Wednesday 22 January 2020

Mary update

The boiler got fixed. Mary, Richard and the animals are cosy again and also packages are already arriving at Mary's from within the USA. And Mary is delighted - and planning on sending out thank you cards - I wonder if she knows how many she'll need?!

Parcels are arriving here too, for which I think you from the bottom of my heart - for now I'm collecting them together in the hope of sending just the one or two biggish combined parcels.

I managed to get my head down today and got the Prize Draw parcels wrapped and ready to post, just as soon as I add the Customs Declarations to the overseas ones.

Please bear with me as I'm not sure if I'll get to the Post Office this week or not. Friday is always a bad day there (especially for Ms Grumpy), tomorrow is pretty planned out so I reckon it could be next week sometime.

I'm still short of two addresses but will go ahead anyhow and the late prizes will just have to wait until I post the next prize off in a couple of weeks time. I can't face the Post Office any more than I have to!

My car is finally in the UK so that changeover has to be added into the melting pot as well!

Why do I feel like a swan gliding along the surface, but like a duck paddling furiously below the water line?!


  1. Di, breath and take all the time you need!! There is no hurry and you have to do a lot of other things!
    So glad that Mary's boiler is finally fixed and that some stash is already arrived to her :)

    Hugs (and cuddles for Dudley)!

  2. Oh you're so funny, Di! Happy Mary is having a second holiday season--so to speak! Please don't worry about getting to the post office--whenever works for you is fine with us!

  3. You can't kid us, Di, you've ALWAYS been a duck paddling furiously and we all appreciate all you do for our fabulous hobby! Mwah! Thank you for all the updates on Mary and all you are doing to restore her to crafty good health!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  4. What a lovely comment from Darnell, I wish I could write like you two!!! What will be will be Di, some things are more important than other things. So glad to hear Mary is warm and safe. I learnt of another friend from Dorset losing her battle with cancer, life is short and cruel sometimes, be kind to yourself and each other xxx

  5. Sounds like good news all round - you just keep looking serene and don't worry about paddling too hard - things can happen when they will. Patience is a virtue and all good things are worth waiting for.

  6. Great news about things starting to look up (at least a little) for Mary AND that your car is finally in the UK (though I must surely have missed the original post explaining it ... New Year = new car?)

    All the best best and Happy Thursday


  7. Thank goodness Mary, her husband and their pets are snug and warm again. Looks like she may soon have plenty of NBUS to play with . . . and will possibly need an extension added to the house! LOL!

    How exciting to get lots of posted RAKs and an outpouring of sympathy and support from the Playground after all her troubles. Doing a happy dance here!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. So glad to hear the good news for Mary and family. :-D Not only is it uncomfortable to be without heat in the winter but in her part of the country, it can be downright dangerous!
    Love your own analogy to the swan and duck. I feel like that all the time! :-D

  9. So happy to hear this good news about Mary! I need to find a box for my things and get in the post as well. Like you Di, I can't face the post office any more than I have to either! Glad your card is finally in the UK, although I will admit not sure where it was to begin with. I'm so out of the loop so much these days. Yes, you said a mouth full with feeling like a swan gliding along the surface, but like a duck paddling furiously below the water line. About how I feel too a lot of days! lol We will keep paddling together! Hugs, Brenda

  10. Thank you so very much Di for the update on Mary so pleased to read the boiler has been fixed and they have heat again and how lovely too to read about the parcels arriving l have mine ready to go so and yes l wonder how many cards she will have to send it will be a lovely surprise for Mary to receive these crafty items to help after such an ordeal thank you again for bringing it to our attention take care and take a break xx

  11. So pleased to hear that update Di - panic slowly over getting the prizes out, and Mrs Grumpy -just remember you have the power - after all, you indirectly pay her wages simply by using the Post Office. :)


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