Saturday 21 December 2013

The Snippets Playground

Hi girls

I'm really sorry but we have a crisis or three here today - first the microwave has taken over and is turning itself on, all by itself - NOT a good thing. So (thankfully) a new replacement is to be collected today. We have a sick collared dove in the garden which may need taking to the animal rescue shelter if we can catch it. The ironing is overflowing, my desk is a mess so no room at all to craft and I have a massive list of things to tackle.

Sooooooo, I've re-opened the Playground for another day or so until I can see daylight and do the write up,  draw etc. - not to mention making a snippets card!

You can still link cards so long as Mr Linky is open, even if you already did three - but no more than five in total please.

Back soon!



  1. We had a tv that kept turning itself on/off, changing channels, and volume kept increasing to the limit and locking there! The tv was not even 4 yrs old, but we trashed it and bought another. I wondered if it was possessed? My hubby thought his deceased brother was playing tricks on him - but either way, it was replaced and so far so good! I hope you're able to get everything sorted out in this mad rush before the holidays! Just breathe.........

  2. Hello Di,

    Please don't worry, hope you manage to sort everything out.

  3. Just another day of pandemonium in the Playground then? Don't get your knickers in a twist Di . . . we don't mind being able to play on the swings for longer.

    Sarn xxx

    PS: Hope your day improves. xxx

  4. Hope your pleased with your new microwave and hope that the collared dove will be ok.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  5. It's Alive! Run for your life. Thankfully a replacement is on the way. I have the same problem with my craft desk - I should take some time to clean it off, but who has time with all the crafting that needs to be done :) Just take deep breath and take a moment to gather your thoughts. And prioritize. Happy Holidays!

  6. Oh dear ... just when life is at its busiest anyway - hope things get sorted xx

  7. Um, oh dear. I'm sure your power troubles with the microwave had nothing whatsoever to do with me and Sarn seeing how many power tools we could turn on at once when we took a silly break from rebuilding the bike shed. Honest. I'm just sure it's a coinkydink!!

    I hope you get it all sorted and love the new over, heal the dove, and blast through the ironing. Which I hope you are doing sitting down because it can't be good for your back. Big Holiday Hugs, Darnell

  8. Huge hugglesssssssssssssss Di xxxx

  9. Sorry for the problems at your side BUT Oh thank goodness for the extra time.
    I will try hard to get down to the pit and make another card...if there is a square inch left to work in! hahahahaha

    Couple of parties to go to today and tomorrow and that is it and relaxation till Xmas....oh yeah....and clean the scrapbook room...that should take a full week to do it properly!!!

  10. Oh dear! that is not good timing - right before Christmas!

  11. Oh dear! Firstly don't worry about the Playground - you know us lot aren't going anywhere without you!
    But I do think you need to have a word with Sarn and Darnell - they are naughty little so and so's - words I won't say here lol!
    Do not do the ironing! Believe me I am talking from experience here - it will aggravate your pain.
    We try to buy clothes these days that I can hang up or tumble dry -minimal creasing, and DH has to iron these days! Please take care of you hun.
    I will try to get another creation made and popped in this evening why don't you leave the playground until next week? xx

  12. Take a deep breath....All will be well!

  13. Poor Miss Di! If you lived nearer I'd send Steve round to do the ironing - he has done all of ours for 24 years now, bless him! We had a cooker that turned it's own rings on - definitely unsafe and needed to go! Don't worry about the playground. That bike shed is coming on and the Egg nog is going down a treat, hic!

  14. Slow, slow down. All the stress can't be helping your back. Hope you got the new microwave all plugged in, ready to heat up some lovely hot chocolate (or cider, or whatever floats your boat). Hugs

  15. That sounds spooky to me . Hope the new one arrives in time for crimbo. Dun you worries bout a few crumbled clothes yer back is mor himportant. Hugs Mrs A.

  16. I hope all your problems are getting sorted. Why is it things tend to come in threes.

  17. Hi Di m back again.. I have real problem putting your link on my blog I keep putting it on publishing it and hten come up with:
    "Error 404 not found"...

    ..for some weird reason it is only your blog off to do it all over again and e will see hw i go and think last one did it about three times and then days later found it had reverted to error message again.. really weird, going to try putting it last.. as always do it Shaz in oz.x


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