Sunday 12 January 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #369

I'm baaaaack! There's quite an improvement in the shoulder - so long as I don't go doing anything silly like stretching up to lift heavy things or anything too repetitive. The ironing has been left well alone (even though I can't find anyone local who does ironing any more - apart from big laundries. In the past I've used a couple of ladies who eventually either moved or got themselves a full time job.) and for now I'm just folding stuff straight from the dryer. To be fair, I generally do that but some things I can't get away with! And, as you advised, I'm also keeping the shoulder mobile so it doesn't freeze up. Thank you all so much for your very kind words when I had to take a step back, the break was a huge help and your comments are so much appreciated. Mwah - what a lovely crowd you are!

So let's get this show on the road again - with quite a nice prize to celebrate eight fun years of me running the Snippets Playground.

And first of all here's my snippets card for this fortnight:
I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card blank, side opening

- snippet of white card, trimmed to 5.75" x 5.75" and put to one side after running a gold calligraphy marker around the edges to add a little bit of definition

- using a Crafters Companion set of 'Three Baubles' dies I die cut three solid baubles from very precious snippets of deep red satin mirri card

- then using the outline dies plus the inner filigree dies I cut the top layer for the baubles from snippets of X-Cut gold adhesive-backed glitter sheet

- then die cut the sentiment from another snippet of X-Cut gold adhesive-backed glitter sheet

- it took me a while to think of the best way to attach the baubles to the card front panel, in the end I threaded through then looped and tied some gold cord at the top of the baubles (using a poky tool then a darning needle to thread the cord through the hole)

- before adding the baubles I added the sentiment to the card panel, putting it through the Cuttlebug to make sure it adhered well - and I also ran the baubles through the Cuttlebug for the same reason

- then backed each bauble with red line tape and stuck them in place across the card, adhering the gold cords to the back of the panel with more red line tape (NB leaving the protective red layer on!)

- then glued the front panel to the card front - leaving the red line tape protective layer in place meant that the panel still had maneuverability (coo, big word there!)

- and the finishing touches were three little bows made from a snippet of narrow gold lurex ribbon and held in place with very narrow red line tape

Dreadful lighting here today (Saturday 11th). Mirri card is hard to photograph at the best of times - but at least you can see how the backing shows through the gold filigree top layer - even though the red satin card is a deep rich red in real life. Such a shame that Joanna Sheen no longer stocks it - nor can I find any other stockists that carry the deep rich red version, sigh.

I bought the sentiment die a while ago, with the idea that it would make a very simple, long, narrow Christmas card with no other additions - and I still think that. But, as a prize I wanted to add something more to it, hence the set of bauble dies I used.

And here's the prize for this fortnight:
A Crafters Companion 'Three Baubles' set of dies (six dies in total) plus a Tonic Studios 'Large Merry Christmas' die. All one prize, which I won't be splitting. And now the Playground Toy Box is totally minus any Christmas prizes - hooray!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 25th January. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

Don't forget to check in next Sunday to see the names of the winners in the Grand Draw which ran over Christmas and New Year. I intend to do the draw during this coming week - and have already printed off slips with your names on for Dudley's 'pick and mix' ............. from a clean doggie bowl :) Already trimmed into little strips, they just need to be folded and away we go!

No photo of Dudley once again this time round - he's been a little treasure this week, so affectionate and yet gentle at the same time. Almost as if he knows! Having said that, we've been going to bed pretty early (so I can rest this shoulder now that I can sleep reasonably comfortably again) and the little monkey was up doing what sounded like a 'sand dance' from around 3am this morning. No sooner did he settle down then off he went again! Of course, when Len got up for archery at silly o'clock - Dudley curled up and went back to sleep for a couple of hours! It reminds me so much of when he was a little puppy and we both were tottering around feeling as if we were undergoing torture by sleep deprivation!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley (woof, woof!) and of course me,


  1. Glad to hear there's a good improvement with your shoulder, Di. Just remember not to overdo things.

    Love your sparkly card, the baubles are beautiful and I love the sentiment. As you say, the sentiment would also look great taking centre stage on a CAS card. I'm a Yes Please for the draw. xx

  2. So pleased to hear that you are doing well with that shoulder. Sod the ironing I say !!! :-D
    Gorgeous sparkly card. I must get my butt in gear this year and play more :-)
    IKE xoxo

  3. So happy the shoulder is doing better, Di! What a way to start 2020--incredibly beautiful card! Love these dies & I'll put my name in the draw this time. Hugs to you & cuddles for Dudley!

