Friday, 19 December 2014

Playground reminder

Don't forget, the Playground will close as usual at 11am on Saturday 20th December (tomorrow), then it will re-open at midnight that same day for two weeks. That gives you some time to come and play if you are lucky enough to have a little 'lull'. Personally, I love those quiet times during holiday periods when I have an hour or so just to play :)

There will be three bumper prizes to be won - to celebrate three years since I took over the Playground keys from Jules.

I'm very quiet on the blogging front here - rushing doing last minute stuff (we need to eat!). even finishing the Christmas decorations and also juggling prizes and my snippets makes :) But am still watching what's going on in the Playground :) Did I just hear a hiccup from behind the bike shed?

Image result for image of bike shed



Karen said...

Oooh Christmas Tree, ooo Christmas Tree! Hick! It was them Miss, honestly, i shwear it were them KP xx

Sarn said...

Shy-eye-lent night (!) . . . ho-oh-leeee night . . . all ish kalm, all is bwighttttttttt . . . hic! No Mish, no hiccuping here Mish! Fancy a mince pie?????


Carol L said...

I didn't hear anything?! (she said innocently)

Karen said...

Yes you did huni! And me and my Steve is waiting for that bear to come and hold the mistletoe over my head so we's can snog!
Our fanks for that beautiful card Missy Pixie! Hugs to you and Mr Lens! Hick, I want some more ciderrrr xx

Kathleen said...

I can't find me glasses, proper crystal they were, everything was all right till Sarn started singing, I think that's when the glasses broke.

You know what arrived today, love, love. love it.

Kath x

Sally H said...

Not shuuur what Parshnip put in the hot toddy, but it deffo is hittin the schpot, hic! We wishewww a mewee cwismus an a haaaaappppppppeeeeee neeewwwww yeeaaarrrr! Me an Sarn is goin to join a choir!

scrappymo! said...

Hope to get by with a card or maybe even two!

The pain relief from the shot doesn't kick in for about 72 hours, but so far no side effects. So that is a very good sign. It is like an edidural so you can get a horrible headache from the change in spinal fluid. Luckily, no headache for me! Just a little bruised feeling around the injection path...but that is fairly normal.

Hope your eye is improving and you are feeling better too!

Mrs A. said...

I say have I missed the party? You had cider.? Move over quick. I needs a drink. Been holed up in a hotel room with that there is Elf is no fun. hugs Mrs A.