Friday, 6 December 2013

Santa's Grotto in panic mode

It had to happen sooner or later, although I'll be keeping a close eye on the Playground - am going to have to reduce my daily posts for now ..... otherwise we won't be ready for the fat man in the red suit!

Please keep joining in the Playground, and I'll visit you in return, that will continue as normal. Huh, whatever normal is of course! Closing and opening of the Playground gates will be at the usual times, and of course I'll hopefully do my snippets card, the weekly picks, draw etc. for Sundays.

My wish is to post every other day or so just until things are more organised here, and my back is 100%. I think it'll just be for a week or so - it's amazing how much can be done when there's time to really focus :)



Glennis F said...

Don't panic!! just breathe - in - out - in - out

btw I can't see your picture!

Annie said...

I need a full definition of something Di....What is this word 'Normal'. I can't remember anything like that in this house for what seems like a life time. I hope you find your 'normal' soon and if you see mine knocking about please send him home for me.
Annie xxxx

Sarah said...

There is nothing "normal" about this time of year!! See you soon xx

Sarn said...

I'm looking at your blog from a PC and I can't see it either! Gremlins are out!

I generally only post 3 times a week . . . which I find much more manageable and less stressful than when I was attempting it daily!

Think Blogland quiet anyway at mo as all are busy with Christmas.


Sarn xxx

Di said...

Changed it - OK now? xx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

You must take few deep breaths,
see all things from the other prospection
see you soon
be happy
hugs and kisses
with love Tamara

Carol L said...

I hear you and we are in the same boat! My comments are not as frequent either, but I'm still tuned in! Take a breath, in a few short weeks, we'll get back to normal - whatever that is! LOL Just breathe...... :)

Hettie said...

Err "normal"? What is that when it is at home? Certainly not anyfink I know about at work or in blogland!

Elizabeth said...

I think we all find it more difficult to keep up at this time of the year ... too much to do ... so don't sweat it, we'll all catch up when the frantic stuff is over :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

glitterandglue said...

Hello Di. I am sort of assuming you are the Di who found Hettie for me - Thank you!! I'm sure you are right, that's the gal I was after!! Life can get rather silly about now, can't it? I got to the overload stage this morning, so hubby and I sat down with the calendar, worked out what needed doing, what didn't, and when to do what did!!! Needless to say, the plan has already gone wrong - lovely, unexpected visitors this morning, the phone going into overdrive, rain all afternoon, plus a leaking dishwasher.
Oh well, back to the drawing board!!
Have a precious, restful week, and relax over not blogging every day.
Margaret #60(WOYWW)

Karen said...

Breathe deep and easy and where is that blooming chicken lol!
Seriously do not aggravate your back any more darlling - Santa won't visit if you are naughty xxx

Karen said...

p.s. we don't do 'normal' tis dull as pond water

MaryH said...

I hear you about the daily posts. I'm trying to play catchup and schedule some as I have Christmas cards I need to get ready - so why not make a post, eh? I'm seeing so many mentions of the 100th Crafty Playground as I wander around the blogs tonight, trying to play catchup with the commenting too! How wonderful. Hope you're keeping well, not overdoing things and still mending on the back. TFS & Hugs
Oh I have 2 scheduled posts, one of which has some snippets, so I'll jump over to play when the post is live! :-)

scrappymo! said...

Take care of you...that is the important thing...I am an erratic blogger at the best of tomes...just depends how busy my personal life gets!
Your challenge is my personal favourite, so I would rather know that you are well than know you are struggling to post whilst still recovering.

So whenever you have the time and health is just fine with me...will miss you of course but I will probably with Christmas prep anyways so might not even notice if you slow down. lol

Annie said...

You take care of yourself Di - big hugs Ann xxx

mamapez5 said...

I couldn't begin to post daily, not if I am going to do some commenting as well, which is only fair. So you give yourself a break and rest that back a bit. You want to be 'up and running' by Christmas. hugs Kate x

Debs Willis said...

Di, remember to look after yourself or there'll be NO posts at all! My posts are erratic, depends on other commitments & whether any crafting getting done lol!
As for 'normal', I think abnormal & unexpected is the norm in our house!
Keep smiling :-)
Debs xx

Greta said...

Wishing you continued improvement! Don't over-do just because it's a busy time of year--not worth it!