Tuesday 3 December 2013

The dancing duckling

A guy (let's call him Fred) goes into his local pub and tells the landlord he has a sure fire way of drawing in more custom with a little cabaret act.

Dubiously the landlord agreed to 'audition' this new act, whereupon Fred whipped a little duckling from one pocket and a metal cigar tin from the other pocket. He turned away, rustled around a bit and hey presto, there on the bar was the cigar tin with a cute little duckling dancing away on top like there was no tomorrow - tappitty, tap, tap, tap:

'WOW - you're booked!' exclaimed the landlord. So each evening Fred, the duckling and his little metal 'stage' arrived at the pub, collected their percentage of the previous night's takings and set up for that night's performance.

People came from far and wide to see the little ball of fluff tap dancing like there was no tomorrow - until Fred had to go away for an overnight trip. He left the duckling and his little metal cigar tin stage in the care of the pub landlord.

The following evening, after he returned home, just before closing time he dropped into the pub to collect his duckling and little metal stage. But, he found that the landlord was not at all happy. 'You and your duckling are FIRED' he shouted 'I was a laughing stock, that duckling just sat on its bum on top of the cigar box and smirked at everyone all evening - not one single tap, tap at all'.

Fred sighed and replied ............................... wait for it .....................................
'I know, my fault. I forgot to tell you to light the tea light inside the tin just before the duckling was due to perform'.

I told Len this one the other evening when we were trying to outdo one another with silly tales - and he said it was cruel :( That guy takes life a bit seriously sometimes - tap, tap, tappitty, tap - snort.



  1. ahahaha...it is a bit cruel if it were true...but...luckily we know it is a joke.

    Just a stiff neck and shoulders now...my back has settled down into my normal level of pain...I was lucky I think! may go for a deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders next week. I think one of two should sort my neck out too.

    How is your back doing...I hope you have some relief! Remember...Slow and steady till you are stronger.

  2. That's a great one and you told it so well!! Fab little piccie too xx

  3. Hehe you are wicked Di :-)
    Annie x

  4. Hee hee! Perfect photo for the joke.
    Sarn xxx

  5. That photo is just gorgeous. Had to come over and read your tale. Cheered my day.
    Ann xxx

  6. Ohhhh.....PETA is now a follower! What a sweet story, man and animal working together....and then, it just went fowl. HeHe! Hugs!

  7. lmaoooooooooooo Di poor ducky but funny lol huggles Sue xxx

  8. Snort, is right! I loved it! And, for once, I had the sense to not take a sip of my beverage while I was reading it so there wasn't a snort of a different sort! Hope you are finally feeling all better, Di! Hugs, Darnell

  9. I don't know whether to laugh or cry,
    missed the first h out originally, apparently that's a castrated lamb!
    I think I need a new keyboard.
    I will view t-lights in a different light now.

    Kath x
    Only one day to go now!

  10. Tee Hee! I thought I was the Playground Joker!! No worries - I will let you off this time!

  11. Lol :) Di I think you great!! Xx

  12. lol...oh Di you really know how to tell umm xx

  13. Just in case any one gets the bright idea of:...... I have rounded up all the ducklings oft the pond and ave em safe and sound with me! SOS.


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