Wednesday 1 January 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - #368 - Prize K

Happy New Year! At the time this publishes, the clock will just have ticked into 2020. We might be up and about, or not - depending on the fireworks situation. I've never been overly keen on New Year celebrations - they often seem so forced, IMHO.

And, the hunt for the thing that's tripping the RCD continues. It tripped again this morning around 7:30. We're closing in on the cause - it seems to be connected with dawn and dusk (Little Miss Marple suggested that but of course can't take any credit, sheesh) - and Len has removed all the time switches which operate things such as lights, cameras etc. We know some of the parameters, yet still haven't pinned it down. Having said that,we didn't have the usual 4pm one today (dusk here in Hampshire) - which seems to be narrowing it down. It's a bit like playing Sherlock Holmes really. Gonna buy Len a deerstalker hat, cape and a Holmes style pipe when he's managed to sort this mystery out!

Anyhow, I did manage to make a sample card for today's prize - yay!
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, tent style

- snippet of white card stock onto which I stamped the image and sentiment using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and stamps from a Clearly Besotted set of fun stamps called 'Drink & Be Merry', including the sentiment and also the snowflakes

- then chose a little strip snippet from the envelope stuck in the back of Lawn Fawn's 'Really Rainbow' petite paper pack - so I could match the colouring of the images

- coloured the images using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and the snowflakes with a Signo Silver pen

- then very carefully trimmed the image panel to fit the complete card front

- added a narrow strip of red to the striped snippet - using another snippet which is two shades of red - with careful juggling and trimming I managed to get a narrow strip with the darker red at the top

- added the striped strip of paper to the red strip I'd just created, using a narrow tape runner

- then added the whole strip to the bottom of the image panel using a tape runner again and trimmed off the excess at both edges, from the back

- finally, glued the whole panel onto the card front - finished!

Important - I did wonder if I should have 'grounded' the bases of the glasses but as the card was totally finished, photographed and this post written I left it....... but have since added some grey shadow, which does make such a difference. They're no longer levitating like alcofrolic balloons:).

These images were an absolute delight to colour using pencils - and safer for this flipping shoulder! When I coloured the Clearly Besotted reindeer with Pro markers the other day, I managed to lift the big acrylic purpose made stand they live in from the top of a fairly high book case onto my desk - but really don't think I did myself any favours stretching to put it back afterwards! It's quite heavy as it's fully loaded with around 150 markers. Lesson learned and not one I'll repeat. Got my wrists slapped by Len for that one!

And today's prize is:
Here's the image from CB's website so you can see the sentiments properly:
Drink & Be Merry
A Clearly Besotted set of fun stamps called 'Drink & Be Merry'. This is so weird, I only bought these very recently and yet the set shown on their website actually has one or two fewer stamps such as the 'snowflake' and the word 'Hic'. I do think the girls 'tweak' their products and add more things as they think of them. The stamps are produced here in the UK, and  their dies are made in the USA - I admire them for that. The sentiments are good fun and one of them is especially great - 'Jingle bells, gin-gle all the way' - perfect for Jane W who has some fun 'gin based' stamps? :)

At the end of all of the celebrations I'll do a massive draw session for all the prizes using the one Mr Linky - which is on the main snippets post HERE along with details of exactly how to join in - so you do need to have entered one snippets make over on that post during this fortnight to be in with a chance :) Maximum of one entry please - to keep things fair for those who may not have time to craft. Mr Linky closes at 11am on Saturday 4th January so you do need to have added a snippets make by then to be eligible for the draw.

Commenting for all prizes will also be turned off at 11am on Saturday 4th January to coincide with the draw closing. To give people a fighting chance of checking and commenting on today's prize and the very final one, I will be adding the last prize on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Here's a little 'heads up' that the forthcoming fortnight's prize is very likely going to be Christmas related................. again, I hear you sigh. It's too good to rush the making of a sample, and I so want to make one for it, plus I think it stands on it's own as a fortnightly prize quite nicely.

Just leave a comment on this post if you would like the chance to win today's prize.

Hope that 2020 is kind to all of you - with happiness and health at the top of the list! Followed closely by crafting, and trying to reduce 'Mount Snippets' of course, grin :)

Edit - would you believe it - 6pm and already the fireworks have begun. Thankfully in the distance, but one little chaps 'onesie' is being popped onto a radiator nearby,  in case we need it as a sort of thunder shirt.

