Wednesday 8 February 2012

WOYWW - 140 - Stamp storage Part 2

This week has been busy here in Pixies Workshop, stamping images and carrying on with the cataloguing and setting up stamp storage. The wooden ones were pretty quick to do - they're now mainly in numbered boxes with a little pile of ready stamped cards in ready for the time that the card index box itself is finally set up. I saved almost a whole storage box purely by being able to do a 'best fit' of the wooden stamps rather than categorising them too much - that's the object of the little index card system :)

The unmounted rubber ones (ie. non-cling) had caused the most head scratching here until I had a little Eureka moment and this is what's on my desk right now:

It's a postcard album with four pockets per page and (for me) a totally 'perfick' solution :)

Thankfully I'd made sure that, as I bought unmounted LOTV rubber stamps for example, the image got stamped onto a piece of paper or card with the name of the stamp on and that had already kept with each stamp. Some other stamps like these ones:
arrived with ready stamped slips in  - and even better, some of them were coloured images so I wasn't about to throw those away and start over either! So, each pocket has an unmounted rubber stamp behind the stamped image.

Behind the album you can see the box of index cards that I've been stamping as I went along. The front of the card has the image on and the back has the manufacturer and the name of the stamp - plus, in pencil, I've written the number of the plastic wallet sheet in pencil (so I can change things round if ever needed), on the front as wisely suggested by Sarn! Figure it's not too hard to spot which stamp is needed from a page of just four of them :)

So far none of the index cards has been sorted into subject - that's a job to be saved for the end of this mahoosive project once I truly know what the categories will be - and for a day when I can spread them all over our bed in little piles, like a croupier dealing the cards :)

So far it's just been images - the next job is wooden and rubber unmounted sentiments. Christmas stamps will follow - and only then will it be time to tackle all the clear and cling rubber stamps, which will be stored differently. So, it's taking some time but, so far, it's working well for me - apart from permanently black inked paws. Despite using Memento ink, although the stamps clean beautifully with baby wipes, it's at that point of playtime that the 'Black Hand Gang' comes out to play - more ink seems to end up on me than the baby wipes! Duh, just remembered the big box of disposable gloves lurking in the 'general cleaning' trolley downstairs :)

Some facts that might help if you like this idea:

The index box takes 6" x 4" white cards - perfect for most images. One or two so far have been bigger stamps but you don't need the whole image really.

I got the Photo Album online from here. Really fast service too.

I reckon that an album will hold 15 pocket pages of unmounted rubber stamps comfortably ie. 60 stamps per album. If you use foam backing then that's going to reduce the number of pages that will fit as they're much thicker of course.

Sadly the plastic pocket sheets are just a bit too big both in height and width to fit into a normal A4 file so you'd be best to buy the proper postcard albums.

And, oh dear, I might need a second Index Box to maintain 'flickability' - not sure if that's a real word but you know that I mean. I'm one of those quite sad people who just loves filing! Perhaps a second box could contain index cards for sentiments and (say) Christmas stamps - I need to see the size of the problem first and that's why I'm waiting to do the final sort of the index cards right at this end of this marathon.

Phew, if you're still here I'm amazed!

Time for me to make a cup of coffee and catch up on some blog hopping after a day out yesterday. To see what everyone else is up to on WOYWW - hop over to Julia's here. Best to make yourself a cuppa as well!

Happy WOYWW.