  4. Great news to hear things have improved so much for you Di, now for the good work to continue.
    What a gorgeous card, love the sparkle! Yes please from me for the draw, thank you.
    Janice x

  5. Gorgeous glitzy festive make here Di. Fab prizes.

    Glad your shoulder is on the mend and you've cut back on ironing. I fold most of my clothes like Marie Kondo & hang things up straight from the dryer. I barely iron anything these days!

    Have a great week.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Pleased to hear that the short break has worked for you - please don't overdo things mind, softly, softly as they say. Brilliant card using this fab prize. Will be back later with a card and it has to be a 'yes please' from me.

  7. Well done on your stop, and so glad that it made its work, so now you feel better!!
    Fabulous Christmas card, so very elegant and it's wonderful how the glittered filigree diecut look on the satin red mirri, wow! The tiny bows and strings are a perfect touch! I'm sure that it is just more stunning in real life!! Love the sentiment, too!!
    Make some more cuddles to Dudley for being so darling in this time, he deserves them :) even if he dance at night :D
    Big hugs

  8. I am so glad to hear that you are a lot better now! But anyway: keep calm!!
    And your card: Christmas gone, the next is on it's way. Your card is beautiful!
    None of mine yet, but I will show it soon
    Lia xx

  9. Entered early, this time :D Yes for the lovely prize(s)
    Big hugs

  10. A gorgeous card and a lovely sentiment too. So pleased to hear there is an improvement in your shoulder and you have been sensible and not done the ironing :) . I will be a Yes please for this lovely prize draw. Many thanks x

  11. So thankful to hear your shoulder is on the be careful with it, still. Little Dudley's antics in the early hours sound rather familiar. Our pets have no respect for our need for sleep!!! Ha. But they are such a source of comfort and joy!

    Congratulations on 8 years of running the Playground...WOW! What an impressive milestone and what a wonderful community you have fostered with it. My heartfelt thanks for all you put into it. I know just from my once-yearly Cat Hops the massive amount of time and energy this all takes. You are amazing and you are appreciated!!

    Love your gorgeous sparkly and shimmery card! The layered red and gold are so rich and elegant. Oh, yes, please, to the prize drawing!! Those dies are just beautiful. I was esp interested in how you attached the baubles to your card. Sounds like you came up with a great solution and it all looks spectacular!

    Thank you for another fun Playground challenge. Take care and don't overdo!! I will be back in later with a card. Hugs!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  12. Back again with my card this time

  13. Hi Di!! So glad you are feeling a bit better. Do take it easy. Must admit I did peek back a few days ago cos I have really been trying to make in roads into scrap mountain. I can't see it making much difference, my mountain is more Himalayas rather than Everest, but ever little scrap used is a scrap used. Love your blingy card. Please count me in for the draw and I will be back soon. Just gotta pop out and do a bit in the garden since yesterdays monsoon has ceased. Hugz

  14. Yummy card.
    Hope all OK and you are resting PROPERLY!
    Yes please to the prize and am so glad you opened the gates - been here since last night and am FREEZING!! LOL xxx

  15. Happy New Year 2020 - well you do ironing like I do --- hehe - out from the dryer and on to the hanger - and I iron only as needed - glad you are doing better and had a well need break

    Your glitter card is so lovely -I am still into doing Christmas - well basically I like to do them all year long - I am saying YES PLEASE to this lovely prize and shall get a snippet creation created and posted before month's end - thanks so much for the challenge Di and for the opportunity to be on the YES PLEASE draw - blessings

  16. Glad that there is some improvement with your shoulder Di, but as others have said just take care! Congratulations on eight fun filled years of The Playground, and thank you again for all you do to make this a great place to visit. I love your sparkly baubles and flourishy sentiment and that red satin card is so pretty with it too. If I manage to get a card in I am a 'yes please' for the draw. x

  17. It's so good to see you back and feeling better, Di. Your card is incredibly beautiful ! It was worth it to use some of that precious, red CS. I love the gold sparkle you chose for the filigree cuts. I didn't think I could bear to see another Christmas card for at least another month or so but I'm so inspired by this one that I am going to play along, hoping to be the winner. :-D

  18. 8 years! Congrats!!! And so glad your shoulder is not hurting as much!!! Beautiful glittery card!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I'm glad to hear your shoulder is improving Di - sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies and slow down a bit!

    Your card is lovely and I would love a chance to win this prize, please. I'll be in the playground soon!

