Saturday 21 April 2012

When is a card not a card?

.........................when it's knitting :)
On WOYWW a couple of weeks back, I saw something on Jo's blog (Twiglet) that sent me scurrying over to Dawny P's blog here - and what I read was heartbreaking. For more detail and a couple of knitting patterns, do hop over to Dawn's blog where she basically says:

There is an appeal to knit little jumpers and hats for the 'fish and chips' babies in Africa. These are the really poor babies,  many of whom are born with Aids and that is about all these little souls come into this world with. They are so poor that they are sent home wrapped in newspaper which is why they are called fish and chip babies. 

The jumpers themselves are very easy to knit and are knitted in one complete piece. For most knitters they take an afternoon or an evening to complete. They are very important because in Africa, the nights are cold and these babies have no clothes.

The only real stipulation is that they are knitted in bright dark colours rather than the pastel shades we may use here (bright stripes look good and use up only small bits of wool)  and this is because these little garments may never be washed. 

So out came the knitting needles and, having just disposed of a ton of wool, I got some multi-coloured DK wool and set to. As my chum Elizabeth knows, arthritis in thumbs isn't very easy when it comes to knitting, so I'm very slow.  

The link to Jo's blog shows some results of her efforts - and also a link to an online wool supplier. You could also check your local charity shops out, they often have a 'rummage box' of wools.

If, like me, you hate to sit with idle hands whilst watching TV - why not have a go?

Have a super weekend - I'll be writing up the snippets playground roll call this morning ready for tomorrow.



  1. Oh well done Di . . . such a good cause. xxx

  2. Love your colour choise Di. Think we are all enjoying knitting this pattern so hopefully we shall make a few between us for the great cause. From one arthritis sufferer to's actually good exercise [within reason :-) ]. I try to alternate my crafts so it doesn't stiffen the old joints up too much.
    A x

  3. A brillint make Di, and for such a good cause.

  4. Such a lovely idea, and I love your colour choice - bright and funky for a little growing baby :) M x

  5. Well done Di, love the colours and its a great course you did good girl!!:)x have a lovely weekend

  6. Beautiful colours Di - they'll be well received by the 'fish and chip' babies and their Mums. I also hate it with nothing to do, so at the moment I'm crocheting blankets for animal charities (Shame you got rid of your wool, I would've taken it off your hands!!!). So easy to do whilst watching brain numbing TV! Have fun with the knitting. Karen x

  7. Hello Di, and congratulations for finishing that jumper in super swift time despite your arthritic thumbs. Love the choice of yarn too - fits the remit perfectly. It's many a year since I knitted anything by hand ... I did have a fabulous knitting machine for years but was even advised to stop using that when my arthritis worsened ... sigh. We spent today going round the charity shops here but with no success ... Ayrshire's knitters don't donate yarn it would seem. However, I have found a shop that has reasonably priced yarn in fab colours so I'm now a very happy teddy ... as long as I don't overdo it, I can keep on crocheting my granny squares :) Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Elizabeth x

  8. Have found out about this on another blog and about to up load details onto The April makes flickr group. I shall have a rummage in my snippets wool box and see if I can manage to come up with some creations. Can't have them shivering in the cold now can we. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Great project, Di..and I like the yarn you've used here. It is difficult to find wool in charity shops right now. My friend works in one and says donations in general are down a lot.
    LLJ xx

  10. Aw! Well done Di. I will attempt to do one! Don't know if it will be any good. Will have to get some wool first.

  11. Truly not what I was expecting for not a card! Lovely and heartbreaking too. I saw mention of fish 'n chips babies but had no idea what that was about. I'm not in the least bit knitty so I'll have to leave this project up to the more talented of you.

  12. Morning Di, Well these are a fabulous idea Di and what a way to use up your snippets just brilliant, l'm like you l have lots of card left over from previous cards made and your snippets challenge is an ideal and great way to use them up, thank you for your lovely comments again enjoy your day:)x

  13. What a good idea. I shall rally up my friends at my Wednesday group and get a few of these made. thanks for the links. Kate x


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