Thursday 1 September 2011

This and that

Firstly - when I logged onto Blogger to do this posting, a little pop-up balloon appeared saying that 'the Blogger interface has been improved and I could try it out now'. Trust me, I clicked on the cross to say 'No thank you' faster than you could say knife! Any changes to Blogger worry me, given recent problems so many of us had. It'd a bit like volunteering to try out a parachute packers first attempt!

Secondly, Spike and friends are definitely fattening up for hibernation - they're getting through a lot of hedgie food. My OH found a big unopened bag of cashew nuts, bought in Thailand, in a cupboard recently. The nuts are unsalted and I buy supplies whenever we're over in 'The Land of Smiles' as they're huge nuts and so reasonably priced. Great idea I said, now the hedgies are woofing them down as a tasty addition to their normal food. Sheesh, I looked at the prices of unsalted and much smaller cashew nuts in our local supermarket the other day! That spikey group are going to have to form a Boy Band or something if I have to start buying more stocks.

Thirdly, after my miserable WOYWW kick-off yesterday morning, my OH arrived home after 'being out to play' for a lot of the day with another rescued poppy:

It's pure poppy red in real life and just gorgeous - what a lovely way to lift one's spirits :) I think this might be his last rescue mission as the earth clearing is going to happen very soon.

My friend Sarn made me laugh yesterday when I seemed to be in the doldrums by calling me Grumpy Knickers, another sweet blogger referred to my 'poopy day' Thank you all for your great comments, rude or not, my day was lightened immensely! (I think that 'immensely' is today's big word).

I plan to begin making a special birthday card before trotting off this afternoon to a friend's to do some crafting. Today I'll be taking my MS Punch Around The Page sets as I promised to show her how to punch some backgrounds for her stash. And I'll be showing her the trick posted about by Bernie on her blog, the video tutorial for which can be found here, by Becca of Amazing Paper Grace, showing that you can punch squares and rectangles using just straight fancy edges without needing a corner punch! I'm all in favour of linking back to an actual tutorial rather than just repeating the steps here so do go and see, it's really worth a look and is a very neat trick!

Have a great day, whatever you're doing  :)



  1. Oh Di you crack me up. I also said No thank you! to blogger. I am not brave enough actually I'm terrified of it.
    Wow Spike and Co are so lucky to have you providing for them. Cashews are extremely pricy here as well. How sweet of Len to rescue that lovely poppy. The seeds will make for lovely additions to your garden next year.
    Hope you have a fun time crafting with your friend. I'm off to the land of nod. zzzzzz

  2. Oh wow what a gorgeous flower - nature sure has a way of brightening up every day huh! Have fun crafting!!!!

  3. Gorgeous poppy....keep saving those seed heads :-)
    A x

  4. Hi Di, I clicked, and didn't like the new layout so made a suggestion to improve it and went back to the old layout with some relief - nothing dreadful happened! The poppy is beautiful - love the colour. Off to watch the demo - I've only got one MS punch so far but I'm more than happy to make the most of it. Enjoy your day. Elizabeth x

  5. Morning Happy Knickers!!!! ROFLMAO!

    WOW - that poppy is just GORGEOUS in its fabulousness (today's big word!).

    Wishing you a happy crafting afternoon with your friend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Oh yeah, and I was braver than you . . . I tried the new interface . . . and promptly managed to PUBLISH something I wanted SCHEDULED! I quickly reverted to the old interface! Yikes!


  7. I too had a giggle at Sandra calling you Grumpy Knickers yesterday.
    That Poppy is glorious isn't it? Thanks for letting us see it!

  8. P.S. I did go onto the new format but soon switched back - it was Pants!!!!!!

  9. Just had a good chuckle at your WOYWW post - Does Marcel need French pyjamas? - I am sure I could run him up a nice pair! I am on the new Google format but think I will go back - it takes a bit of getting used to. x jo

  10. If it's not broke, why fix it? I am happy with blogger the way it is too.
    The poppy is gorgeous. We moved into a house that had hundreds of these in the garden, all shades, and everything from a single layer flower to double, double ones like yours. As long as you dig the garden occasionally they will seed themselves and keep coming year after year. They don't like soil that is never turned and just seem to go for a long sleep!
    That was a very useful tutorial video. I've been looking at several of her ideas and she makes it all look very easy. Sounds funny to hear her measuring in inches now though.
    Kate xx

  11. Agreed...This blogger baby is more than enough! that's a great flower and maybe it will inspire your card...
    Thanks for the peek
    Sarah at 4

  12. I'm the same with the new blogger I've just ignored
    I love your flower it's such a lovely colour.
    Happy crafting!!!
    Diane xx

  13. I also got that this morning and was in a mad panic, didn't know what to do, so left to know if anyone took up the update and what, if any, a difference it made.
    Lovely poppy. I take it your OH has a thing about poppies, maybe it could be called 'A Poppy Love' as sung by Donny Osmand, lol.

    Kath x

  14. Your shopping post yesterday had me in fits. So glad there is someone else out there as dotty as me. Hugs Mrs A.

  15. Boy band....why not? You've heard of Alvin and the Chipmunks haven't you? You could have something here Di! Can I be your manager? LOL

  16. Hoots of laughter about the Boy Band - that's reminded me of a stamp I must use my little Crafty Elf! Di xx


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