Sunday 7 December 2014

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Week 154

Not sure about you ladies, but blogging time is diminishing as we gallop towards Christmas. No doubt the point will come when we all breathe a sigh of relief and say 'What ain't done ain't gonna get done'. Just so long as that point isn't at around midnight on Christmas Eve!

My snippets card this week caused a lot of angst here, in fact I just don't like it but, as usual, it shows off this coming week's prize so I just kept going :( The mistake is the copper card, I don't like it in such quantity and neither does the 'in-house critic', white, gold or silver would be much better. I spied the main embossing folder on a pick of the week card over at Less is More, and folk did go a bit crazy over it - made by Loli. Anyhow here's my effort:
I used:

- A6 cream card blank

- snippet of gold mirri card as a 'frame'

- snippet of copper satin mirri card, embossed using Crafts-Too's 'Swirl Baubles' embossing folder

- snippet of cream ribbon tied in a knot

- gold Josy Rose nail heads here and there on the swirls

- and then I lost the plot! As I said, I really didn't like the copper but with little time had to soldier on, so I got out SU's Framelits 'Holiday Ornaments' die set and found a die that was close in size to one of the baubles. Using a knife I cut the bauble out of the copper card leaving a hole with the backing gold card behind

- my cutting wasn't too neat so that 'orrible 'ole had to be covered up. Some folk do carefully cut out all three baubles and then back the holes with pretty papers - they look fabulous! Or, just add coloured baubles on top of course - or easier still, choose another colour for the card!!

- marching firmly on, I die cut a bauble out of a little snippet of gold mirri card and then centred it on part of the pattern on another embossing folder (Couture Creations 'Constellations' and embossed it

- all that was left was to glue the embossed bauble into the 'orrible 'ole and take a photo which makes it look all ruckled/distorted, which it honestly isn't!

OK, enough of my deesasters dahlings, onto this week's picks, which were so much better:

This fabulous box card almost blew my socks off, it's stunning. Made by our Kath, and she went wild and even added some of her much loved (not) butterflies in for good measure :) Tee, hee - next thing you'll be trying out my Liver and Bacon Casserole recipe Kath!! It's here if you fancy a try :)

I decided to stick with 'fabulous' this week when picking the final makes to show you - and am sure you'll agree that this stunning Wedding card, made by Pat, is such a worthy inclusion! Pat always details just how she makes her cards and the amount of work here is quite something.

I love this chipboard based bauble, so beautifully decorated by Jane. It's going to be such a fabulous addition to the Christmas tree. And lots of lovely little snippets used in the process of course.

I know, I know!! My rule of three picks got broken again - but I just have to include Sam's Christmas 2014 album. To check it all out you have to visit her blog - the work in every album she makes is just phenomenal!

And we have one new playmate this week, SHartL over on Flickr. Such a shame I can't copy/paste her entries here but you can check them out by linking from last week's Mr Linky (numbers 50 and 51). Welcome and I hope you come back to play again soon! :

OK, so onto the winner of the Spellbinders 'Edwardian Door' and 'Holly Wreath' dies, and it's:
Karen only joined us very recently and her cards are also posted on Flickr rather than a blog. So, we have a bit of a mystery playmate, and I have no idea where you live Karen! Do please let me have your address (email me here: and I'll pop the dies in the post to you this week. If you're outside of the UK, they will be posted Airmail as I always do but we're getting into last posting dates for Christmas overseas post of course - but with luck they will reach you in time for Christmas.

It goes to show, beginners can hit lucky - it's happened a couple of times before :)

Onto this coming week's prize, which will be no surprise of course:
It's two embossing folders, the same as the ones I used on my snippets card, the 'Swirl Baubles' plus the 'Constellations'.

The Snippets Challenge will run for one week and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 13th December and will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

Maximum of three entries and please say 'Yes please' (or similar) in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. As always, if you're only interested in one or other of the items making up the prize, just say so and if you win then I'll do a further draw for whatever it is you don't want. But, please do go for both if that's what you'd like of course.

