Wednesday 28 December 2011

WOYWW - 134

I won't show you the heap of stuff pushed to the right hand side of what I think might be a desk underneath all of the Christmas crafting stuff I need to sort out and put away - instead, this is how I left the reasonably clear centre of my desk yesterday:
I think the little break from crafting has kick started the missing mojo a bit and quite a few ideas are spinning round.

One was something I'd planned to do for Christmas but 'the lurgy' had other ideas so I never got round to it. So, yesterday I had a little play - see the candle just behind the glass cutting mat?

For a first attempt it's 'OK' but certainly not perfect, although I learned a few things along the way :)

First of all I stamped a couple of Hero Arts 'Delicate Blossoms' images onto white tissue paper using a black Memento ink pad. Oh boy, finding white tissue paper in the shops was like looking for hen's teeth (sorry Sarn!) in the run-up to Christmas. Patterned and every colour under the sun galore but no plain white, although I did finally find some on my last pre-Christmas supermarket run. By then I felt too rough to do more than just dump the packet on my desk though :(
Then I trimmed round one of the images. This was a bit of 'the unknown' for me as I wasn't 100% sure if leaving bits of tissue in the middle would work OK. This next photo is a challenge for you to work out what the heck it's supposed to show:
Told you! What happened is that the light was bouncing off the baking parchment plus I was taking the photo while holding the camera between my teeth (joke - although perhaps that would have worked better!). Basically you cut a long strip of backing parchment, wide enough to cover the height of the image and long enough to gather the excess at the back of the candle  in your hand. That's my hand at the bottom of the photo. The coloured image on the trimmed tissue paper is placed onto a pillar candle (I used a run of the mill one from Sainsburys), then the baking parchment was positioned over it to hold it in place and the excess gathered tightly into my left hand at the back. You can use waxed paper, greaseproof paper or baking parchment - I just used what I found first in the kitchen :)

The next stage was FUN, although it's very easy to get carried away. Heat your heat gun for about 30 seconds and then, still holding the baking parchment tightly round the candle wave the gun to and fro over the image from about 2" away. The important bit is that you'll see the image sort of deepening in colour as it melts into the candle - keep that gun moving 'cos it's really easy to begin to melt the candle too much!
And this is the end result above. There are loads of tutorials on the internet and I expect lots of you will already have tried doing this before so I could be trying to 'teach Granny to suck eggs here'.

The things I learned doing this are: Don't be frightened about tearing the tissue while you're colouring in if you use Pro Markers - I was surprised at how robust it was, although I was probably gentler than usual. Not a single tear! You should trim the tissue round the image - but don't worry too much about getting into every nook and cranny as the tissue just sinks into the softened wax on the candle. For my next try I'm going to find a way to tightly adhere the parchment at the back so I can cradle the candle in an oven mitt or something rather than wrestling with a crumpled handful of parchment. Also, don't overdo the heating - the change in colour as you wave the heat gun over the image is a good indicator. Even though I was really careful it was a close call!! Any little excess bits of wax can be whisked off with a soft brush once the candle has fully cooled.

So, what am I going to do with this? We're going to friends this evening and they have red poppies on their curtains so this is a little something to take, along with wine and such, once I've wrapped it in cellophane with a nice bow :)

So, that's my WOYWW - to see what everyone else is up to hop over to Julia's here. I bet there could have been some tidying going on - last week was such fun seeing the chaos some folk were in, including me needless to say! Our next WOYWW will be in 2012 - see you in the New Year!



  1. Beautiful Di!...I tried this in a class at The Glitter Pot with Sarn a few years back, and had forgotten just HOW lovely the results are, maybe I should try this again too.....I haven't done any crafting over Christmas, but treated myself to some clear stamps alphabet absolute BARGAIN as they were only a £1 reduced from £6.99, so i bought 3 packs, with the intention to be able to use lots of letters at once! Fingers crossed! Hope your friend loved the candle as much as I do!!!! xxx

  2. You know how I love poppies Di so this really hit the spot for me......just gorgeous.
    I'm just doing a quick blog hop round as many of my friends as I can before the family calls. I've offered to have the twins today so may not have a lot of spare time later. Think they need all the help they can get at the mo....both Mum and Dad are poorly now :-(
    Hugs to all,
    A x

  3. Hello Di

    Wow and wow again, what a gorgeous and stunning candle, and for a first attempt blinkin marvellous.

    Enjoy your evening with friends.


  4. This is gorgeous, always wondered how to do it, may find myself off to the shops to buy tissue paper today.

  5. Love the poppies on the candles, BTW your link on WOYWW is taking us to your Dec 22 post
    Bridget #14

  6. Such beautiful candles and thanks for the tips on heating the wax. I have a similar post on a bees wax project but the result is not as beautiful. Have a lovely new year.

  7. I am addicted to poppies. So much so that two friends, at different times, have painted me poppy pictures. Must show one in particular on my blog at some time.
    Anyway, I digress, as soon as I saw your desk I thought ooh love that candle, must ask her where she got it and lo and behold you made it. WOWEE. Now to find that stamp from HA and get making.
    May I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a Good 2012. Hugs, Neet #4 xx
    ps yes, it was Annie I was referring to

  8. That is gorgeous- I am storing that idea away for next year, along with Fairy Thoughts calendars.Hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas, and that you have a wonderful New Year, Shaz xx

  9. Happy New Year! Love the candle! I've done some of these in the past. Good idea to store away! Hope you feel better soon!

