Wednesday 19 October 2016

Tricks with the Misti - #1 - 'Sentiment Backdrops'

I have no idea whether I'll be pointing you in the direction of just this one, or perhaps more tricks using the Misti. I was actually looking to see if there was any way to use the Misti to more easily stamp those multiple layered flower stamps that are so popular right now when I found a different technique on Jennifer McGuire's blog, entitled 'Sentiment Backdrops' HERE. That lady is so talented! I loved what she made and couldn't wait to try the technique out - here's my version:
I used:

- 4" x 5.75" white card blanks (I made four the same)

- a one line sentiment stamp from the MFT 'Tickled Pink' set plus the little freebie 'Parsnip' bear stamp which came with Craft Stamper magazine at least six months ago

- the Misti of course. You can actually do a similar style of card using a stamp positioner and a LOT of patience - the Misti made it so easy though and I really wouldn't even contemplate trying to do the same using a straightforward stamp positioner (having two left hands!)

- first of all I placed the one line sentiment and the little bear exactly as I wanted on a sheet of the pink grid lined paper which comes with the Misti. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I'd never worked out just how to use the grid lined paper, relying instead on  placing the stamps where I wanted them on the actual card front and then checking they were totally straight on the grid lines on the Misti cover - Dumbo! I also now need to produce a grid on acetate which I read about a while ago - I know that Simon Says Stamp sells them in the USA, but the Misti website also has a free download and I have some printer friendly acetate already as well

- I'd drawn a pencilled outline of the card blank onto the grid paper and I'd also marked the centre of the area  to help with the placements

- then I stamped four cards one after the other using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and both stamps at the same time

- then removed just the little bear stamp and popped him onto an acrylic block before stamping a few Post-Its with the image. My Post-It's don't have a full covering of 'sticky' on the back but I like the fact that they're yellow and easy to see and handle

- then trimmed the little bears to make masks - in fact I only used the same mask for all four cards so have spares for a future run

- added the bear mask to the card image (using removable tape runner) and then followed Jennifer's instructions for the multiple sentiment stamping, using SU's 'Certainly Celery' ink pad

- if you want to try then this technique then do please check out the link where Jennifer has a link to her really good YouTube tutorial

- basically you will have left the sentiment stamp in place on the Misti lid (make sure you clean it of course!) and then you just move the card blank up and down the grid lines to stamp it in a lighter colour (I moved it by two lines each time as the sentiment stamp is quite a tall one). Ink and stamp, move by two lines, ink and stamp, move by two lines etc. etc. until you cover as much of the card front as you wish

- at some point you may well find you need to stamp with the card blank overhanging the outside edge of the Misti - it works absolutely fine though

- after finishing all the stamping removed the mask and coloured the little bear's nose, ears and the flower, using Whispers markers

- added clear Wink of Stella to the flower itself and called them done

These cards are 'Parsnip Specials' of course, to enclose with Playground prizes! He finally left his beloved 'pickled conkers' alone for long enough to wander into the craft room, hop onto the desk, borrow my specs and have a look. I did resist the urge to lock him in the craft room and rush off to empty the vinegar away - it smells like a pickle factory in here!

And I did a little bit of surgery on the bear stamp. First of all, I confess that I lost the original stamp and had to order another copy of the magazine to get a second bear - and you might know that the original bear turned up a day or two later! He comes with a little heart sort of 'floating' above his head - which was gonna be tricky for masking so I snipped the heart off one stamp and left it in place on the other one. Thereby justifying buying two copies of the magazine of course :)

I'm thinking that this technique would be great for Christmas cards too!

And, yes, I did find out how to use the Misti to stamp those multiple layer stamps accurately and easily. Just need to have a play!


  1. I subscribe to Jennifer's blog Di and if I'm ever on the hunt for a how to her blog is the first place I go. I have Pinterest board that is solely all about techniques and tutorials for the MISTI. It's rejuvenated my stamping and I love that little tool! xx

  2. Oh wow, is this ever cute or what!!! I have the Misti on my Christmas list for the fun to see it used. and I subscribe to Jennifer too!

  3. Love the way you used the sentiment Di...I have a misti too but havent really used it to its full you know I am a die cutting girl!!

  4. That is a really clever trick and great that you explained it as well as giving a link. I'm trying to resist temptation but a Misti might have to come and live here even though I have a 'standard' positioner.

