Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My favourite five Christmas cards of 2013

The lovely Debby is running this annual challenge once again - you have to pick your own top five favourite creations, from your OWN blog!
I entered last year with a brown paper bag over my head, I love showing my favourite creations which have been made by others for the Snippets Playground but it always feels like blowing ones own trumpet choosing your own  - which is silly really 'cos you wouldn't be making cards if some of them didn't please you :)

Close-up below:

I have to say, this one was my VERY favourite, if only 'cos I did some reasonably successful heat embossing, used some of my favourite new dies, combined cream and copper and all the swirls seemed absolutely right somehow.

OK, OK - so I went for a sixth one! I did think about taking the LOTV card out but as I made a lot of LOTV cards which I felt work so well, some were in lovely soft blues, I left it in. This card above was almost a disaster but I did love the end result and will be trying it again for 2014.

It's been a struggle today to do a supermarket shop ready for New Year but I managed - and will come and see all your Playground makes ASAP I promise! I do know you've been busy little bees in the wrecked Playground (a lorra wind took the fencing down, sigh) and for that I love you. Mwah! 

Hope you all have a fabulous New Year, whether you're out partying or (like us) having a quiet evening and possibly trying to hold remnants of Playground fences up - snort  .......... just hoping we survive and stay awake until midnight! It'll be fine, trust me :)



Carol L said...

Di, these are all fabulous, but I'm especially loving the dripping candles on the first card! What a fantastic creation that is!! Wishing you and yours a very happy & healthy new year!!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Di, I love all of these too, (no trumpet blowing needed, dear .. we know you dont!!) they are just fabby - mm must pin couple pf them as ideas as have the dies on two of them and is great to see how you brilliantly use them, love Shaz in oz.x

Karen said...

Beautiful picks Di. It's my first time to enter, cos I'm a little like you in that I don't want to look big headed or vain! Daft but true lol! And then I could not whittle it down to five I had six lol! xx

Darnell said...

Oh, wow, once again, I am in total agreement with you, Di! These are my favorites, too; I am especially honored to have received the one you brilliantly saved!! I agree with you about showcasing one's own work; actually they are ALL favorites, aren't they, or we wouldn't post them?! Still, we can't help but have our pets among them.

If you are willing to give me another chance with a hammer, after what happened with the bike shed, I'll gladly help with the fence repair. Have you had any luck finding Don Key and the ducks? Lucky thing Parsnip wasn't out for a convabulation with them!!

Glad you survived the market and that you two are taking a teasy on New Year's Eve. Mister doesn't even bother staying up until midnight any more and, to be honest, some years I don't either. I miss Dick Clark!

Enjoy! Thank you again for all you do to keep Pixie's a happy and thriving place of fun!! Cheers and love!! Darnell

Loll said...

Sixth gorgeous cards Di! Love them all! Loll xx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Gorgeous top 5,
love all
I wish you all the best in year tat is comming
hugs Tamara

Sarn said...

Brilliant picks here Di. They're all GREAT!

Wishing you and Len and FABUOULOUS New Year. I really hope 2014 proves to be a good one for you.

We'll be having a quiet one at home too! (It's my age!)

Cheers! Sarn xxxx

mamapez5 said...

All beautiful cards Di. I'm glad to see the one you sent me is here because I love it too. I shall try to get to the playground a bit more often this year. Well done for all the work you put in to 'hold it together'. Have a Joyful and Blessed New Year. Kate x

Kimbo said...

They are all lovely Di but I can't believe that you left my favourite out - the Bethlehem card with kraft - that was stunning.

Hope you manage to hold onto the fence panels


Kim x

Sally H said...

Gorgeous gorgeous creations, Di! I love them all. I love that white and copper combo - so classy and elegant, just like you (stop laughing, I mean it!) Hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for and thanks so much for all your kind words over the year xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

I love the idea of going back over your work and picking out your favourites Di - and what beauties you've chosen! Enjoy your peaceful new year with your fully operational oven (just as long as you're not going to be repeating your last minute Christmas cake recipe!) Vicky x

Sandra H said...

So beautiful are your 5 cards Di they are all so stunning .....Wishing you and Len a Very Happy New Year take care xx

Viv said...

Fab Five Di!! Happy New Year and please give Parsnip a cuddle! x

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Hi Di, fabulous idea to show your favorite Christmas cards - I love them too, but the one I like best is the second to last with the white poinsettia - its just exquisite!
I wish you a Happy New Year - and I guess I will be "stalking" your blog in the new year as much as I have in this year.... Kiss Parsnip from me, hugs, Cornelia

Hettie said...

Gorgeous picks there Miss. Have a fun time out tonight with Mr Pixie. I have to say I love No. 5. My favourite.
I was going to be home alone but have had a nice surprise in that Mr Hettie has the evening off!

MaryH said...

Some great choices Miss. I loved each one of these, but I especially loved your WoW. Our evening will be quiet, I expect all but Moi will be in bed. Hope to start north tomorrow, so of course DH will turn in early. I sleep on the road, so I can stay up later. Hope no more of the fencing blows away. We don't want Parsnip to get out of bounds. Happy New Year & Hugs.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love the five... er six you chose. I'm hard pressed to say which one of the bunch I like best. I like the ornaments card because I know it was snatched from the brink of disaster. I LOVE the nOel with winter scene in it, but the waxy candles is much awesome, and all the delicate die cut work on the one cream and copper card. Then there is the very traditional Christmas angel and the white on white deer card... all LOVELY.

Kathleen said...

Well my lovely Di, these are fabulous as I have probably on previous comments.
To be honest I don't think I will be entering the fav. 5 card one as I have looked back and feel that I must have been mad to post them in the first place.
We are having a quiet night too, well, we have for quite a few years now.
I wish you and Len a very very Happy, Health and Wonderful 2014.
I hope your back makes a full recovery and you are pain free from now on.
Thanks for being a friend.

Kath x

Bonnie said...

I don't think I could stop at picking 5 favorites of your Christmas cards! These would certainly be among them though!

Greta said...

Wonderful cards, Di! I hadn't seen some of these--so glad you put them in this post. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! So glad we've connected.

scrappymo! said...

6 Wonderful choices...hard to pick a fave as they are all fabulous...but the WOW and the copper leaves with ivory poinsettia call out to me!

We are having a relatively quiet evening too...celebrating New Year's Eve with Little Mr P and Miss C.
Their bedtime at home is 7:30 and they always get to stay up till 9pm here...so we will bang on pots and pans and shout out Happy New ear at 9pm...perhaps you will hear us! lol

Desire Fourie said...

Di this is a wonderful selection of cards and a great reflection of your beautiful creative style. {I would love you to take part in my 130,000 Page View Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.} Wishing you a wonderful 2014 and may it be all you want it to be. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Peggy said...

Don't know how you managed to choose Di but I think I agree with your FAVOURITE favourite! Those open leaves look pretty special, although I loved the one we received 😘 happy new year. Hugs Dee xx

Mrs A. said...

Great selection but where's the meeces Huh!! Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Di, it's really hard to pick them isn't it?! love the Merry Christmas one, the dies are really wonderful. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2014! Don't worry about the fence and the bike shed, we'll take care of it all!!


debby4000 said...

Oh Di your selection is absolutely gorgeous.
Many thanks for joining my Favourite Five Christmas cards.