Tuesday 24 April 2012

A Tuesday Tale - Eddie the Eagle

Not sure if anyone remembers Eddie the Eagle? He was a British 'ski jumper' who made it to the 1988 Winter Olympics with no funding, not a lot of talent, thick glasses which he had to wear when jumping and the heart of a lion. He became a legend in his own time - and famously managed to come last in the events that he entered. A true British eccentric who endeared himself to many people.
But, a few years later, Eddie had competition in deepest Hampshire, from Robin Cousins the Cossack Dancing Ice Skater no less :)

We hadn't lived here very long and one night I woke up to find the landing light glaring away. Not really awake, I hopped out of bed and switched it off then returned to our cosy 'nest', not even noticing that Len was missing.

Unknown to me, he was in the bathroom - also half asleep but attending to a quick call of nature. Oh dear, the next thing I heard was the bathroom door opening followed by a strangled shout and a lot of thumping right down the stairs :(

He'd opened the bathroom door, flicked the bathroom light off and been plunged into darkness. Completely forgetting the different layout of our house, he'd then taken a couple of steps straight ahead and in true 'Eddie the Eagle style' had promptly taken off into space. Yikes, I disappeared under the duvet pronto - and had to bite the pillow pretending to still be asleep when Len staggered into the bedroom muttering to himself 'Funny, I was sure I'd put the landing light on?'!

I only confessed to my part in this last week by the way :) Bless, he had the good grace to laugh - and thankfully he wasn't badly hurt, just shaken up with a very bruised rear end! I never did that trick again, and neither has he thankfully :)



  1. Poor Len . . . but, sorry, I laughed out loud at this and then had to relay the gist to my Husband who wondered what I was laughing at.

    Oh you are a tonic! xxxx

    Still grinning here . . .

  2. Oh bless him.....and I'm so sorry but I laughed too. Hope he wears PJs for times like that :-)
    A x

  3. Laughing here too Di, you are a wicked woman ;). Poor Len, I hope you rubbed his bruised rear end for him lol

    Have a good day xxx

  4. Aw poor Len - men get so easily confused in the middle of the night don't they!!! Have a great day - washing and cleaning for me today after a fab day with the munchkins yesterday. x Jo

  5. LOLOL - poor Len. More than his pride was bruised, I think :)
    LLJ xx

  6. Oh dear Di, that made me chuckle, strange thing is that I imagined him wearing the glasses as he fell. Hugs, Amanda x

  7. Oh dear! Glad all was ok, well apart from a sore Rear! Zo xx

  8. Oh Di, your poor husband........lol sounds like theres never a dull moment ....ANOTHER great story:)xx

  9. Oh dear, poor chap ..... but it did give me a chuckle.

  10. ROFPML!! Oh Di! I am surprised Poor Len hasn't divorced you yet! He certainly has grounds for unreasonable behaviour there!! And you have put it all on here which he can use as evidence!!
    Funny though!!

  11. Oh poor Len, glad he wasn't hurt, but lord, you can be such a naughty Pixie at times! And yes, I remember Eddie the Eagle too!!


  12. I've only just realised that I missed your Tuesday tale this week and it's the Eddie the Eagle one too - hilarious in the telling albeit a painful memory for Len. Eddie is still going strong and competed in quite sporting show this year - he danced for sport relief, dressed as Austin Powers and was absolutely terrific - he didn't win, but he didn't come last either. Can you tell I'm a fan :) Elizabeth x


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