  5. Wow Di what a clever little card...I love it. I have just bought a MISTI but confess it is still sitting in the packet until I have the time to work it out! I will have a look at the web site as you suggested, thanks for the heads up.Hugs xx

  6. Lovely card :) i watched jennifer mcguire's video as well and can't wait to have a go at the technique!!

  7. You sure are LOVING your Misti Di. Seems to come in VERY handy! Amazing background on this card and I hope to see a multi-layered floral card soon!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. I've never heard about this thing before. Had to go and watch a youtube tutorial too now, lol.

    Your creation is such a darling. Love the cuteness!


  9. I love your sweet card Di. Parsnip looks so cute holding his flower. Thanks for the link. What a great technique. What a fantastic idea for a one layer card. I got my Misti out for the first time yesterday and am keen to try this idea. Barbxx

  10. A beautiful card Di, I love the little bear stamp you've used.

    Sue xx

  11. What a great tool the Misti is and love your repeated sentiment background Di, and the Parsnip look alike is so sweet holding his prettily coloured large flower. x

  12. I saw that post from Jennifer too and can't wait to try it. You did a great job stamping your sentiment backdrop. Very cute card.


  13. I'm subscribed to Jennifer's newsletter and (when I have time...) I always look at her fab ideas and techniques. I forgotten this one, but think that it's GREAT! It's a great idea for any background, using various stamps!
    I have only a faux Misti (my "Misti-DYI", made with a picture frame...) but it goes very well, so I want try this! Your card came out soooo pretty!! Love the multiple sentiment and the cute "Parsnip friend" :)!!

  14. Thank you Di for the link.
    Love the way your card turned out.

  15. Hello Di,

    What a little cutie pie! I love the sentiment as it is so true. Thanks for explaining what a Misti is. I've away from cardmaking long enough to not know the latest and greatest tools out there.

    Good news - I'm closing on my condo and will be purchasing a one level half duplex in Los Alamos. Yes, I'm staying in town. The best part of it is twofold. I'll have a guest room (hint hint) and a craft room! I'm beside myself with excitement!!

    Hugs to you and Len (ahem)


  16. Your post is perfect timing for me, Di! While at the Lake House, Anita showed me how to use the Misti without the magnets in a way that works for me so after over a year being jealous of everyone who gets to use one, I can now use one, too! I will watch JM's video, but your description of what you did for this adorable card was crystal clear and now I can't wait to try this. I never in a million years would have thought to move the paper up and not move the stamp down each time - dumbo here, too! lol! AND, when I first got my Misti, I was also putting my stamp design onto the card front and not onto the grid paper. I mean, duh, huh?! Thank goodness we have our bloggie buddies to teach us things!!

    I'm still a bit knackered and SO done with traveling this year, although all my trips were magical! I'm so, so sorry I missed your 250th Playground!! Congratulations on that!! It felt really weird to stay off the computer for twelve straight days, but I really needed to do it if I had any hope of sending out Christmas cards this year. Now I'm not spending these weeks up til Christmas all stressed out, which is awesome for my health!

    I'm also sorry I missed Len's birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to him!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  17. "You could do this with a stamp positioner and lots of patience." So, yeah, that means *I* won't be doing it. Srly though, this is a cool card and I like the repeating verse with one in another color.

    I had a die hard never-buy-a-MITI friend recently pull hers out and show me how use it. Uh huh, never buy one, huh? I can see the appeal and I'll not say never but so far I'm doing fine without one.

  18. Awww Di your card and image is just so cute! x

  19. Adorable card Di. Thanks for the tip on stamping multiple sentiments. Very clever to move the paper and not the stamp! :)

    You can never have too many Parsnip stamps. :) xx

  20. Brilliant card and love the background, super cute image too.
    But to be honest I am rather perturbed that you are letting Parsnip run around with only a flower over him, good grief woman, it is cold now and wet, get him togged up.

    Kath x

  21. Fabulous card Di! I love Jennifer McGuire's blog, she is so talented and has lots of great ideas and tips.
    Janice x

  22. Nifty idea and I love your little Parsnip bear with or without the heart.
    hugs Mrs A.

  23. Fabulously cute card! I saw this awesome technique on Jennifer Mcguire's blog too, I will try it out sometime. Thank you for reminding me of it - it had fallen out of my head already! Typical of me! xxx

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