Saturday 28 December 2013

Holiday Zentangling

I took bits and pieces to Zentangle with us to Thailand back in October. But most of what I did was just fiddling round trying to get to grips with patterns (I'd forgotten to take any Z books, particularly my Zen Dangles book, sigh) - but doing some rummaging here yesterday I did come across these paltry offerings:
A simple heart.
A 'Tangle Scene' - based on the view from our balcony :)

Hey, if I could 'fess up to the asses ears over the oven business yesterday, then I can surely show how far I need to go before I'd be anywhere near as good as Sarn - go and check her Zentangling out, it's amaaaazing!



  1. These are good Miss! You are far more daring than me and Sarn is definitely our Queen of Tangle. I just wouldn't have a clue where to start and my dislike of black and white puts me right off the idea! I always forget what gismo does what and how to work it - you are not alone with that lol! xx

  2. Practice makes perfect and you have done an amazing job on these Di they are brilliant ......keep it up hope you had a good Christmas my internet went down only just back up today after it went off 23th Dec xx

  3. Oh my goodness--these are amazing, Di!

  4. Well, I'm Impressed! All I've done is buy a book! These are darned good & I think you did a fab job on them. And on vacation (sort of!) too. TFS & I'm off to read about the Asses...intriguing title. :-)

  5. Missy, Sarn is good, but you are good too. I wish I could relax when I zentangle, but there is little Zen and lots of tangle. I'm heading over to see what Sarn is up too.

  6. Brilliant Di, well done.

  7. Well, while I'm busy blushing after your sweet comment (and reading some of the ones above!) . . . I have time to comment and to say that I think these are pretty good.

    I really LOVE how you made a scenic design . . . very artistic indeed. The heart is also good and I like the way you've incorporated shading in your patterns.

    Practice makes perfect for sure. You have to remember that I've been doing it fairly regularly for about 18 months now and it's amazing how much my patterns have improved in that time. Just you wait and see . . . keep at it and you'll find the same.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. I love your palm trees Di. Zentangles facinate me but I haven't dared to give it a go. I have a feeling it might prove rather addictive, and I never get things done on time as it is, without another distraction! But good on you for giving it a go. I think these are just great, so keep at it! Kate x

  9. Well I love them Di - Its something I have never tried. Hope you have mastered that oven now - I think I have done similar - modern technology huh! x Jo

  10. Gorgeous Di,
    love the design
    hugs and love

  11. Di, these are great, especially the second one, those palm trees are fab!

    love Mags B x

  12. Well it may not be too much consolation to you but you are a better man than I am Gungerdin. Spelling of that no idea, who care's

    Looks good to me, I love the way you are so willing to try anything, where I shy away.

    Oh Di, I really hope you have a fabulous 2014, you are such a star and you just don't need you aches and pains,

    Kath xxx


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