  1. Pleased to report I reached the end Di :-)
    Your sorting/filing is looking fab. I'm a 'place for everything' sort of girl :-) [Jo calls it OCD :-) ]
    A x

  2. FANTASTIC Di . . . you HAVE been a busy girl. After you've finished yours, you can come and do mine! LOL! STOP sticking your tongue out . . . I SAW you! xxx

  3. Hi, what a great desk, your gorgeous stamps are going to be so organised and easy to find. Have a great Wednesday, Laura

  4. Hi there, Can't believe it's Wednesday again already! Thanks for letting me in to peek and I hope the rest of the week is a blessed and creative one for you!
    Neil #45 (ish)

  5. Your stamps look really good in there new home Di, so neat and organised :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  6. I'm slowly getting back to the crafting world. Love your filing system - I have nowhere near the stamps you do, but it might be an idea to start early when there's not so many to sort and stamp! Have fun! Karen 107

  7. MMMmmmmmmmmm, think I'll save these tips for retirement, wish I could be bothered tho, as v. frustrating when you want to reference a stamp and don't know the name. Torn between congratulating you and telling you to stop showing off! [affectionateley, of course].xx

  8. Hello Pixie

    Hmmm sorting out of stamps is something I really need to do- Have tidied my work space but not the "stuff" an album for un mounted stamps would be a fab idea

    Happy creating


  9. How many stamps do you have, Di? I think I have stamp and organisation envy now after seeing all your hard work. The postcard wallets sound perfect and you'll be speed crafting from now on being able to put your hand on the exact stamp in a second. Well done for persevering, I'm very impressed.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  10. Oh dear Di .. .. far too organised for me!!!

    I would have lost the will to live by now going through all of that lot.

    Mine are just stored in little boxes or drawers grouped my the manufacturer .. .. with Penny Black having the best and most easily reachable drawer of all!! LOL!!!

    My boxes have the manufacturers name on the front but that is as good as it gets .. .. and as good as it will ever get.

    But well done .. .. I think you deserve a gold star for determination and perseverance.

    Love Jules xx

  11. I love a bit of good organisation

  12. You'll be so happy when all that organizing is complete I did my embossing folders (I have a couple hundred) put them in aplhabetical order and shew! it was a job but now I can find them in a hurry! thanks for sharing

  13. I started sorting my stamps, but the process ground to a halt, as I could not decide the best way to do it, and where to put them. I am very impressed with your progress. I will settle at the moment for some time to actually craft and perhaps use some of my stamps. See you later in the week in the playground, I hope. xx Maggie #90

  14. So organised!! Could you pop over and do mine please!!! Happy WOYWW! Sarah x #114

  15. Looking Good, Di!!! I tired gloves, made a hell of a mess, unless you have very well fitting gloves I'd pass on them. Hang in there.

  16. Hi Di,

    You put me to shame!!! What great organizational skills you have. I am duly impressed!

    I joined in this week -- I'm number 131! Holy moly.


  17. So do I hear a rendition of 'Out, out, damn spot!!??' Sounsd like you will need to be re-named as the 'Dalmation Stamper' if you are all black and white!

    Hope the organising is going well. I have finally started on converting part of my office into a craft room, wiht the inevitale major sort out to start - thank goodness for recycling wheelie bins!


    debs #132

  18. Brilliant, that'll save you so much time in the long run and free up storage space too! Plus I can see what you've got now!!! You were right about the angel stamp, I looked up Elzybells and although they're no longer trading I was able to see images on other blogs and that little girl is the same, just in different poses. Thanks for that.

    Brenda 17

  19. Brilliant solution - I've managed the sorting of mine but not the stamping yet as I was going to use a file and stamp into that by category but have redone the categories 3 times already! Your index box system and sorting them after is totally genius! I am going to "borrow" that one ;-)
    As for inky fingers - I got one of those ink scrubbies for Christmas, and was dubious, but it gets all ink off me easily, even perm pens/stazon. Got mine from the craft barn.

  20. Thanks for the peak of your desk on this WOYWW.

    That looks like a mammoth task Di but it will be so worth the time and effort when you’re finished. Can I ask were you got the Index box from? I’ve been looking everywhere for one and can’t find them anywhere……..obviously not looking in the right places, Lol.

    Happy Crafting!

