Monday 19 September 2011

Playing with new stamps

During the mini clear-up yesterday morning of the devastation in my craft room (today's big word out of the way - and I doubt if I can beat Annie's favourite of carbaminohaemoglobin!!) - I put a few things together ready for use in the near future. I'm a little 'divil' for buying new stamps and not using them for ages, but at least they do stay in my 'new stuff to use' basket as a reminder.

A new Hero Arts stamps set ended up side by side with some gorgeous organza roses which the lovely Dee had sent to me - the roses have been lying on my desk for a few days just being stroked, they're so pretty, on a strip of net backing and the edges twinkled with just a subtle touch of sparkle. Side by side.......and bingo, inspiration struck and this is what I made:

I made two notelets, just changing the 'typed' message. Sometimes, when the inkpads, rocker blocks (yay, thank you soooo much for the encouragement to buy those Sarn, I love them!), background papers etc. are out, it makes more sense to me to make a couple of cards the same or just a little bit different. Especially when the two typed messages were crying out to be used - there's a third one in the set too so plenty of variation.

Dee actually sent me a card some while back with a typewriter on and it brought back more memories than one should admit as I learned to type on one not unlike this little beauty. Hands up those who recall typing to music, and the thrill of whizzing the carriage back to the beginning of the next line :) I was lucky and managed to fill a couple of spare lessons each week with typing classes in my final year at school and it was one of the best choices I ever made. Little suspecting that my career would be in IT and that keyboard skills would be such an advantage, I just joined the class to hear the 'ping' of the carriage return really :)) I'm sooooo shallow!!

I used:

- 5" x 7" cream card stock

- a K & Company Mat pad (the reverse of each sheet of card is plain so great to mix and match 

- Stamps from a Hero Arts clings set called  'My Type'

- toning satin ribbon from stash

- organza rose trim from Dee (which I think came from Wild Orchid Crafts)

That's today offering folks!



  1. Hi Di

    I certainly remember learning to type on a typewriter such as this .. .. but we never did it to music.

    Yes a definite thrill to be had out of returning the carriage at the end of a line of typing .. .. great for relieving a bit of stress if you had lots to do before knocking off!!

    Happy days!!!

    Sorry .. back to the card!!

    Beautiful design and I love the ribbon flower too!

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi Di,

    I do, indeed, remember typing to music - on an ancient Imperial or Olivetti - depending on which I bagged in class that day! The ping as the carriage returned was a most satisfying sound... especially if I was on time. Later, in the army and learning to type on teleprinters - again, prehistoric machines - we had a metal apron affixed so we could not see our hands at all ... a very efficient way to learn to type accurately at speed. You wouldn't believe the mind-numbing texts we had to practice on:) Ah, happy days :)

    Your cards are lovely - the vintage colours suit the theme perfectly.

    Elizabeth x

  3. I also learned on an old manual typewriter at school, and remember how, when I ended up in an office job, the new fangled electric one "ran away" with me as I typed! Then came a state-of-the-art electronic typewriter with a 2 line memory! Fantastic! And now . . . just any old keyboard attached to a screen!

    Love both cards Di. I sometimes make two similar cards at a time . . . great timesaver!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    PS: SOOOO glad you're happy with the Rocker Blocks.

  4. Hi Di, Yes i remember tying to music and l remember going to a new school and the elder girls where doing just that! it was amazing....... think l got my inspiration from them because l became a Data processor anyway back to your card its lovely great typwriter and the sentiment is lovely love the background and the colours also your lovely rose truly lovely!:) Sandra H

  5. Oh yes I remember learning to type on an old manual typewriter, way before the PC!!! Oops showing our age now huh. Lovely notelet cards to send Di.

  6. Hey that type-writer stamp is in Mummy's magazine this month, I saw it!!

    Today is Talk LIke A Pirate Day, arrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COme an see me jokes, an try me cunning quiz. Or be walking the plank wiv Dilly-Frilly-Knickers!!!



  7. Enjoyed your post and typing was one of my favourite classes. Goes back to that button thingy I have. Along with the button pushing the harmony of all the keys hitting the paper together while the teacher called out was a symphony! The young ones will never experience that fun! Not sure they'd care to either..LOL

  8. Ooh lovely cards! Pretty paper, fab stamps and those flowers are gorgeous :o) Lisa x

  9. I used to HATE typing classes as we used to have to put a teatowel on top of our hands and if our teacher caught anyone looking we got a wooden ruler over the back of our fingers! Ouch! I still don't look now - hence the mischtakes!!
    Love these cards though!!

  10. Fabulous card, great flower and colours.
    Yes, me too, but no music and private lessons which included shorthand, hated the shorthand used to miss, then my Sister would get me into trouble with Mum and Dad as the teacher asked her why I had not been to the lesson and she used to tell my Mum and Dad. Stupid thing was the first job I applied for was a shorthand typist, the only word I knew in shorthand was 'We'. Luckily the job had gone and they offered me a job as an Accounting Machine Operatot, no idea what this was but took it, as the pay was more than for the shorthand typist job a huge £5 per week. I loved it, led me on to be a Book-keeper.

    Kath x

  11. Love your cards Di! I also learned on an old manual typewriter, no music. Catholic school, my typerwriter was so bad I had to all but beat on the keys with a hammer to get them to make contact with the paper. My hands hurt just thinking about it.

  12. Me?? Typing lessons at school, no way..the teachers said I was too thick! But, I'd recommend it now, especially if the 'computer' can corest your spelling as you go along..My mum was a two finger d typist...and when she first had the computer...said to me..."I really miss that ding, how do you know when you get to the end of the page? Anyway, I can't do any typing, I've run out of paper..." Great card, I love that ribbon rose!

  13. corest??? ...that's supposed to be correct...naughty computer spelt it wrong!


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