Saturday 3 August 2013

Friday Smile - on a Saturday

On a cooler day earlier this week I went into a cleaning frenzy. Not just the flick of a duster either, oh no, it was 'full ferret mode' - in which no cranny is left unscrubbed and explored.

Whilst blitzing our shower room I turned to some industrial strength limescale remover - it's really lethal stuff and not for sale in your normal supermarket either. We live in a very chalky area here in Hampshire and limescale drives me crazy.

Seeing me waving the bottle of lethal chemical, Len warned me to be careful - but he'd never seen me in full cleaning garb when using that stuff. Later on, hearing the sound of a toothbrush frantically scrubbing in a particularly hidden part of porcelain ware, he stuck his head round the door to be greeted by yours truly attired as follows:

1. Elbow length rubber gloves - check

2. Huge protective apron - check

3. A protective pair of goggles - check

4. Toothbrush in hand - I buy cheap ones in packs of four from the supermarket as they're great for getting into tricky little places when house cleaning - check

As I turned round Len almost collapsed laughing and snorted 'Good God, The Graduate strikes again. Shall I go up into the loft for your flippers and snorkel?'


This is for Annie's 'Friday Smile' - go on, take a peek, it's all good fun!



  1. Fantastic... Just cracked out laughing at that scenario! Heehee! Xx

  2. "Full ferret mode"!!!!! Love it!!!!! I'm laughing like a drain here! ;)

    love Mags B x

    PS That's a Top Tip about cheap toothbrushes, I usually have old ones to hand and they're so splayed-out that they don't work very well. *adds cheap toothbrushes to shopping list* Thanks!! x

  3. I love the full ferret mode too! Great pics in my head Di! LOL Cathy x

  4. Great start to my day Di, nothing like a total chuckle to start the day. Nothing LiM about this approach. xx Flora

  5. Hmmmm The Graduate? Isn't that the film about an older woman with a much younger man?....think I might invest in your cleaning gear and keep my fingers crossed :-)
    Brilliant Di. Thanks for joining in the fun this week.
    A x

  6. lol.....Me too your so amusing Di xx

  7. Think we need to be running up some waterproof "dusters" for you Di!! Brilliant - thanks for the giggle. x Jo

  8. :-) :-) :-) am chuckling away. x

  9. The funny thing is . . . I can just picture you in all that get up!

    I buy cheap packs of toothbrushes from Poundland - but maybe I should check the supermarket?

    Sarn xxx

  10. I did crack up laughing Di - I can just imagine all the gear - then I wondered about Shades of Grey - ooooer!

    We barmy ones should stick together. LMAO!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  11. This cracked me up, it did! I'm impressed at your cleaning energy. Care to send me some? Loved your photo. I use old brushes for that kind of thing as well. Got a tip to save the old brushheads from the electric toothbrush, put 'em in the handle part, and scrub away. It works & saves on elbow grease. (I'm allergic to work too!). TFS & Hugs

  12. LOL Di so funny lol@ ferret mode!! huggles Sue xx

  13. Great tale, bless him.

    Kath x

  14. The thought of you in your hubbies sugested full attire, made me giggle. xx

  15. lol, :-). Thank you Di, what a wonderful vision I have of both of you now lol! A new phrase for me too - 'full ferret mode'.
    You sure you haven't been reading Eileen's hubby's blog about the dogs and ferrets lol - it might explain this lapse of santiy lol Karen xx


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