Thursday 26 December 2013

The little black cat

Well, what a couple of days here :( We lost quite a bit a lot of of the Playground fence in the high winds overnight on 23rd/24th December so poor Len spent a good few hours shoring up, propping up and roping what's left until it can be fixed in the New Year. We're currently 'open plan' as they say - sigh.

Then, Christmas Day was going fine, the bird was cooked, thankfully the pigs in blankets and stuffings were also done. In went the roast vegetables and parsnips in honey. When I checked a while later they were glaring and shivering at me through the oven door doing absolutely nothing - the oven had gone poof, bang, 'kaput'. What?!?! Talk about timing huh :(

Thankfully we have a smaller oven so that came into its own, but it's much slower than the large fan assisted oven. Quite a bit of juggling went on I can tell you! 'Lunch' was mid-afternoon in the end - and it actually turned out really well thankfully, although we did think whatever can happen next.

After clearing up I hopped out to put a rubbish bag into the bin, to be met by a little face looking up at me and quietly miaowing. What followed astonished me so much I didn't grab the camera, but this piccie from the web shows what the little sweetie was like:
File:Black kitten July August 2009-1.jpg
Outside our back door was a quite young and still little black cat wearing a sparkly red collar with a gently tinkling bell. It bravely came into the house, possibly lured by lingering smells of food, had a really good wander round for about 10 minutes, sniffed everywhere, gave a little smile and then went back outside and disappeared into the darkness.

Now, I'm quite superstitious and do truly think that little creature hopped in to say 'don't worry, it could be worse'. So wherever you are, our lucky little black cat with sparkly red collar and tinkling bell, thank you!

The rest of our day was spent smiling at the memory of our little visitor - and counting our blessings that what we had to contend with was really nothing in the great scheme of things :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas with no big disasters, and if not then I'll look out for the little black cat and send it over to visit!



  1. Glad to hear your Christmas was still a good one! Hope your good luck from the little cat lasts long into the new year :) Cathy x

  2. Oh my--you just never know, do you. Glad you're able to look on the positive side & how special to have that little sweetie visit! Merry Christmas, Di!

  3. Glad to hear that you were able to save the dinner! Whew...that sounds like a close call.

    Hope the fence is mended well as the ponies are arriving this week!

    That wee kitty is very pretty...sleek and pretty!

  4. WHAAATTTTTTTT? You tried to cook Parsnip in HONEY???????? Thank goodness the cooker went wrong.

    Seriously though, good job you checked when you did and managed to save the day. At least you can buy a new cooker while the sales are on.

    Strange about the black kitten. I've never known a totally black cat that wasn't EXTREMELY curious.

    Here's hoping you have a calmer Boxing Day!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Happy Christmas Di. Glad you saved dinner. Hope to come back to play in playground in New Year. X

  6. I was with 'Darn Sarn' (she'll tell you why this is her new name...) - I thought poor furry bear in the Santa suit had been dumped into the bee hive and after surviving without stings you put him in a roasting dish...
    Glad all sorted in the end.. no disasters here apart from the fact that it was MY turn to cook......... nuff said! x

  7. I'm glad all turned out well for you. We lost our oven last year, half-way through cooking Christmas dinner, so I know what it is like! I thought you were going to say you one of the unlucky ones who lost their power altogether. The little cat was a cutie. I hope she found her way home. Kate x

  8. Oh no what a time you have had. That's why I have TWO microwaves!!! Glad you managed to get it all cooked in the end. We have cold tuna sandwiches today.
    The fence is all roped and shored up and everything battened down for the onslaught tonight at 11pm so The Doc reckons. He is sat here with his stop watch!! Hope you have a calmer day today. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Hee Hee! Laughing at Sandra's comment.
    Sorry it was a bit of a disarster darling! But all's well that ends well!
    Nice that you had a visitor.

  10. Shame about the oven but glad it wasn't a total disaster and dinner was served, albeit later than planned. I think the cat was sent to cheer you up too. Our fence is still standing, but only just, but my daughter's came down in the gales too - what a winter it has been so far. I'm told it's not over yet! Hugs, Elizabeth xx
    PS: we are still without wheels so it's a stay home Christmas for us :)

  11. Happy to hear you are both safe, well and dry! Sorry about the fence though, that's going to be hard work and for the big oven to give up - thank goodness the turkey was cooked and you just had to wait for the veg.
    I've been worried about my friends down south so happy to hear it wasn't worse than that. Take care of yourselves xx

  12. What an interesting Christmas visitor! Sounds like you had an exciting Christmas. Although it had it's pitfalls, I'll bet you remember this one!

  13. I know exactly how you were feeling as something similar happened to us on Christmas day a few years ago (I wrote about it here
    I hope that little black kitten brought a shed load of good luck for you and yours, and the storms leave you alone tonight xxxxxx

  14. Don't appliances always pick the worst times to die on us? Like our dishwasher which went kaput when we had the house full of guests over a holiday... Glad to hear you saved the day, though and had a visit from a lovely cat!

  15. Your little oven and the little kitten are what memories are made of. Aren't surprises fun...especially when they turn out well! Looking forward to 2014. See you then.

  16. OMG !!! So glad at least that you had the main dinner cooked !!!! Almost a disastrophe there !!!
    Very cute lil' kitty..... may just came to wish you merry Chrimbo :-D
    A bugger about the fence - I saw on the news that UK was coming in for some huuuuuuge winds :-(

    Hope everything is finished and better now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. I live with a black cat. He's usually behind most of the disasters although he is passing the torch on to his gray cousin. I'm glad you had a good day and that the disasters were kept to a minimum. Take care, my friend!


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