Tuesday 28 January 2020

OK - so who gave Mrs Grumpy some Happy Pills?!

Just to let you know that my trip to the Post Office went off without a hitch today! I picked a quiet time and trotted in with my bag full of Grand Draw Prize packages. Then, to my horror, realised there was only one person manning the Post Office counter - and it was my friend ...... Mrs Grumpy. Gulp.

To my utter delight and everlasting joy, she was all sweetness and light - ploughing through all the packages, adding the postage to them and also giving me proof of posting for each one. At one point I said I was concerned when I was pulling out ever more packages from my bag and said perhaps we could skip the proof of posting and she said 'No worries. That's what we're here for'. Stunned, smacked with a wet kipper and so on - I came home a very happy bunny! Perhaps the long queue that had built up behind me might not have been so happy though. Can't win 'em all! Ha, was that a dagger that whistled past my ear as I exited the village shop?

So, if you won a prize - the UK ones are coming by 1st Class post and all overseas ones are Airmail of course.

I'd really appreciate it if you could quickly drop me an email when your prize arrives - purely so I can tick things off and eventually dispose of all the paperwork. No need to write anything more than - 'Prize arrived' or similar.


  1. You clearly are meant to run The Playground Ms Di! I cannot even imagine having so many packages to mail! Hard enough for me mailing letters every week or so. There's one person at my PO I refuse to deal with unless it's something very simple. She just can't stop talking & is so unprofessional. You have way more patience than me! Glad Ms Grumpy wasn't grumpy & that the daggers missed you!

  2. Wahoo! So glad Mrs Grumpy has turned into Mrs Happy! You have just as much right to send off a load of parcels as the next customer! There'll be lots of happy dancing around the UK tomorrow then!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. What a great story, Di! :-D One never knows what wonders will pop up to make the day. Hugs.

  4. Please ask her where she had the pills... I eventually need some for those bad days that make me grumpy too! :D LOL
    Joking apart, I'm so glad you sent all the packages and now can RELAX! :)
    Surely we will make you know when they arrive!
    Hugs and cuddles (you know who these are for :D )

  5. Maybe she visited the playground and saw all our comments and suggestions about customer service and such bwahahahahahahhhaa. Glad your post office experience was a good one. Hugz

  6. Di, your stories always tickle me. [Bunny]

  7. Your stories are so entertaining Di, I'm so glad you got on ok this time.......the pain you suffer for us lot!!! Perhaps you should take Dudley next time........he makes any heart melt and could entertain the queue 😀😍 xxx

  8. Well done Di on getting everything away - and congratulations on getting Ms G in a great mood - and for dodging the dagger :). Of course i will let you know..

  9. Brilliant Di, answered prayer.. pray now they ALL travel safely to their destinations.. and praying daily for you et al. Haven't commented but reading dear Di ... may God bless you.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. Well done with all that you have had on it’s great to read your getting up to speed but still don’t over do it ...we had a grumpy post master too they have shut shop now as he was so horrible no amount of pills would of changed him ...lol enjoy your day

  11. Delighted to hear that you and Mrs Grumpy have reached a truce ... maybe she realised you are keeping her in a job!

    Happy Wednesday to you


  12. HA! We have a Mrs. Grumpy at my post office too! I brought all my Valentine's in yesterday and PHEW I got Mr. AWESOME!

  13. Glad that your post office experience was a good one this time Di, the lady must have been sent to charm school..lol. x

  14. So pleased to hear that Mrs Grumpy was having a good day when you visited. Our Post Office was just round the corner, but had to close last year because not enough people were using it. Next time Mrs Grumpy is grumpy, remind her that you are keeping her in a job. ;-) xx


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