Sunday 19 January 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #368 results - picks and Grand Holiday Giveaway results

First of all - what a wonderful group you are! I've been swamped with emails asking for Mary's address so you can send her a card and/or something to boost her craft stash. If you haven't already seen the post then do please check my previous three posts.

And finally/at last, the prize draws have been made for our Christmas/New Year Grand Giveaway challenge.

First of all, let's go right ahead with the fortnightly picks:

What great use of snippets by Greta to make a funky Christmas tree. Very clever and so eye catching - I love it! Certainly an idea well worth remembering for Christmas 2020 cards.

This Christmas card, made by Robyn, is utterly fabulous! I love the depth of the beautiful scene and all the wonderful detail. Perfect for using up lots of little snippets too.

And last but by no means least - our Viv made this wonderful Christmas card. A few of you have nipped overto Viv's blog and commented and it's clear that you all love it just as much as I do. That poinsettia is so lovely - makes you want to reach out and touch it.

All my picks this time were Christmas makes - pure coincidence I promise!

Over the Holiday Fortnight we had a total of 65 entries. Those of you who came to play brought some wonderful makes as usual! The odds were quite good to win something - as always, I so wish everyone could be a winner though!

Prize draw time (BIG drum roll) and this time I used little slips of paper to make life even easier so you have to trust me. It makes life much easier when doing a big draw like this.

And so my friends, - here's the list of 18 lucky winners:

Prize A - Impression Obession 'Angels' die set plus Tonic Studios 'Peace Strip' double die set:
Becca #15

Prize B - Creative Expressions 'Snowman Edger' die plus Creative Expressions 'Festive Mini Christmas Wishes' die:
Glennis #48

Prize C - MFT 'Large Christmas Background' stamp and Memory Box 'MERRY' set of dies:
Greta #21

Prize D - MFT 'Snowfall Horizontal' stencil, MFT 'Classic Snow Globe' die set  (along with a pack of 10 matching shaker pouches), a packet of 'Jewels - Ice Cube Mix' shaker elements from Lucy's Little Things - plus a set of Clearly Besotted 'Simply Said Christmas' sentiment stamps:
Robyn #50

Prize E - Creative Expressions Sue Wilson 'Poinsettia Flower Square dies and a Sue Wilson 'Festive Mini Expressions - Christmas Wishes' die - times three:
Gail (Iona) #47
Janis in ID #39
Connie #54

Prize F - Nellie's Choice 'Christmas Silhouette' stamp (donated by Shaz in Oz) a Spellbinder's 'Wonky Rectangles' set of nesting dies plus a pack of Clarity Stamp's 'Christmas & Celebrations' word stickers:
April #28

Prize G - Impression Obsession 'Reindeer - F10007' stamp plus a Do-crafts Papermania 'Traditional Sentiments' stamp set:
Maxine #37

Prize H - four packets of assorted Christmas stamps - donated by Jackie T:
Helen #46

Prize I - Clearly Besotted's 'Jingle Bells' stamps and matching die sets - times three:
Lesley G #16
Heather Mills #36
Megan #44

Prize J - Woodware set of 'Sparkly Trees' stamps:
Alice #35

Prize K - Clearly Besotted 'Drink & Be Merry' set of stamps
Jane Willis #45

I did have a good giggle when Jane's name popped out for this prize! Serendipity methinks :) 

Prize L - Clearly Besotted 'Christmas Pudding' stamps and matching die sets - times three:
Val #2
Lynne in NI #40
Liz #8

I hope there are a few Happy Dances going on right now! As I already said above, really, really wish everyone could have won a prize - as I always feel after doing a big draw like this. I think over half the prizes will be heading out of the UK as well - so a couple of trips to the Post Office will be coming up.

I do need addresses for ALL winners please (with your full name as well please) so I can do some quick copy/pasting then print off the addresses easily. This still applies if you know fine well I already have your address - an trying to make this as easy for me as possible.

Just add the subject 'Holiday Giveaway' in an email and send it to my addy which is on the right hand sidebar. The sooner the better please although it will take me more than one trip to the Post Office anyhow! Last year I got a rather stroppy new member of staff (think shoulder with a log rather than a chip on it and you'll get my drift). She was almost rolling her eyes and tapping her fingernails when the packages kept on coming, even though I'd gone at a quiet time of the day. Her attitude hasn't improved sadly - I asked for some Airmail stickers before Christmas and she reluctantly handed me two! I think I'll need a zipper fastened to my mouth  in case she does a repeat performance this year!

Keep those snippets entries coming folks, you still have a week left to play HERE for Challenge #369! The prize is a Crafters Companion 'Three Baubles' set of dies (six dies in total) plus a Tonic Studios 'Large Merry Christmas' die. 'Festive Phrases'.