Mr Linky is below - do please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone :)

No update on Spike, I fear this sudden cold snap might have made him hibernate, regardless of being so small.

I know that many of you will have seen my tribute/post earlier in the week here about our lovely Bernie. I had another lovely email from Bernie's sister, Lori, just yesterday and this is what she wrote:
Hi Diane,

Your tribute was so touching and sweet! Thank you so very, very much.  I read through all of the comments and cried my eyes out all over again. Please thank those lovely ladies for me. Their outpouring of love has touched my heart in ways you will never know.  

And after some personal stuff, Lori ended her email like this:
Thank you for making Bernie's life richer and for reaching out and touching my heart.
Hugs to you and all of Bernie's blogland friends, 

Wasn't that lovely - Lori is referring to you wonderful ladies. I'm so glad that Lori thought to check out this blog and found all your lovely comments, which obviously meant so, so much to her. Huge thank you hugs from me ladies - and I vote we make Lori an honorary Playmate!

Di (and the usual happy wave from Parsnip of course)


  1. I think your card looks beautiful! It actually looks like dusty rose, not copper. Anyway, I read what you said went wrong, but it all looks so lovely that I couldn't understand what the problem was! Congrats to your picks and the lucky winner! I will be back to play along and - yes - I would love to win! The prize is wonderful! Thank you!

  2. Hi Di, it is very late but as I am a night owl I will leave my comment now. Thank you so much for the highlight of my card this week. I feel so bad because I didn't realise you were under the impression that I added all the little flowers in the bridal bouquet. These were actually part of the original silhouette which I should have said on my post, and also I didn't read your original comment well enough otherwise I would have put you straight by now. I have added a p.s. to my post as I didn't want anyone who might come across the original silhouette to think I had done more work than I had. Thank you for your lovely comments both here and on my blog which I really appreciate, and you know the playground is always my most favourite place to be! Now, congrats to Karen and the other picks including Mrs A's cute elf. Your card is really pretty and your added bauble embossed with the Constellations folder looks great. You were honest about your difficulties and I also felt I had to put the record straight too. x

  3. Not sure why you are unhappy with this pretty card. It sure looks lovely on my monitor. The copper color looks more rosy in the photo. Wow, you picked some stunning entries to highlight. I had awready seen all but Mrs. A's cute little elf earlier. I was blowed away all over again by each card. Kath made me laugh reading her post as I admired that box card, and Pat stunned me with her creativity as she crafted that beautiful wedding card. Also nice to hear that it was a comfort to Lori to realize how much her sister was regarded by us bloggers that were lucky enough to get to know her. You did a very lovely tribute, and I thank you for all your efforts in this situation. Big hugs & TFS

  4. Oops, I forgot to Congratulate the big winner! Hooray for her & I know she'll enjoy the goodies. Hugs

  5. Super picks as usual Di. Your card looks just fine - definitely a dusky pink on screen! I know just what you mean about time getting short!

  6. Lovely makes today, Di and splendid picks too. How lovely that Lori contacted you after reading your tribute to Bernie too.

    Just uploaded my snippet make - can't believe I was first this morning AND I was out on the town last night!

    Happy Sunday


  7. A beautiful card Di. I actually thought it was deep pink rather than copper.I don´t see why you were unhappy with it.
    That was a lovely response from Lori. Thank you for co-ordinating the tribute to her. Kate x

  8. Personally I love your card just as it is. We are always our own worst critic.
    Just playing for fun this week if I can manage to get away from that pesky Elf for long enough. He is trying so very hard to get into the Craft pad but I'm keeping the door very firmly shut.
    The Doc is threatening to frog march him round to the playground toot sweet!! Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Lovely card and beautiful picks Di!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  10. Yes, not much blogging going on on my end here since it is Dec! I'm not sure I like that, but it is what it is. And yes we will all get to that point, at least I know I will. lol I love your card Di! I think it is just beautiful! What fun embossing folders and I do love embossing folders, just need to use them more often! Your picks this week are amazing and I can certainly see why you picked them. I'm in such awe of the talent! Awww, how sweet of Bernie's sister to write you and say such sweet things. It just goes to show that the world isn't as bad as the news makes it out to be. Yes, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, but for the most part people are good and really do love one another!! Thanks for sharing this email from Lori with us Di, it warms my heart. Now maybe I will get to play along this week, I've got to go make a birthday card for this week and I plan on using some snippets! Hugs, Brenda