Love from Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Happy New Year my friend! I am up late again, not cause I can't sleep this time, but i am watching Jules Holland to bring in the New Year! Poor Darren has been trying to hide from the fireworks, its soooooo painful for him, bless him. It makes me hate them too. Your card is gorgeous, floating glasses or not! Yes please, to be in the draw. Hugs my friend. xxx

  2. New Years Day here already, but spending it quietly with a bit of cardmaking!
    Yes please for this one Di.

  3. It's only 8:40 p.m. here and the fireworks have been booming (yes - BOOMing!!!) since about 6:30. Driving me a bit bonkers. lol And they're not even the pretty ones!!! Your card is darling! Love all the different drinks available in this set, so it's a yes, please.

  4. Happy New Year!! It is 9:11 PM at this writing so we have a bit until the clock strikes the NEW YEAR 2020 here in Michigan [where we had SNOW today] but nearly all melted so I am smiling! hehe - anywhoo --- hope the electricity gets working correctly -- you made a lovely card - I will be passing on the stamp set this time - but I am having fun coming by - reading your post- may you have a blessed year! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your challenges and be in a draw for a win too! Blessings, Gail from I Like Paper Blog

  5. Just heard the first firework here--not very loud--only 8:15pm. Fritz is OK unless they get really loud, so hoping that won't happen. It's miserable out, so don't get people doing them! Your card is so cute & love the colors, Di! Hope the mystery is soon solved & you'll have to post a pic of Len in his Sherlock Holmes outfit--haha! Please leave me out of the drawing. Happy New Year & same wishes for you, my friend!

  6. Oh Di you know me too well! I do love a good boozy stamp and this set is gorgeous. I'm very surprised I don't own it already and if I'm not lucky in your draw I think I'll need to buy that set.
    As for the RCD, ours tripped a couple of days before Christmas and we never did manage to work out what had caused it - it was at a time when none of the major appliances were being used and we were both just sitting quietly reading, so it made us wonder if there'd perhaps been a mains power surge. Especially as when we got the power back on, THREE light bulbs had blown!

  7. Love. This one Di! Love the set, so many options, and I don't have anything like it in my stash, so yes please, and love your card, beautifully coloured, and so glad you didn't risk injury again, you naughty girl! Oooeeerrrrrr that seems an electric mystery for sure. Didn't hear any fireworks at all. Probably wouldn't hear them above my snoring! I used to at least stay up to see the fireworks in London, but sleep is more important these days lol. Happy New Year! Xxx

  8. Oh, I hope the fireworks don't go on for too long, but lucky Dudley to have a pre-warmed onesie to keep him calm!
    Yes please to this fun stamp set

  9. Happy New Year Di. Oh dear, it sounds as though you have a lot of fireworks around your area. I hear one lot last night and I think it was at midnight. We were in bed, I was too tired to stay up and see the New Year in, must be getting old!
    These stamps are so sweet, I would like to be a Yes please and hopefully get my snippets card in today too. Better late than never x

  10. Hello Lovely Lady 💜 Happy New Year to you! Lovely card as was my beautiful Christmas card. Thank you xx
    Possibly going to be rejoining the Playground and causing mayhem with my Nicholas! If you will have me of course! Xx

  11. I'm another one that prefers to see the new year in when I actually wake up on New Years Day! Not this year though as I was up helping Eva to cope with the fireworks :( I swear fireworks didn't used to be a thing in private houses at new year - just as I'm sure private houses didn't used to have outside lights all over the place! Am I just a Grumpy Old Woman?!!

    I'm sorry the electricity situation hasn't yet been resolved but feel sure the threat of a Sherlock outfit will spur Len on!

    What fun drinks and sentiment on your card today - fab with the striped snippet! I'm a big Clearly Besotted fan and have a similar stamp set by them so I'm going to pass on today's prize.

    Enjoy your new Years day!

    Vicky xx

  12. Yes please to the prize. Happy New Year! I hope Dudley fared well through the night of fireworks. Take care of that shoulder.

  13. Happy New Year!! Adorable drinks card, just perfect to celebrate! :D Yes for the fun prize, please. Hope you and Sherlock Homes solve he mystery early :)
    Poor Dudley and all the animals, the fireworks are always dangerous for sensible ears! They are dangerous at all, in Italy this night there were more than 200 injured persons and two died. I don't want think about how many animals were ran away and missed :(

  14. Happy New Year YES PLEASE to this one! Darling card! Sorry you keep losing power but glad there are 6pm fireworks to light things up!

