Monday, 5 December 2011

The last of the ribbon tree Christmas cards

Just a quick post today, a couple of softer coloured ribbon tree cards, using the Woodware 'Christmas Ribbon Tree' stamp set. It does surprise me just how different cards can be using this set - and I haven't even explored the paper piecing possibilities yet - that can wait until next Christmas I think:

Both cards are 5" x 7" and the backing papers are from Dovecraft Paper packs ('Noel' for the gold/beige one and 'Let It Snow' for the blue one).

Coloured with Pro Markers and a bit of Stickles on the stars and the tree tubs as the backing papers have a bit of sparkle in them. I mixed Silver and Frosted Lace Stickles together before applying with a little brush for the blue one - never satisfied with the choice I have :)

And of course, Josy Rose Nail Heads!

I think most people are running round chasing their tails right now getting ready for Christmas and the Big Man in the Red Suit is probably polishing the reindeer's bells today in readiness.......err, or would that be the Elves who do that? Pixies don't do polishing, they just flit around sprinkling stardust and glitter - and generally getting into mischief :))



Annie said...

Have a feeling I have a house full of Pixies here :-)....nothing is getting done but instead of sprinkling glitter it's dust they use here :-)
A x

Amanda said...

love these cards, wish I had bought that stamp now lol

Twiglet said...

Thats a fab little stamp isn't it and I love the parcels and bows one below. I made a few more dove cards over the weekend but I seem to be on a go-slow - must get cracking!!

Spyder said...

yes I was thinking paper piecing before I read your post! Lovely simple card and a stamp I will look out for I think!

Hettie said...

It is great how some stamps are sooo useful and worth every penny.
Do I take it that Sandra has the Brasso out today then?!!! LOL!! I told her she has to wear that outfit when we meet so I may recognise her!! LOL!!

Sarn said...

Hee hee! Laughing about your Pixies and Elves comment.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2 - and for some reason, I am particularly drawn to the brown card. Just gorgeous. x

Di said...

Funny Sarn- of all those I've made, the brown one is my fave too! I do so love this stamp set.

Gonna wear those ears to Ally Pally next time you go then? Snort, snort :)

For those who don't know what the heck is going on in preceding comments, Sarn dressed up as an Elf to help at a Christmas Fayre on Saturday and (she might think) foolishly let some of us see some photos. She made a GREAT elf, every bit as lovely and friendly (great leggies Len sez too) as you would imagine her to be (not sure about the mahoosive big ears though) - photos can be bought from me at the following address.... snort, snort :)) Oh, oh - here ends a great friendship I suspect :(( Di xx

Kathleen said...

Mmm think you are right about the pixies!
Another 2 great cards, I do love this ribbon tree but no idea which my favorite is.
Hey another idea for next year is to try to just stamp the stem and then tie ribbon in decreasing sizes, better start 1st of Jan. lol.

Kath x

Sue Jones said...

love them both

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, Wow what a fabulous stamp! just so perfect and great colours for both cards just so beautiful:) Sandra H

Anonymous said...

Two more great Christmas cards...and Sis..I need photos of said Elf!! xx