  11. I know what you mean about blogging and christmas and it doesn't help that I'm still not healthy yet. Anyway I'm just popping by for a bit of fun this week. Super highlights and your card is fabulous xx

  12. Well I like your card Di . . . but agreed with some of the others, the photo looks dusky rose colour not copper!

    Congrats to Karen on winning, and all those who were showcased.

    Sorry haven't been round much. Lots on.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  13. Hello Di, you're not the only one struggling to blog right now ... me too! Methinks you're being too hard on yourself. I can't see why you don't like your card - it looks lovely to me. The copper looks more old rose to me ... a shade of pink that I actually like :) That embossing folder is gorgeous. I agree, you've chosen fabulous projects to showcase.

    I've been reading all about the Elf on the Shelf and I personally think it's a creepy concept, as scary as the bogeyman was to me when I was a child!!! However, I'm sure Mrs A's Elf is much more benign.

    Congratulations to Karen on her win.

    Thanks for sharing the email from Lori ... it's nice to know that she has found some comfort in learning how much we thought of Bernie and how much she is still missed.

    Oh, and much as I love those gorgeous embossing folders, I'm playing for fun again this week :)

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  14. I thought your card was pink too Di! Looks great to me and I'm sure it looks great IRL too.

    Lovely picks again - I missed one of them this week, so off for a proper look. Congratulations to Karen on her win of this week's prize.

    I've been having a chuckle too at the antics of the Elf on the Shelf this week, What a cute little character he is! xx

  15. Awww so pretty Di is your card l'm really loving the background too! gorgeous baubles and layout.....beautiful array of creations from the previous challenge and congrats Karen enjoy your prize xx

  16. A lovely card Di and I've just visited the playground as I would love a change of winning the folders.
    Kath x

  17. This card is gorgeous DI!! I happen to love copper so it would catch my eye right off the bat. I had to chuckle at your blow by blow description of the process though, and have to say that you are braver than I to try and cut a hole for the ornament. Craft knives and I don't have a good relationship, although I do love to snip with scissors. Thank you so much for the wonderful prize last week...I am thrilled to be a winner! So glad to have found your blog because snipping paper is one of my favorite things to do!

  18. Oh my, this card is really beautiful Diane and I can't even hope to make one as nice as this! I'm sure the embossing and the mirri card are even more impressive in person! I have found myself in the position of not liking the way a card turns out but not wanting to give up as well but I think you can count this one as a success!

  19. Hello Miss,
    First of all thank you so much for choosing my 'box' as one of your picks.
    Also a huge thank you for giving me the link to your liver and bacon recipe, I will sell it on.
    Love your other picks too.

    Like a few others the card does not come across as bronze but a pinkish colour, the bauble are fabulous and it is a lovely card.

    Oh and try to keep that Elf out of the playground.

    Kath x

  20. I love the embossing folders, but I've got some that are quite similar, so will just be playing for fun this week. xx

  21. I like this card Miss and it looks rose on my screen too. Great picks too and well done to Karen for her win. I had some happy post yesterday but with everything going on last night, I forgot to email you. Please forgive me. You were in no way cheeky!!
    BTW I saw Elf lurking behind the bike shed earlier!!

  22. Rather a long post this time Di, sorry. I write as I talk, so I guess you have gathered I´m a chatter-box! I´d love to be in the draw this week please. Kate x

  23. Well I´ve not only managed two posts tonight, but they are following one another on your linky! Now I know that I can get on here at this ungodly hour, I can catch up on my posting, (and have a nap after lunch so I can keep going!). Anyway, a second chance to enter the draw this week, which is something I don´t acheive very often. Kate x

  24. I'm sorry your card didn't come easily, Di, but it sure ended up well worth the effort! It's very pretty and elegant!! Super picks as always! That Mrs. A. is a riot!!

