Friday, 23 September 2011

Hot off the press - news from Twiglet about Annie, M and the babies

Link here  to Jo's blog

Go Grannie Annie - I bet she shook a few people out of the trees when they tried to send the babies out of hospital! Annie for our next Prime Minister - she'd soon sort 'em out :))

Keep those vibes going!



Elizabeth said...

Good news indeed, Di. Can you believe that the hospital would even consider putting those babies into foster-care - just as well they have there granny Annie to fight their corner is all I can say. Elizabeth x

Di said...

Too right Elizabeth - I was steaming here so goodness knows what Grannie Annie must have been like - it makes you fearful of being ill and at the mercy of our NHS. Oh dear, I do sound like I need to climb off the soap box and go to bed :) 'Night!! Di xx

The Crafty Elf said...

I repeat the message I added to Jo's blog....Thank God! This is great news! Thank you Di for keeping us all up to date. How wonderful!