  15. Happy new year!
    Yep we had the same with the fireworks - started early evening and I'd just dropped off to sleep (before midnight) after skyping with Oz only to be woken with an almighty bang bang crash whoosh... thought war had broken out on the doorstep. Made my heart start racing with shock so goodness knows how these poor animals feel.... and goodness knows how the families of firefighters in Australia feel about the fireworks show they wouldn't cancel in Sydney. If it were up to me I'd definitely be a party pooper and ban all fireworks.
    Love your card and the gorgeous cheerful colours, but again I'm being good and it's a 'no thanks' to the prize xx

  16. Happy New year Di and yes would love to win the prize, The card is lovely Di, Hope Dudley is okay,

    Lilian b

  17. Happy new year to you and yours dear Di. We got home at 3am so feel pretty tired today..having a lazy day here. What a fun card and set...I love CB products. Yes please to today's prize. I hope your shoulder is improving..have a happy, healthy and creative 2020. Hugs xxx

  18. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you too, Di! Looking forward to your creations in 2020! (Not to mention your Dudley stories!).

    Yes, please, I'd love to be in the draw for today's prize. I love those cheery appealing drinks you created on your card.

  19. I also wish happiness and health for you. Hope Len fixes your problem soon - am not clear about it, but wish you well.

    Yes, please, I'd love the Prize K. Hugs from Minnesota where we have a lot of snow now after a no-snow Christmas.

  20. Happy New Year, Di! The fireworks started here around 6.30pm yesterday evening for about half an hour, then a gap until midnight when it felt that we were in the middle of a major firework display!!

    I hope by now you've finally sorted out your electrical problem.

    Another lovely card, please add me to the draw for Prize K. xx

  21. What a cute and fun card, and I just love the unique sentiments in this stamp set, so it's a yes please for me. I do hope you get your electrical problems sorted out soon! Happy New Year!

  22. A fabulous set of stamps and a really lovely card, great design too.
    Hope you, Len and Dudley have a fabulous 2020.

    Kath x

  23. Happy New Year Di. Hope you had a good one. What a cute card and a cute stamp set. Please include me in the draw. HUgz

  24. Happy New Year Di.
    It was all quiet here last night outside. A few bangs around 6pm and that was it. Hugs Me.

  25. Another great card Di, the stamps could be used for a few different occasions, so please add my name into the draw for this set, thank you.
    I hope to upload my card in the next day or two.
    Happy New Year
    Janice x

  26. Ohhhhhh! These are super cute cling stamps! They made a delicious card too! Yes please! For the draw!

  27. Eeek! Those drinks are so cute so YES PLEASE to this prize too! Lucky little Dudley to have such loving pet parents. I can just imagine him in his warm onesie to keep the horrible firework noises away.

  28. Happy New Year to you, your hubby and Dudley. Wish you lots of luck, and stay in good health!!
    All these cocktails and coffee with cream look amazing, but I won't drink them all because of the kilos.......!! LOL! But still: I say yes to this prize!
    Lia xx

  29. This is such a beautiful card, love it!
    Yes for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  30. A very cute card, Di! I love the little gingerbread man stirrer! Yes please. Hugs, April xx

  31. It was a quiet New Years Eve here and I didn't hear a single firework. We are a sleepy little community, though, and even the New Years Eve party at church disbanded well before midnight! pathetic is that???? :D

    Your card is fun and colorful....and the stamp set will be just the thing for someone, but is not really my "cup of tea"! :) So, "No thanks" to the celebratory prize. Happy New Year to you and Len and Dudley!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  32. Wish you a very happy new year :) That's a lovely card and I would love to win this!! :)

  33. A fabulous set of stamps and such a lovely great design card.
    Yes please to the prize.
    Hugs, Majda

  34. Although I don't drink alcohol myself, I have friends who do, and can also see a lot of non-alcoholic possibilities with this fun stamps. Yes Please!!

  35. Glasses of alco stuff.
    Glasses of alco stuff with straws and umbrellas
    Mugs of choccy stuff with cream
    Mugs of choccy stuff with marshmallows

    Have you been in my cupboards????
    Yes please if I am allowed? xx

  36. I was just looking at your blog and seem to have missed commenting on this post. It's a lovely card and I would love a chance to win the prize, please.
    Kath x

  37. I love cocktails and all these colours ...
    Yes for the prize, please.

  38. Another fabulous prize that I would love the chance to win! <3
    Susan Sudbury

  39. Hi Di - I have missed a few posts as life Down Under has been rather fraught, including a funeral I have just returned from, So I will be doing a few last minute comments . these are gorgeous stamps and dies, so please count me in