Monday, 19 October 2015

A question - surplus cards looking for a good home

I've just been packaging up yet more cards, doing inserts, adding envelopes and popping them into cello bags. When I went to put them in the box of existing 'finished' cards I realised that there are many more in there than I could possibly use. They're just sitting doing nothing.

Does anyone know of a UK based charity that would like about 50 for starters? They're not Christmas ones just general ones like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and such.

I'd be very happy to post off a box full if they're going to help raise some funds.



Aquarius said...

I will be watching replies with interest - I too have surplus cards!!

Di said...

A good while ago I used to send them to St. Luke's Hospice via Tara (Craftylicious) but I think in the end they had more cards than they had helpers to manage the influx. Am just going to dig around on the internet a bit in the meantime Val! xx

Kathyk said...

I have a trading card buddy who donates cards to a local horse charity (in the NW) - do you have a locally based charity you could approach?

I'm sure all charities fund raise but the national charities all seem to sell mass produced greetings cards, hence my suggestion of a local charity.

GOOD LUCK with finding a home for all your surplus (and fabulous) hand made cards


Di said...

I used to take them into the local Hospice shop here when I worked there each Saturday afternoon. Stopped doing that when another volunteer worker, who didn't know who I was, helped herself to a few without donating a bean.

Just reminded me though of a local wildlife and hedgie rescue place who might be interested! Whoosh, off to check them out!


Jenny L said...

Hi Di,
Linda Chapman of Creative Crafting World fame used to make card for Animal Charities.
Perhaps she could point you in the right direction.
Or perhaps your local hospital might just accept them, as they sometimes have sales tables in theirfoyars.
Good luck in any rate, and if I hear about anyone else I will email you.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Barb said...

Hi Di, I send all my cards to a Children's Hospice each month but I also made a couple of dozen this year for Medical Detection Dogs and got a lovely letter back from Claire who began the charity. I'm sure they would be very grateful. Barbxx

KandA said...

Hi Di, I gave about 100 to the paramedic who came last year when I was ill. She took them to pass on to the air ambulance fundraisers. I usually give whatever i've got spare at the time of an appointment (or if Dad has been admitted) to the hospital. Maybe if there are any local Brownies,Guides, Cubs or Scouts groups they would really appreciate them xx

Laura said...

I'm sending a bundle of mine to the local rabbit rescue (ERR - ). Any charity caring for/feeding animals would love the extra funds they will generate.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've got links with our local hospice if you don't find any other outlets :-)
Hope you are ok, lots of love,
LLJ xxx

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, l placed mine with the local charity shops and they seem to sell easy hope you find somewhere soon ......they do mount up though! xx

mamapez5 said...

I am having a catchup Di and have just seen your post. My son is fund-raising advisor for the Severn hospice, and I know they are always grateful for cards. Annie has some links with them but if it is too expensive to get them to her, I am sure your more local hospice would be just as grateful to take them. Much as I love my furry friends, I feel there is so much need in the world right now, that I have to go with 'human' charities when I can. But that's just me! I hope you find a good hope for your surplus cards anyway. Kate xx