Tuesday 3 April 2012

A Tuesday Tale - going potty

As a child I was a happy little soul and generally sunny natured, BUT, as Len will agree, to this day I hate injustice and unfairness. This tale is apparently the first time I displayed my dislike of what seemed to me gross unfairness at the time:
We lived in Malta when I was a small child and, during that time, the day came to potty train me. Yeah, right! I was having none of it and for some reason clung desperately onto my beloved terry towelling nappies.

Of course the process began during day times, when I was placed on a really pretty china potty to get me used to the idea. The first time my Mum's back was turned, I hopped up and with a roar like a baby bull elephant picked up the offending potty and hurled it across the marble floor - where it promptly smashed into pieces. And then scarpered off to the linen cupboard where I stood, crying for a nappy!

No more china potties for me then, but in those far off days, plastic wasn't resilient like it is now - it was quite brittle. But, that was just more of a challenge - it took a toddler with an angry little face more time to smash a potty by bashing it on the floor repeatedly and then stand there defiantly or run off to the linen cupboard. And, bonus, each 'potty break' bought me a day or two's reprieve whilst Mum trailed into Valletta to buy another one.

I bet this Gorjuss Girls image above would make my Mum smile if she could see it - talk about an attitude! I made a card using it a while back, here, for the snippets playground when Jules was in charge.

Anyhow, Dad finally lost patience and brought home the ultimate weapon - as pictured at the top of this posting - one enamelled tin potty, 'Armed Forces for the use of'. That quaint expression 'for the use of' was commonplace in Forces life when describing equipment or household items issued for the 'use' of enlisted personnel or their families.

Oh dear, what a challenge that proved to be - potty training sessions soon rung out loud and clear to the neighbours with the sound of repeated banging of said tin potty on the floor. And, eventually, although it looked like it had been through the Somme, the potty won the day! If you really can't beat them you just have to join them I guess :(

I made the mistake of telling Len this tale years ago and, on the rare occasion I do get furious, he just quietly says 'Bit of potty bashing going on then?'. Thankfully it's always guaranteed to make me laugh!



  1. So a little potty won the day eh? :-) Sounds like every day here hehehe.
    A x

  2. You do make me laugh with your TTs Di. We had an enamel potty too. I think all the china ones were 'adult size' and we would have fallen in! Also with the enamel one, the sound when we 'did a tinkle' was supposed to make us feel like we'd achieved something. It always won some praise. Eh..Those were the days! Kate x

  3. You should write a book of your tales :), they are so funny.

  4. Well you ARE a little potty to this day! That's why I like ya! xxx

  5. Hallo Di, I think we have the same one through the house now used as a plant holder lol. hugs heid x

  6. Well she sure looks like a gorjuss with atitude doesn't she.....!!! What tales you have to tell. Hugs.

  7. What a story Di and is that the same potty?!! .....lol great story:)x

  8. Love the story , the little image fits it perfectly , isnt she a little cutie.
    Great card Di lovely design Hugs Elaine

  9. Great story Di - and I love the last bit... I often feel the need for a bit of potty bashing!!! Have a great day. x Jo

  10. Oh Di you do make me chuckle, just wish I had read this before I went to work I may have had a better day lol. I too hate unfairness, injustice and favouritism with a passion and they are the few things guaranteed to make me loose my otherwise calm exterior and give way to the wailing woman lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  11. Hee hee. I don't remember being potty trained. But my mom would tell this story. We always went camping, so, once, while being baby sat, instead of using the potty I went out and squatted under the tree, with leaves in hand! haaa
    Now, I'd like to see that stamp!

    Your card is just adorable - full of attitude!


  12. Just as it made me laugh too, Di ... you are a one :) My son used to put the potty on his head and march around the room like a soldier ... can't think why he thought that his potty looked like his daddy's peaked cap - it was bright orange!! Love the image on the card ... definitely a girl with attitude. Elizabeth x

  13. Brilliant image and does fit the tale rather well but I have just thought of a brilliant card for you, when is your birthday?
    I was that taken with the tale that I nearly forgot about the card so had to mention it straight away. Love the colours.

    Kath x

  14. You've put a huge smile on my face with your potty tale!

    What a great card, that Gorjuss girl has such character!

    love Mags B x

  15. Fantastic story Di :)

    Your little girl looks like she could be quite a madam but still very cute. I do like the Gorjuss stamps but don't have any. So many crafty things and just not enough money, sign!

    Love Rach xx

  16. Tee hee!!!

    Another great tale Di .. .. one thing is for certain though .. .. a tin potty would speed up the training!!

    Nothing like a cold "seating place" to make you "go" quicker (or is that just me? LOL!!!).

    I remembered your little girl image as soon as I saw it!! She does look like she is having a bit of a strop.

    Love Jules xx

  17. Oh my! The punch line to that story so made me laugh. "A bit of potty bashing, then?" I love it. GREAT card. That girlie has attitude in spades for sure.

  18. So much like a tale my Mum told of how my Sis interupted an evening with friends round that Mum and dad had arranged by calmly strutting into the middle of the sitting room ( stark naked) plonking her potty on the floor and anouncing "look what I learned to do today". Sis then did a very loud tinkle in her potty much to Mum's consternation, left the potty on the floor and departed back to her bedroom and climbed back into her cot!!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.


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