    Thanks again for sharing about Bernie and her sister, too. I'm going to wait until after the holidays to post about our dear friend. Life is too short! Hugs and thanks for another Playground whirl!! Darnell

  25. I love metallic paper and copper so definitely love your card even though it doesn't look too coppery in the pic.
    Yes Please to the prize chance, that baubles e folder is gorgeous : )

  26. The metal embosses beautifully! Sorry you struggled with this card but it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lori's letter. Bernie's love keeps on going doesn't it?

  27. Your card looks more rose colored than it does copper and it looks quite clever and neat as well. Embossed metal for the win! Thanks for visiting me. I should get back into my blogging saddle again.

    BTW, blogger has forced upon us a "please prove your not a robot" number verification thing. Tedious! But hey, I can read the numbers so this comment will get posted!

  28. Hi Di, sorry to hear you're not too well at the moment! Hope things improve for you soon. Love your beautiful embossed card, and yes please to the prizes this week. I LOVE embossing! Cathy x

  29. I love your creations Di! Something always different and good use of snippets!
    Well deserved pick ups and congrats to the winners! YES Please, would love to win for some Christmas creations!

  30. I agree with the others, your card looks a beautiful pearlised rose colour on my screen! Thanks for my top 3 place last week. I'm just playing for fun this week. Hope your eye is better today.

  31. Ay Ay Cap'n. Do you want me to dance the Hornpipe for you?
    Pieces of snips Pieces of snips!

  32. Hope you feel better soon Di.
    I agree with many others -- you are being way too hard on yourself. It is a lovely card.

  33. Love your snippets card. It is beautiful. Hope your eye is feeling better. " Yes " please count me in on this prize pack. Thanks.

  34. First of all, your card is simply stunning, and I love the colors! Congrats to all of your notables and to Karen on her win as well. Thanks also for sharing Lori's heartfelt email.....that was so beautiful and touching! I'm playing just for fun this week, so I'll say no thanks to the prize draw! Take care of those peepers now, ya hear? Have a great week!

  35. Hello Miss. Hope your eyes are better and if you want revenge on Len I can send you a stick to use if you wish???? LOL
    AND I thought you had passed on your dreaded eye lurgy to me.. cos I had to go back and read your post TWICE... I thought you said 'copper' (thought at first this was a reference to when I was gainfully employed) but them I deffo saw a dusky rosey colour (rather like my cheeks when I've had a few glasses of vino (or even worse my eyes if I've had too much gin....) either way copper (loke pans) or rosy (like my cheeks) it's a very nice card.x
    Oh and wasn't that Kath just tooooooo clever for words with that card in a box thingy? Loved it. All the showcases were pretty cool this week too... and as for the prize - yes please cos me shelf hasn't collapsed yet so it obviously needs some more stuff to pout on it....! xxx

  36. Me again - reading that comment I wish to assure you that I have not been partaking of alcohol in the playground.. me fingers won't work properly... my shelf certainly isn't 'POUTing' and I have no idea what 'LOKE pans' are.......

  37. Very elegant card, so pretty! Hope you are feeling better!

    Yes please for me!

  38. Simply elegant, Di. Love the non conventional color, also. Congrats to our winner this week, and all of the picks are lovely. I am just playing for fun this week, and I am so happy I found time.

  39. Popping by with another Xmas card...
    Hope your eye is feeling a wee bit better...

  40. I really like your card! I love the card choices and Mrs. A's Elf On A Shelf is great!
    Yes, put me in for the prize draw this week.
    ta ta for now,

  41. I linked a card very late a couple of nights ago but did not leave a comment then and have been so busy since it slipped my mind. Anyway, I think the embossing folders are lovely so 'Yes please' could I be included in the draw this week. x


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