  10. The candle is gorgeous Di :) I hope you are feeling a lot better now and that you have a lovely evening with your friends.

    Have a great WOYWW and a very Happy New Year, I hope 2012 is a good one for you and your family :)
    Luv Karen xxx

  11. Well done with the candle Di, its very pretty.
    Haven't got back crafting yet as we needed my craft table (well, dining table really) over the weekend and now Grandson is staying for a couple of days.
    Happy 2012
    Ann B

  12. Totally gorgeous poppy candle Di - so clever. I know I would overdo the heat gun and end up with a limp mess! I loved your Christmas card - so crisp and neat - has pride of place in the hall and is the first one folks see as they come through the door! Hope you are feeeling much better and well able to enjoy your evening out! x Jo

  13. I love your candles Di and poppies are a great favourite of mine. This is a new method for me and I shall have to give it a try. I have only done this with a single layer serviette and modge-podge. This looks safer and very effective.
    Kate x

  14. The candle looks amazing! Best wishes for 2012 :)

  15. FANTASTIC Di. Your friends are sure to love it. Makes SUCH a great gift, especially as you've personalised it.

    Have fun this evening. I trust you're feeling a lot better?

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  16. Hello Di, lovely candle - the poppies are gorgeous - and nice clear instructions too. I've not tried colouring the tissue paper with ProMarkers, just pencils, but I do like the vividness of the colours so will try that next time. BTW, love the card you made for your hubby - the image is just perfect for him. Elizabeth x #65

  17. Love this! I'm not at all adventurous in my crafting (stick to cards!) and love to see other people's ideas.. maybe one day i'll follow!!! M x

  18. What a lovely hostess gift Di, bet it will be very warmly received. I use my heat gun to warm a teaspoon and then use the hot spoon to 'rub' the tissue on....not as fast, for sure! Am impressed that you've done any crafting, I've just been lolling about!

  19. Hi Di, Wow this is amazing truly lovely and how nice it is as a gift great idea, l so love poppies they go well anywhere and you have nailed it on the candle really is beautiful:) Sandra H

  20. You are so clever! I noticed the candle right away and after scrolling down and seeing that you made it - you blow me away!! Hmmm, yesterday I saw in a shop very small candles that had a different elf on them - they were expensive. Wouldn't that be cute to do for Christmas next year?!? I just folded up a bunch of white tissue paper that was in a package I got - now I know what I'm going to try with it. I wonder if I should iron out the wrinkles first....

    Clearing my desk off this morning in the hopes of working on my wreath.

    I picked up a Santa Fe Visitor's Guide yesterday. Will pick up the 2012 State Visitors Guide and hopefully mail out the first month of 2012!!

  21. I love poppies and your candle looks fab Di :)
    Wishing you a creative 2012 xx

  22. Hi Di,
    Your Candle is beautiful, must have a go at that.

  23. Wow! Cool candle. But...Are grannies supposed to know how to suck eggs?!? I'm lagging because I've never seen a tutorial like this one...or sucked eggs. Ewwww!

  24. That is so Awesome, Di! The candle turned out fabulous! you are braver than I, as I have never tried this technique myself! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW & Happy New Year! -Amanda #9

  25. Lovely project - it's so effective! Hope you're starting to feel better soon :)
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, LLJ #35 xx

  26. Ooo. Loving that poppy image on your candle!
    Enjoy your New Year celebrations and see you in 2012!

  27. Brilliant make Di, using my favorite stamp too, something I have been meaning to have a go at for ages.
    Don't tidy all the Christmas stuff away, get cracking on next years now then you will have plenty of time next Christmas.

    Kath x

  28. I was thinking about tissue paper and candles last night and wondering if it would be a good project fro present for next year. You have inspired me to have a go, ready to produce some presents for next year, perhaps. Thank you for all your encouraging comments this year and I look forward to more next year. Have a wonderful New Year full of health, happiness and fun. Maggie #50

  29. Wow, your candle came out lovely. I've read this idea before, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

    Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year!

    Sandy #73

  30. its just lovely Di - very inspirational too and poppies are my fave too!! Hope you had a lovely evening and your friends liked their gift. x x x

  31. Di your candle project turned out lovely! Happy NEW YEAR ~WOYWW! #3 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  32. Hi Di

    What a fantastic present to take to your friends .. .. I bet they will be over the moon with your lovely gift.

    You certainly aren't teaching me how to suck eggs .. .. I wouldn't know where to start with a creation this lovely and I am really pleased you have shared such a brilliant tutorial.

    I might even be brave enough to try and make my own now!!

    Hope you had a lovely evening.

    Love Jules xx

  33. I've seen mention of this candle trick before but never seen it "in action" so to speak. I never think to look at tutorials so thanks for such a detailed account. The poppies really pop on the candle!

  34. Just beautiful Di, I've seen these around but never given them a go before. Bet your friends loved it.

    Brenda 58

  35. Thank you so much for your lovely explanation! I've been wanted to do this for ages, but could never find a proper tutorial. Now I just need me to buy some candles, all the other craft bits have already been taking care off :)
    ** Evi **

  36. Gorgeous candle and thanks for the coke and ham idea... will try it.
    I'm just back home from the South Coast of England visiting my family so quick catch up to thank you for all your lovely comments and fun and inspiration on your blog!
    Here's to a great New Year 2012!! Health, Happiness, Peace & Joy,
    Love JoZarty x


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