Progress with the shoulder is slow but it's steadily improving. I certainly won't be doing cartwheels anytime soon though! We'll be taking Dudley to the groomers before too long, I don't think I can handle him on my own just yet so it will be joint effort. We did have a laugh the other morning, his ears are now getting quite long and need of a trim - he was lying dozing with his ears flopped over his eyes - just like a little sleeping mask! 'DO NOT DISTURB'!

Love from Parsnip, Dudley Dog - and of course me,


  1. Oh wow--you picked my funky tree! Thanks so much, Di! The other picks are so beautiful & deserving! Thank you for once again doing the big holiday draw--such a treat for us & so generous of you! Wishing you a wonderful 2020 with a lot less "drama" & many joyful moments!

  2. Oh, my!! How exciting, I'm one of the lucky winners of the Big Giveaway! :D Happy dance!!! Thanks so much for all you have done and for the prize!!
    Congrats to all the other winners, too!!
    Your pics of the week are awesome, such great inspirations! Big congrats to Mrs A for her amazing crackers, a Gold Star so well deserved!!!
    Hugs and cuddles to Dudley!

  3. Ah - suggestion for the next time the postal lady has a log on her shoulder. Here is the south we say to them - "Well Bless Your Heart." While it can be meant in an endearing sense it is also used to remind people that they are being bad, disrespectful or otherwise a real pain. Now if someone is being very nice we say "have a blessed day." I have an independent Bichon (related to your Havanese) and she loves to disrespect me so gets to hear Bless Your Heart all day!

  4. LOL I'm definitely doing the happy dance here! Thanks very much Di and congrats to all your other winners xx. Good luck with the Post Office ;)

  5. Happy dance here, thank you Di, with my mum just out of hospital, a much needed boost! Well done to you for keeping going, no matter what, and well done to all who won, got picked, and entered this fab playground.
    We have a very strict scary lady, you'd think they'd be glad of the business! What's an email sticker (or did predictive kick in?)?
    Good luck with that and Dudley. Mind that shoulder! Xxx

  6. CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winners of your generous gifties.

    Good luck with the shoulder and, Happy Sunday


  7. Oooh! Happy dance here too! I have sent you an email Di
    Thank you so much

  8. Beautiful picks for showcased items.

    Congrats to all the winners


  9. Great picks as always and I'm pleased Mrs A got a gold star - I admired these wonderful crackers on her blog. Doing a happy dance along with the other lucky winners - thanks so much. I do hope you don't get 'Mrs Grumpy' behind the post office counter - it costs nothing to be polite and pleasant does it. Continue taking it easy with the shoulder, pleased to hear it is still improving.

  10. Well done everyone - and well done me too! As I'm sure you know, if I could have my pick of ANY of those fab prizes the boozy sentiments would be my top pick. I've actually got a half made card using one of my gin sentiments on my workdesk at this very moment.

  11. Many congratulations to you all and love the picks too! and slowly does it Di regarding your shoulder it will take time have a lovely day xx

  12. The picks are just amazing as usual - I am in awe! Congratulations to all the prize draw winners and thanks again Di for giving us all the opportunity to take part :) It makes me cross when you get rude staff - there are so many people who would like a job like that, who don't have a problem with customer-facing roles. Chuckled at the idea of Dudley's ears being a 'do not disturb' sleeping mask! Hugs, Vicky xx

  13. Lots of happy dancing and a big big thank you Di for hosting the Holiday Giveaway. Congrats to alllll the winners and I'll be back soon with more snippet creations, hugs Robyn

  14. Great picks Di and love Greta's tree. Congrats to the winners of your very generous giveaway and thank you for all your hard work x

  15. Wow.....fabulous picks this time!!! All beautiful and well-deserved. Mrs. A's crackers are spectacular!!

    Congratulations to all the winners in the big Holiday Draw! I am thrilled to be on the list, too. Di, you are just amazing to do this for the Playground. THANK YOU so much!!

    Maybe the out of sorts post office clerk is jealous because she is not receiving one of your lovely prizes!! No telling what else is going on in her life to make her be that way to her (now wary) customers.

    We have just the nicest most helpful postal clerk at our tiny PO. She always comments admiringly on the decorated packages that I mail and tries, as much as is possible, to make sure any required forms that must be adhered onto the package don't obscure the pretty parts. Back a number of years ago, I was Secret Santa-ing....I didn't want the postmark to give away who I was so she intentionally hand stamped it with a big smear....completely unreadable!! Hahahaha!! What a dear! She helps make "Happy Mail" come alive.