  21. You deserve a medal!! It will be brill to have it all so well set up. x Jo

  22. That's a massive undertaking, but it will be so worth it. I did all of mine before we moved out here. I don't use the same system as you, but it is good to have all my stamps organised. So don't give up. You'll get there in the end. Chris says I enjoys organising my craft materials more than using them. that's not true, but it does give me satisfaction to see all my labelled files and drawers. Kate x

  23. I need to lie down and rest now that I've read your post. Maybe I'll even weep quietly. That's way too much organization for the likes of me. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be that organized, but just reading about doing it give me the vapors. Happy sorting! I'm think we're going to have to nominate you for sainthood. St. Pixie, patron saint of organization and happy playgrounds.

  24. WOW!! such organization love the stamp idea, mine are put into food bags (from ikea) and label on front just states company LOTV etc at the mo that works for me, but the wooden ones now thats a challenge, I need to face someday, Great job, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

  25. Brilliant idea and a problem I was tousling with this morning, so timely, too. Wanna come do mine when you finish yours, he, he? I can do a bit now cos I'm off sick but need to get back to work if I want to be paid!!!

  26. Hello Di, I read all the way to the end and I'm exhausted ... I need that cuppa now :) Actually, it does sound as though it would work really well when you finally complete the filing. I started to catalogue my stamps last year and yet to finish the job ... it was the black on my hands that caused me to falter :( Can't wait to hear how you get on with how you eventually deal with the indexing. Elizabeth x #2

  27. Well Done Di, you have been busy and what a great idea l could do with stamping some of mine as they are not mounted and stored just the way you have done l think l'll take a peak at this album looks easy storing too and a good tip:) Sandra H

  28. Wow, you have been so organized...good for you.
    It is going to be so easy to chose a stamp now!

  29. Well they say "the devil makes work for idle hands" lol but in this case you are doing a fine job.
    In my case I have draws, each has a lable.
    Penny Black
    Hero Arts
    Clear Stamps
    Su stamps
    Favorite Stamps
    Christmas stamps

    They do tend to get mixed up though. Keep up the good work.

    Kath x

  30. I'm still here, and marvelling at your activity. And scared that I fully understand the non-word flick ability!

  31. Well done for finding a storage system for your stamps :)
    I'm hoping to be back in the playground in the next couple of days xx

  32. Love that idea for clear/cling stamps. Would free up some of my storage bins.

  33. Wow Di, I made it to the end, phew you are putting us all to shame here, what a brilliant idea, but for some reason I can't bring myself to organise mine!!! tutt tutt, great ideas, thank you, Happy Stamping, Sue xx

  34. I love organisation - and yours is fab. The thing is, I bet you've rediscovered ones that were 'lost' and will probably use a bigger range from now on...because you can see them easily. Otherwise they're just a very expensive set of drawer fillers!
    Hugs, LLJ
    PS Wasn't Flick Ability in Pan's People?? LOL!

  35. Stamp storage is fab! I do something similar, I stamp onto copy paper then laminate the A4 sheet, then the stamps stick onto there & I keep them in plastic pockets in a folder. Wouldn't mind creating a catalogue though just so it's quick to see what I've got! Thanks for sharing & enjoy this weeks WOYWW, I've been nosing around all the fab desks as I try to visit everyone! Zo x 83

  36. You must have the patience of a saint Di to do all that organising. Wish I could stick at it, I start out with good intentions then get bored and start playing. Would be good to get myself sorted - no more 'lost' stamps.
    Bit late getting round the desks this week. Got to 80+ yesterday but there are so many it will be next Wednesday before I get to the end.
    Ann B

  37. Fabulous job on the sorting - so much work but so worth the while - good for you! I'm still wavering between extremes of filed or dumped... Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk... Sarah at 7

  38. That stamp storage is a great idea, mine are in drawers right now or nowhere to be seen
    Bridget #51

  39. great stamp storage. Sorry I am so late getting around but it was such a busy week in my life!
    Just a reminder about the blog candy...I have had such a favorable response that I have decided to increase the number of possible winners of prizes! Everyone is eligible cause I will ship overseas too! Vickie #50


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