    Kath x

  20. Hi Di I am so glad to hear that things are improving and at last you can sleep with your shoulder! I hope it continues to improve and you are 100% better soon. What a gorgeous card and yes please I would love to win this prize. I am still going over to Mum and Dad's but they are improving very slowly. I will be waving to you on Tuesday as I hit the A3 and drive down to the south coast to look after Jack on Wednesday. Hugs xxx

  21. Hi Di! So happy that your shoulder is improving - just try not to push it, no matter how much has to be done, as you don't want to make it worse. Slow and steady is the key!!! I absolutely love your gorgeous card, and I'm a definite yes please for the draw!

  22. So glad to hear the shoulder is improving and it's good to see you back, Beautiful elegant card and those ornaments are fabulous with the gold glitter sheets and red mirricard. Super prize but just playing for fun xx

  23. Love the glitter of your beautiful Christmas ornaments. Playing for that prize too

  24. Awww gorgeous festive card Di, yes please to be in your draw for these goodies x
    Glad to hear that your shoulder is improving, it will just take time. If you do find someone to do your ironing, I have a small mountain here I could donate ;)

  25. Wow, all that gold is just so gorgeous!! Very nice, Di.
    So - I got a new computer and thought 'I'm finally going to be able to add my card all by myself!'. No such luck, of course. lol Here is my link if you would link it for me. Thank you, my friend. <3

  26. And a yes, please, for the prize!! :-)

  27. I say give up most of the ironing forever!!! Only iron what is 110% necessary! Get that shoulder better and keep it that way!

    Love your card! The gold glitter outlines on the red mirri card makes for gorgeous ornaments. And what a beautiful sentiment die!

    So yes, please, add me to the draw for the prize! (Will get a card posted soon.)

  28. A beautiful card, Di. So glad you were feeling well enough to create. Yes, please add me to the draw. Happy Not Ironing! Teehee

  29. Hi Di, glad to see you back in charge of the playground, I promise we didn't get up to too much mischief in your absence... mind you I think Mrs. A smuggled some penguins back... I'm playing along just for fun this fortnight. Glad you are feeling better.... have a wonderful week... Megan
    P.S. Eight years... I think this is one of the first blogs I came to when I first started looking at blogs the fun and friendships I've come to know from the playground isn't like any other. Thanks for all the work you put into the Playground...

  30. Oh, I'm glad you're taking care of that shoulder..and besides, ironing is over-rated anyway! This is a gorgeous card , and the glitter and mirror card really adds sparkle. YES PLEASE to these gorgeous dies!

  31. Good to read of some improvement to your shoulder and hope it continues.

    Going to say that I'm just playing for fun this week and thank you for your continued encouragement to help me use up my plentiful box of snippets!

    Happy Monday


  32. Gorgeous card, Di. I'll be linking up at some point, but as always now it will just be for fun xoxo

  33. A lovely amount of glitter on these pretty baubles, I like the red. I think I could have fun with these so Yes Please. Good to know you had a bit of a rest and are on the mend. There is obviously an opening in your area for someone to set up a small ironing business. It's difficult to stop doing things to heal, I know. Last week my hand swelled up after I disturbed a dosy wasp, then I took Piriton and it made me dosy! Take care. x

  34. Great to read your on the mend Di must be a slow process but it's better that way and wow l just love your card the baubles are gorgeous just playing for fun take care and don't over do it love to all xx

  35. I'm glad you took time for yourself and rested so your shoulder can mend properly. Hopefully with more rest in the future it will be good as new sooner than expected. Love the pretty card you made with those gorgeous ornaments that sparkle, but I'm playing just for fun this week. Hugs to you and an extra belly rub for Dudley too :)

  36. What a wonderful card Di. Love the sparkle.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  37. Wow! Congratulations on eight years, Di! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I always like to say that I'm not behind with the ironing, I'm ahead with the washing...
    Stunning card with that lovely red Mirri card! I'm just playing for fun this time round. Hugs, April xxx

  38. Wow, Di, your card is stunning! Love all of the sparkle and gorgeous gold bows! I'm definitely a YES for the prize! Thank you for the wonderful prizes you offer each challenge! I'm very happy to read that your shoulder is much better. Please continue taking it easy so as not to reinjure it and cause a flare-up. I rarely iron any more but I admit I used to iron a lot years ago when I worked. My clothes now are more casual, so no ironing needed. I am not surprised that Dudley seems to understand what's going on - I think animals sense these things.

  39. So good to hear that you are better, Di!

    I have been lazy for a long time. Startet crafting again two days ago.
    Your card is just gorgeous.
    Yes, please, I would like to join in for the prize.

