Wednesday, 28 August 2013

If yesterday's tale didn't make you a laugh

..then my offering for today just might. It's a very first go at art journaling - and frankly I think it looks as if a couple of dogs had a fight with inks, acrylic paint and some stamps:
You could really say what didn't the dogs I use? :( And of course there had to be pink.

The book is just a hard backed one I picked up in Hobbycraft, nothing special although the paper is thicker than most, a bit like watercolour paper - it cost about £3.99 I think.

I lost track of the ink pads, inks and acrylic paint I used 'cos I mixed 'em up a bit.

The sentiment/phrase is from a fabulous set I bought at Flutterbys the other week whilst there with Sam and Mo. It's called 'Art Phrases' by Creative Expressions - sadly they only had the one left otherwise it would have made a super Playground prize.

There are 10 'phrases' in the set which are on plain grey rubber and of course had to be cut apart and trimmed. I don't store my sentiments in files, they stay in their bags - and full sets of rubber ones are often tricky to sort through and find the one you want, unless you can easily read backwards of course.

So this is what I did:
On the insert that came with the stamps, I numbered each one and circled it. Aren't those phrases just fabulous?!
And then, with a permanent pen I did the same to the back of each matching phrase. I don't mount plain rubber stamps, instead I use a bundle of acrylic blocks in all shapes and sizes, ready covered with Tack 'n Peel made by Tsukineko. It works for me and even if the tacky 'lessens' they just need a rinse in cold water.

Not my finest hour but, I'm gonna keep the phrase I used firmly in mind - and perhaps something wonderful WILL happen if I keep playing with the journaling. As Sarn says, it's very therapeutic!



Mrs A. said...

Very nice Miss and that is one heck of a brilliant idea about numbering the rubber stamps and the printed wording. Hugs Mrs A.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I love the colouring. It all blends beautifully and harmoniously (that is a big word for this time of night). xx Maggie

roffeycreations said...

Lurve purple - but my thumbnail before I popped over looked like cat prints - maybe a cat & dog fight?? Nooooo I joke of course - it is fab - esp for first go.... hugs Mxx

Glennis F said...

Congrats on your first effort - I haven't managed any yet

ike said...

Oh yes - I thought it was cat prints too :-) Don't mean that in a nasty way Miss.....great soothing colours and I love your new journaling phrase stamps...... kuuuuuuuuelllll :-D

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mamapez5 said...

I love those colours Di. i have to confes that Art Journals so far haven't grabbed me, but they do seem to give a lot of folk oleasure to do.
I have mounted all my stamps on EZmount and put them on laminated sheets of copy paper in plastic pockets so if they fall off they don't get lost. And in each pocket i put a sheet of the printed stamps, then file the pockets under subjects floral, Christmas cut, Christmas trad, sentiments etc, so it is quite easy to browse through all I have for any subject I want. But i guess we all have our own system that suits our way of working. Kate x

Carol Willis said...

I think your first go is fab, I have yet to venture into this area. Love the stamp storage idea.
Caz x

Sarn said...

Well I don't care what you say . . . I LOVE it. Love the colours and the way the black stamping just pops from the page. I can see you had a bottle lid or something similar dabbed into ink and splatted on the page too . . . along with some finger splodging . . . now how satisfying was THAT then?

Sarn xxx

Hettie said...

This is gorgeous Di and of course, pink! Love the sediment too!

Bonnie said...

This is a wonderful set of sayings! I think you'll enjoy this a lot. I think something wonderful happened to this book! I've been thinking that I ought to try this as it's hard to find a journal that will last a whole year! Seems like they put fewer pages every year or I get wordier!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, lovely colours, super splodges, great stamps, ... I have the heart/script one too ... all in all a wee triumph for your first journal page. I don't journal, lack the confidence to try even though I bought a notebook specifically for that purpose about two years ago (paying much the same as you did) ... one day perhaps. Love the word stamp set and numbering the stamps is sheer genius. Keeping the words on the stamp you used in mind is good, but also take heed of stamp #1 - I think Andy Warhol was thinking of you when he said that :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Mary said...

Love it Love it! you did good and I too love the sentiment. I agree, lots of great advice on that sheet. I like the one: Logic will get you from A to Z, Imagination will get you everywhere....Have a happy, crafty week!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

You are so organized! I think you and Len should come back so you can help me with all my crafty bits!

Those sayings are great! I'm going to be brave and give art journaling a try - hopefully in time for next week's WOYWW post.


fairy thoughts said...

Hi Di
love those sayings especially the logic one, I use peel and tack it works for me too.
janet ... visiting from WOYWW

Sally H said...

It looks good to me, Di! I have my art journal all ready and there is very little in it. Good on you for taking the plunge - what is that saying 'every journey begins with a single step'?

MaryH said...

I think your page is fabulous! Loved the light touch you had with the sprays, and those wonderfully apt. Really like those. Great idea on what you did to keep track of them. I can easily see you were a 'manager' in another life, and a good problem solver! TFS & keep up the great work with your new technique. I love it! TFS

Anonymous said...

Ooh me likey, looks like purple shooting stars to me! Great phrase stamps, all so very usable too. Have a great week, I'll pop in again when I get back from my trip.


Amanda said...

I tried art journalling last year and for me with my hate for mess I thought I would struggle but actually I enjoyed going with the flow and even getting messy. I especially enjoyed peeling the modge podge off my hands just like the old copydex from school. I think we have ideas of how it should look but journalling is supposed to be free forming and that is exactly what you have achieved. I like it and think that maybe we should have an out of your comfort zone challenge. Hugs, Amanda x