    Thank you again, Di. You are a gem!! I have emailed you.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  16. What a lovely post Di and I am sure that there are lots of happy dancing going on out there. You are so very generous thank you so much for everything you do. Well done to all and the lovely picks too. I had not seen you previous post about Mary's disaster, how dreadful that must be to lose everything. I will have a look what I may have lurking in my stash but I am a headless chicken at the moment (or should I say a swan, smiling on the top half but underneath my legs are going non stop!!) I am still juggling looking after rather poorly parents at the mo but they are heading upwards thank goodness, real flu really is the pits especially at 86 and 87, despite the flu jab. Your post lady sounds a pain, honestly they should be pleased people are using it and keeping it open. Please give a pat to Dudley and take care yourself. Hugs xxx

  17. Another 'Happy Dancer' here!
    Thanks so much for your generosity Di...and all of the time and effort you put into running 'The Playground'...I can only imagine the chaos we'd get into without you!
    Love the picks too...we showcased Viv's fab poinsettia card over at the PBSC yesterday too!
    I'd missed your posts about Mary, so will go and read those now to see if there's anything I can do to help.
    Thanks again!
    Helen x

  18. Three fantastic picks Di and congratulations to all the winners and also thank you to you for all your hard work and thoughtfulness throughout the year too. I hope you don't have as much trouble with posting the parcels this year. x

  19. Thankyou for shout out for my crackers and yes they did all go down a treat with Recipients. Congratulations to all the winners for your supper prizes. Hugs Me.

  20. Well done to all the winners and congratulations. What a bumper crop of winners and happiness. [Bunny]

  21. Congrats to all the winners! Well deserved top picks too!

  22. Congrats to all the winners and I'm thrilled to be one of them. :-D I'm emailing right now, Di, because my mailing address has changed since you mailed out a prize some 2 years ago. :-D

  23. Congratulations to all the winning ladies, enjoy your prizes! Thanks again Di, for running this fabulous draw.
    Great picks as always.
    Janice x

  24. Fabulous picks Di and congratulations to all the winners too.

    We used to have lovely staff in our Post Office, then the Post Office moved to WH Smith and then it was actually run by WH Smith so all the old PO staff left. There are one or two lovely helpful staff but the rest are awful - in fact I've started to use Click and Drop and take my packages to the Delivery Office instead. It's a shame, but I can ony take so much huffing and puffing!

    Kath x

  25. Woohoo for all the winners! I am so happy to see some of my friends' names! Congratulations! Thank you, Di, for your incredible generosity in awarding these prizes! So happy to read that your shoulder is improving! And the picks this time are particularly impressive and beautiful! Congratulations to all!

  26. My jaw dropped seeing my name first out of the shoot! hehe Thanks so much!! And also funny (to me anyway!) is that my entry used Impression Obsession dies and half my winning is the beautiful angels from Impression Obsession. Love them … and one more funny … my very favorite word is 'peace'. What a perfect win for me. ;-) And congrats to everyone!!! Di, your generosity makes this world a happy place for sure. :-)

  27. Happy Dance to all winners! Yeah!

  28. I have emailed you regarding Mary, Di. So sad, and I want to help too. I love all your amazing picks! I am amazed as always, at the talents of this crafty community. Congrats to all the winners as well! I'm out of the loop about your shoulder though, will have to go back and read to see what happened. I sure hope it is on the mend, although I know it will take time. Glad it will be a joint effect to take Dudley to the groomer. That image you have put in my head about Dudley sleeping with his hears flopped over his eyes is just too cute! A little sleeping mask indeed. lol Sending love to you, Parsnips and Dudley!

  29. Congratulations to all lucky winners.
    Valerija xx

  30. Thank you for drawing my name Di - and a Big CONGRATULATIONS to all the others who had their names drawn out of Dudley's bowl :)

  31. Congratulaions to all the lucky winners and thank toy Di for doing tis

    Lilian xxx

  32. D tried twice to email you and it came back twice so not sure whats whong, I tried

    Lilian b

  33. Wonderful picks, Di.

    Congratulations to all the winners in Grand Holiday Giveaway. (Happy to see I'm one of them - the last one out of the hat!) Thanks for all your hard work organising it, Di.

    Hope your shoulder continues to improve. xx

  34. Great picks, Di. Congrats to all the winners xoxo

  35. Congrats to all the winners, and bravo to the crafters of those GORGEOUS top picks, wow! Awww, I feel your pain about the cranky postal clerk because we have a couple like that at my post office too. It's rather a small post office, but I have two different clerks that I try to steer clear of. One isn't cranky, but is just reaaaalllllyyyyyy slow, and can't seem to talk and work at the same time. The other one though, always measures and weighs my letters, even if it's just a flat card. She eyes it from all angles and then puts it through a slot to make sure my card isn't too thick...sigh..

  36. Congratulations to all the lucky winners and the picks are all amazing. We have a couple of 'drips' at our post office but the rest are all fun and friendly... thank goodness xx

  37. Hi Di. Congrats to all the lucky winners. Thanks for picking me as one of them. I've been a bit under the weather so very slow getting to this post, but email is on the way. I hope you remind the lady at the post office that she is offering a service and you are helping to keep her in a job. Happy New Year and hope the shoulder feels better soon. HUgz


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