Saturday 10 December 2011

Smile - it's Saturday!

I was out most of yesterday at the meeting to narrow down venues for the next school reunion. No decisions so far, but if you live North of Stratford Upon Avon you can probably breathe a sigh of relief. Err, if you live South of there I can be bribed so that we don't pick your home town though :)

Being out all day meant I couldn't finish off what I was working on until the light was totally gone - and besides which, I was weary so I'll save that card (err, I made three the same - I must be crazy at this stage!) until tomorrow.

But, my little outing on Wednesday evening, famous for the head band with those stars on, did produce a reminder from my friend (who was sporting some reindeer antlers - as you do) of another Pat tale :) This is Pat of the 'following a bus into the depot in the smog and also ripping her hat to shreds whilst hanging onto a train door for dear life' fame.
 I think we've all done this trick at some point - blown down the up-ended cap of a pen to produce sounds and whistles. Pat discovered this whilst in a classroom and found it very amusing - well, she would with her record! So, there she was happily tweeting away at the back of the classroom producing some amazing sounds and totally in her own world when up loomed the teacher - having spent some time working out where the 'chirpy tweety' sounds were emanating (haven't used a long word for a while) from.

Pat was promptly hauled from her desk and whisked to the front of the classroom where the teacher said 'Do you know what we do to quieten budges and canaries down?' 'No Miss' replied Pat innocently. With no more ado, the teacher then marched her to one of the front corners of the classroom, whipped the chalky duster from the blackboard and draped it over Pat's head - just as you would cover a caged bird at night. Poor little sausage had to stand there for the rest of the lesson - trying not to sneeze through all the chalk dust!! At the end of the lesson, when she was released, her navy blue uniform was almost white - and her hair and face were totally white. She scurried off into the playground after the lesson leaving little puffs of chalk dust everywhere!



  1. Oh STOP it . . . my sides are aching! xxxx

  2. have never been to stratford upon avon but even that seems awful south of kilmarnock

  3. I'm just going to get myself a coffee settle in an arm chair and then you can begin the story telling. I'm all ears!!!.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Another great story, quite a character your Pat.

    Kath x

  5. Hi Di, you never fail to entertain Yes the lovely Paula is my DIL and we are so proud of her, our Son Shane and Paula will be calling on Sunday to give hubby and me our daily fix .......Grand we have her Sunday-Monday Evening a treasure we always look forward too and now with her walking she causes alsorts of havac but is well worth putting up with she's just adorable:) Sandra H


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