Last visit we went to a lovely country inn and with DH's cousin and wife. It had a golfand spa package...the guys went golfing and we were going to the spa.
    We also went to tour a beautiful castle/country house. Can't remember the name right now. I will have to get it scrapbooked so eventually you will see it...if I carefully make a layout sans you know who, then I can publish it on my blog! Yay

  3. Bwaahahaha !! He'd have definitely needed a boat to bring that lot home !!! I can just picture you up to your necks in Haddock hahahaha :-D

    Such a pity the guy on the counter had no sense of humour. :-(

    Brilliant.... and I LUV posh fish pie... I be round later then !!! :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. It always makes me laugh that they never query an obviously wrong order at a supermarket....says she who ordered carrots by weight and not number by mistake and ended up having to share them around the family to use them all up!
    Annie x

  5. Good ole Len. You can always rely on him for a laugh . . . and to get the right amount of fish!

    Was the smoked fish yellow enough though? Or did Len get his paint can out again?

    Sarn xxx

  6. Thank you Di for the story, must admit it made me laugh (which I could do with) You now have me singing away at the song.

  7. We have a proverb that says all living humans can occur. Has detected something out of your adventures.
    Have a great weekend
    hugs Tamara

  8. Ah, I know that song very well. A shop keepers life can be very dull. You's have thought he'd be glad of a laugh or at least a smile with one or two customers! At least Len realised his mistake so you aren't up to your eyes in fish!
    Kate x

  9. LOLm I've done that...bzt in Spanish and it was ham. Exit one giggling Mum with a red-faced teenager.

  10. Can just see you guys up to your neck in fish lol :-)

  11. And it made me smile too, Di :)) Visions of a boat, with said 300 kilogrammes of fish, arriving at your door! Hope your back is easing a bit by now. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  12. I think you would have need to go out and buy another freezer lol.
    What a miserable guy (not Len)

    Kath x

  13. My friend Gerry when we were at work together used to do her weekly shoping on line in her lunch hour. This particular time she was in a hurry and pressed the ok button without checking through her order. When it arrived she found not 9 carrots in a bag but 9 bags of carrots!!
    Still, she sees well in the dark.
    Hugs Mrs a.

  14. Well just goes to show your right don't send a man to do a ladies job what a shock if the fishmonger has told him the price realising his mistake and playing xx

  15. Wow just look at all those entries this week- just popped by with entry no 2!


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