Tuesday 17 December 2013

Sparrowhawk - nil, sparrows - BIG win

The other afternoon, Len was idly eating a Clementine orange (nicked from Christmas goodies) and watching the back garden/ aka our Playground. And this is what he saw, but it happened so fast it sure isn't his photo!
The sparrowhawk was chasing a little sparrow - which was fleeing for cover into our evergreen huge bush here, where all is its little pals live. At times we've seen up to 40+ of them in one go, chattering and gathering!

Anyhow, with the hawk following at great speed, the teeny sparrow shot into the bush followed by the sparrowhawk and there was such a rumpus :)

For a few seconds the bush rustled like crazy and suddenly out tumbled the sparrowhawk - landing right in the bird bath in a heap. All fluffed up and shaking its head in a daze before it flew off.

I think them sparrows, all 40 or so of them, sorted, 'im out  - bop, bop, bop!!! :)

YAY, hooray for the little birds.




  1. WooHoo!!!! - one up for the little Guys :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hag, Miss what a cracker! great pickies too even if borrowed, Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Sadly we don't have sparrowhawks in our neck of the woods but be do have a pair of buzzards that are found daily wandering around the horse paddocks or sitting on the fence posts. It's a common site to see them being "chased" by our resident blackbirds, starlings and other smaller birdies. One up for the little peeps!! xx

  4. On mobile and meant hah! not hag stupid auto spelling, sorry.x

  5. Yay . . . GO SPARROWS GO! Stick it to the Man!

  6. What a privilege to watch :)

  7. Beautiful bird but way to go sparrows! xx

  8. Oh for goodness sake--that is amazing! I love the big birds, but not when they're after the little ones! Some of nature I just don't want to see--LOL!

  9. Must have been so cool to watch - well, hawks need to eat too and as predators they are important for the food chain....

  10. Sparrow in the tree top,
    Sparrow in the tree top,
    another blast from the past that you have had me singing all day.

    Pay back time me thinks, good on'em.

    Kath x

  11. He is awesome, but I'm glad the little birds won that fight!

  12. So glad the little guys won.

    But the hawk is a thing of beauty to see flying too!

  13. Yeay! Up the lickle ones!

  14. The doc says Hi. just Sat him down in front of this to have a read. We have a bush too (Well technically next doors but it is hanging over our side of the fence) which all the little birds congregate in. It is right outside our back door so its lovely to stand and watch them all from the UT room. The Whimps likes watching em too (from the safety of behind the per spec cat flap mind!!).
    Hugs Mrs A.


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