    All the best for you!
    Hugs, Liv

  40. Welcome back Di! So pleased that your break has enabled you to rest that shoulder and that you've seen improvement. Your card is a study in festive sparkle! I'm loving the filigree baubles and the sentiment is breathtaking, so I'm a 'Yes please!' for the draw. Funny little Dudley - maybe he was just having a little digestive moment! Vicky xx

  41. Oh my! I love your card... and both prizes. So yes please!
    PS So glad that your shoulder is healing.

  42. Oh... and about the ironing- have you checked if there are any teens or college-aged youth seeking some extra $$. I no longer like to iron, but I did as a kid... and was pretty good at it. (In all truth I think that I only liked to do it because other chore options were cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes or sorting laundry. I grew up in a family of six kids, three boys... so dealing with stinky socks still turns my stomach!)

  43. Glad to hear you are on the mend! This card is beautiful with the sparkle and shine!! Love how elegant that sentiment die cut is. I do think I will play for the prize this week as I do really like the sentiment (and of course, can always use for Christmas card supplies as I make those the most).

  44. Happy to hear that your shoulder is doing better. If it starts acting up, take another break (and don't feel you need to ask permission).
    Your sample card is gorgeous, and I would love to be in the draw.

  45. Happy your shoulder is feeling better. Love the sparkles on your beautiful card. Yes, please.
    Take care and continued well wishes. Hugz. 💗

  46. Love the ornaments - and yes for being in the drawing. Glad you are on the mend so you chase Mr. Dudley around.

  47. Your card is lovely, Diane. I'm always up for a good prize, so I'm IN! And, as you know, I never mind helping out w paying the shipping. you are SO good to us all.
    Karen Letchworth

  48. Happy New Year.. I am glad that things are going better for you.. I dropped off a Birthday Bag using snippets and would love to be in the draw for the prize .. thanks.. hugs

  49. So good to see you back in action again - hope you continue to improve. Love your sparkly card, a bit yes please to the prize this time.

  50. Hi Di your card is gorgeous I love it. I am here just for fun this time. I am so glad that your shoulder is starting to feel better. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  51. Hi Miss Di

    So pleased to hear that the shoulder is easing for you.

    Your card is beautiful as always.

    Please would you enter me into the draw this time .. .. .. and if I am lucky enough to win .. .. .. then put the prize into Mary's stash collection box!

    Love Jules xx

  52. Dear Di I am so glad to hear that you are a lot better now!
    Love your sparkly card and would love to be in the draw for the prize, please.
    Hugs, Majda

  53. What a great Christmas card, I am glad to hear your shoulder is improving and thanks for sharing the info about your friend. What a dreadful thing to happen, it is impossible to imagine what it would be like to lose everything like that. I am sorry I never got a chance to come visiting and to join in with all your prizes over Christmas but yes please I would like to be included in the draw for 369. Many thanks xx

  54. Hi Di and glad to read your shoulder is improving - the older we get the longer it takes and that can be really frustrating - I fold from the line and only iron the necessities... don't think my daughter knows how to use one at times - I've given up sewing cotton fabric things for the little girls. Your card is simply glittery gorgeous and love the shiny red showing through... here we go again for 2020 Christmas stash. Have a fabulous day, hi Dudley, hugs Robyn

  55. I love your glittery baubles!
    I have some similar dies, so I'm a 'no thanks' for the prize this time...but I will be 'borrowing' the way you added the thread to the baubles next time I use them!
    Helen x

  56. Happy to hear you're taking things a bit more slowly, Di, so that your shoulder can heal. I've just linked up my card (yay!) but am playing just for fun this time.
    Marianne x

  57. Wow Di, all that glitter on your card really dazzles and make this a festive design that would make anyone ooh and aah! Yes please to this prize. So happy to hear that you're doing better with that shoulder too. Keep it up!

  58. Here is my card for the snippets challenge! I am showing the card and snippet of paper which mesures 7 x 11 cm which I used to punch the hearts out.
    I say yes to the lovely prize.
    Lia xx

  59. Love your gorgeous card and the baubles. No thanks to the draw this time. Emmax

  60. Hello Di! Happy New Year! I'm so glad to hear that you are a lot better.
    Love your card and the prize!
    Please, I'd like to join in for the prize. Thank you!
    Take care. Blessings!
    Adry-Scrapbooking Engineering

  61. your card is so impressive, I love it.
    I hope your shoulder is better now.
    I am using the same approach with the laundry all the time - I just fold it and it works well for us. But I am very lucky that we don't have to wear any fancy suits with my husband which I know they would require ironing. And we bought some better washing machine few years ago which has a function for no ironing and it works.
    I am sending my envelope to Mary on Monday, thank you so much for organizing this!
    yes for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx


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