Friday, 17 January 2020

Mary Craft Appeal - more news

First of all, massive thanks to all who have responded to our show of love for dearest Mary.

I've had to ask that requests for Mary's email addie or her snail mail addie in order to send cards, wishes and any craft goodies to are only sent to me via email please. A comment just means it can take some time and guesswork - a direct email to me allows me to email right back. I really can't flip flop between the two right now and then search - much as I would love to.

Also, we know that many of us don't keep our stamps,and more so our dies in the original packaging. My own dies are in files on magnetic A4 sized sheets in files and they weigh a ton. I keep notes of the makers and names of dies in the front of each file.

For lightness and ease of posting can I suggest that if dies aren't in the original packaging, then you just tack them using DST - low tack if possible onto a piece of card stock (hooray for snippets!), then pop each die or set of dies into a poly or cello bag to suit the size - and, IF you do remember the name of the die or die set then you just write this straight onto the piece of backing card - another idea from me .... and my wonderful pal Sarn! Love ya babe :)

I'm off to bed at 10pm - it's been manic today! And I ache! x


Sandra H said...


NanaConnie said...

Di, I'm getting error messages when I try to email you for Mary's address. I've tried three different times now, carefully retyping the address each time, but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. Hmmmm, not sure what to do now.

Mary said...

Di, I'm busy making thank you cards and sending them off as quickly as I can. I am so very thankful to all those who have sent items, and equally thankful to those who are sending cards. I'm so afraid I will miss sending someone a card. If by the middle of February you have still not received a thank you PLEASE let me know. Di you are my little angel. Thank you for taking on this project! Love to all!